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Phyllis Stenerson

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Posted on 03/15/13 at 11:01 am in response to Neocons and the Iraq War: Their view then and now 10 years later

Thanks for the timely help. I am searching my info stash for articles I saved way back when I compulsively needed to know why the hell my country would wage preemptive war on another country. I intend to write a reflection which will be information and commentary with links to other people's work on the internet. Few if any insightful remarks from mainstream media. Surprise! It's a slow go as it's just too much information and politics with profoundly moral implications to absorb and remain...

Posted on 03/17/13 at 10:46 am in response to Neocons and the Iraq War: Their view then and now 10 years later

So glad you brought this dimension into the public dialogue about the tragedy of 9/11 and Iraq. I'd like to hear more perspectives around these ideas. Some years ago a Unitarian Universalist minister preached a sermon on "imagine if....the USA had "forgiven" the terrorists instead of invading Iraq (which we learned was false justification). I can't remember many details but the premise stuck with me. Imagine...what if...the South African reconciliation process may be relevant.


Weber's commentary on Gen Petraeus is a valuable perspective and I'm grateful to read it. Context matters and Mark has a unique vantage point. Re context, I'll add my connection however slight. I first met Mark about three years ago when he delivered the Memorial Day address at Lakewood Cemetery. I thought he was an outstanding speaker for the occasion and introduced myself. We re-connected via e-mail so I learned of his cancer when it was diagnosed not long after the meeting and have...

Posted on 11/15/11 at 11:43 am in response to Jason Lewis' wrong and exaggerated arguments about freedom

Wow! Actual facts, critical thinking and honest communication! What a concept! Thanks, Eric, for challenging Lewis on his balderdash. I agree with you and wanted to write a letter to the editor but didn't taken the time to let my outrage settle down, do the research, edit my inappropriate words, etc.

Thank you, Rev. Gertmenian, for your wisdom on our crisis in democracy, from a Christian perspective. This misinterpretation or misuse of Biblical teaching is a key factor in dividing the country and needs commentary from clergy. Religious fundamentalism is at the root of many of our world problems as well. My understanding of Jesus is that he teached radical inclusion, compassion and generosity.

Posted on 10/14/11 at 10:22 am in response to As OccupyMN settles in, Tea Party comparisons surface

Definitely a topic worth serious discussion. I've always sensed common ground with Tea Party simply because most of them are like people I've known and respected all my life. Others not so much. While I was becameing a pro-democracy political geek many of them were listening to the demonizing of liberals organized by the right wing for the past 30 years. Tea Party people are also in the 99%, although their funders/managers are certainly not. We likely differ on the most sensitive social...

Posted on 10/07/11 at 10:12 am in response to OccupyMN launches in downtown Minneapolis

You betcha I'll be there! This is the time. We are the people. All 99% of us. The media, public policy wonks and "opinion makers" are now taking this Occupy movement seriously, as well they should. My message to my fellow 99ers: stay involved! Pick a niche that resonates with you and dive in - at least for the next 13 months minimum. America is at a tipping point and it MUST tip forward toward liberty and justice for ALL.

Carla - you have my best wishes, and I'm sure those of countless others, as you pursue your dreams. The Native American community has always been full of potential with talent and perserverace breaking through the barriers time and again. It's wonderful to know that with casino profits the odds of winning have risen. (Couldn't resist that reference). The rest of the world needs the wisdom and spirituality of America's first people. Thank you. And, if I may, megwitch.

And thanks,...

Posted on 03/10/11 at 12:06 pm in response to How the right wants you to think about public employee unions

Stunning and infuriating. How low will "they" go re the truth? Or how high with the $$$ ? People need to know this and what it means. Thanks to Erik Black and MinnPost for publishing along with some context.

Posted on 02/25/11 at 11:38 am in response to Open season on the public sector is misguided

Applause!!! You've hit some key points that need to become widely known. Educate that segment of the public that is able and willing to think critically and embrace reality. I count MinnPost readers among this invaluable group. Accelerate the pace and ramp up the volume!