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Posted on 01/29/15 at 04:20 pm in response to Minnesota needs to attract outsiders to offset population loss

They're moving to college, mostly. Or to warmer states. Those going to college are probably completely uninterested in the tax environment, but tuition is cheaper in ND and Wisconsin, so that's where they go.

Those going to warmer...

Not all of the high schools in MN are listed on the interactive chart. I'd love to see where the various publicly and privately funded schools that are not technically public high schools fall into the distribution.

Also, it's important to note that the percentages have changed over time for most schools. Most have stayed nearly the same or reduced. Few have increased. Why? Are the schools getting better in most cases? Or, are those who are least likely to succeed in college...

It may be that Ramon had a hand in failing to prepare himself for college. However, it's hard to set high expectations for yourself if you don't have a marker to which you can compare. He probably did excel--but the failure to achieve more could very well have been due to the lack of achievement to be had. I know of a certain very smart girl that is a Junior in high school in another state. She's been succeeding in high school with little difficulty. She's up for a big reality check,...

Posted on 01/22/15 at 10:05 am in response to With layers of rules and restrictions, is Roe a reality anymore?

I find it abhorrent that people are claiming /genocide/ of the black population because the rates of abortion in the black community are higher. That's an incredibly twisted conclusion from the numbers.

The true reality is that while the abortion rate overall has fallen, the rate of abortion among the POOR has actually increased. That is, the POOR are disproportionately represented by those who have abortions. That is, those who can least afford it are increasingly taking the...

Posted on 01/23/15 at 02:51 pm in response to With layers of rules and restrictions, is Roe a reality anymore?

That you're suggesting that my goal is to increase abortion to some number? What a ridiculous assertion. But, if you really do need clarification of my standpoint, here it is:

Unless and until there are 0 unintended pregnancies, every woman who chooses not to give birth should have access to medically safe abortions. Until then, in order to promote a future in which abortions are unnecessary, we should SUPPORT and FUND access to scientifically appropriate education (abstinence only...

Posted on 01/19/15 at 09:16 am in response to Q&A: What Tom Emmer wants for Minnesota businesses

I had a hard time reading Mr. Emmer's comments. I'm very sad to say that he "represents" me in Congress. Everything he said was as if he was hired as a lawyer for a stereotypical financial institution, not elected as a representative of his constituents. Don't get me wrong, I like lots of lawyers and I work for a large corporation. But my corporation, and many of those I choose to patronize, disagree with Mr. Emmer's positions and actively seek to behave more socially responsibly than Mr...

I'm not sure how I feel that these need to come out of an arts budget. The vinyl wraps are commercial products. That's not art, that's maintenance. That being said, the process seems ridiculous. What does it cost to wrap a utility box? And can they be privately funded?

Posted on 01/19/15 at 09:05 am in response to Chipotle: There is no pork shortage

The fact of the matter is that there is room for improvement for commercial animal production, whether it's the "conventional" or the "organic" versions. Another fact is that there is room, at least for the consumer, for both. Whether or not there will remain actual physical room for both--or either--in the future is a whole 'nother debate.

No, there really isn't a pork shortage. Chipotle chooses who it purchases its pork from, and THAT'S OK. That being said, if there WAS a pork...

Posted on 01/20/15 at 12:40 pm in response to Chipotle: There is no pork shortage

Neither Ms. Patsche nor Chipotle have cornered the market on the truth. Neither is guilty of being completely factual.

Chipotle directs its marketing to a very specific consumer who can afford to buy a premium product, whether actually superior or not. Ms. Patsche and others should worry more about farmers who don't even get to the standards she meets, rather than a group of people who want warm fuzzies when they eat. PETA's horror films and the producers that they portray are a...

Posted on 01/20/15 at 12:51 pm in response to Chipotle: There is no pork shortage

Chipotle is a business. Farms are businesses. Both are in the business to make money. It's unlikely that most farmers are any more ethical than Chipotle and vice versa. I'm not sure that there's much "scientific proof" that Chipotle is a "greedy unethical organization" any more than farmers who conventionally raise pigs are. Both are guilty of some fuzzy "science" from what I can tell from the two pieces Ms. Pasche has written here and what I've seen from Chipotle's marketing. I'm not...