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Thierry Carlson

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"What I would tell management is no one goes to the orchestras, or listens to the orchestra in any format to hear them."

Fascinating ... nobody? Needless to say, I stopped reading at that point.

@JodyRooney -- while I am not about to ever purchase another ticket to any event at Orchestra Hall, ever again, unless and until the tragi-comedy known as Henson/Campbell/Davis is over, and a new music-loving board installed, I have to ask:

Why do you dislike the hall? It is known internationally as an acoustically brilliant and nearly perfect hall (from the audience's point of view), assuming the Henson renovation doesn't muck things up too much. "The great acoustical design has been...

One also wonders how much of a corporate executive's "millions" or thousands in contributions can be taken as a business expense and, thus, be reimbursable? After all, they are promoting the "good" of their company or firm (read, Public Relations and/or Advertising) by volunteering their time on a nonprofit's board of directors and being listed in the concert program with their company's name attached.

I'm not saying that's the case, but it seems possible, especially in the case of...

If that's what Hiram meant, he makes a good point!

Thanks, Scott, all good points, especially about the accessibility situation. I was thinking only about the acoustics of the "inner shell" building. With any luck (we need some!), the $52 million renovation will take care of the lobby issues you mentioned.

Just to clarify, management has locked-out the musicians; they are not on strike. Many patrons and MN State Legislators have questioned whether this is ethical (I say it most certainly is not!) because the orchestra has received state funding for their operations and the new lobby.

This season was never intended to be held in Orchestra Hall because of the renovations being done there. It was always planned for the Minneapolis Convention Center. However, I agree with you that...

Posted on 01/16/13 at 10:27 am in response to MN Orchestra cancels another week; 'Prairie Home' to throw masked ball

Hiram, what exactly are these "no longer viable assumptions of the past" and exactly what kind of "flexibility to the challenges of the future" are you talking about? The orchestra has been going strong for 110+ years and their only problem at the moment seems to be an out-of-touch board of directors and ineffective CEO who are determined to turn Orchestra Hall into a rental hall because, clearly, managing an orchestra is not their strong suit. Consequently, it is time to replace all of them...

Posted on 01/11/13 at 04:07 pm in response to Orchestra musicians, Vänskä say yes to Grammy-celebration concert

"That last part wasn't in the Mayor's press release." (Thanks for catching that, Pamela!) But Michael Henson just pretended the Mayor had said it anyway! And then he wonders why we don't have faith in his leadership any longer ...

Connie, I'm not sure who you mean by "the unwashed" but if you mean classical music fans who haven't bathed this week, you are most certainly wrong. The musicians are much loved and admired and the support for them is undiminished. On the contrary, the national reputation of the managers and board members is plummeting as this lock-out continues. Many are suggesting that MBA business schools will hold up this labor dispute as the way NOT to go about dealing with musicians and their audiences...

Posted on 11/02/12 at 07:46 pm in response to Lockouts gain momentum as Minnesota employers seek upper hand

>> nobody alive will be able to remember the worthwhile contribution made <<

Ah, but today we have the internet (at least for now) to remind us, in the case of the Minnesota Orchestra at least, that the 1% in Minnesota weren't always the way they are today. For example, an excerpt from "Remembering Kenneth Dayton" by Marisa Helms and Dan Olson, Minnesota Public Radio [2003]:

The Minnesota Orchestra was Kenneth N. Dayton's [1922-2003] favorite cause. He worked with...