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Posted on 09/17/14 at 03:33 pm in response to Adrian Peterson case brings corporal punishment back into the spotlight

It's a good thing they call this section "Second OPINION." If we're going to seriously look at corporal punishment, let's look at it with our eyes wide open. Perhaps there is no room for it in our social framework at this time. However, claiming "overwhelming" evidence that corporal punishment is entirely negative is simply not supported, even by the linked article. The research (a meta analysis of several cases) does not distinguish between mild/moderate corporal punishment and beatings...

Posted on 09/17/14 at 11:19 am in response to The Notorious R.B.G. (that's Ruth Bader Ginsburg) comes to town

To steal a friend's opinion, the Notorious R.B.G is a national treasure. What would things look like if all of the justices had at least half her wit, foresight, and wisdom? I would assert that things would be better.

I see both sides of the coin. On the one side, you've already screwed up by deciding to deal. I have little sympathy. On the other side, a person certainly could get her.

I come down on the first side. If you're 18+, you're an adult and you can choose to be an informant or face further consequences. It happens to all kinds of criminals all the time. Of course, it should be made to be as safe as possible, but there will always be a risk. And a single example of "there was this...

I didn't claim that the police did the absolute right thing with that one young woman. But you can't say that her situation is equivalent to all situations. I also don't claim that the war on drugs was anything but a failure, but you assume that I did. BUT...if you do the crime, you can do the crime. There is no difference, legally, between a college student and any other adult. And, quite frankly, it's time to stop treating them as if they're special. College is a time to learn...

Corporal punishment isn't automatically abuse. I honestly have ignored the Adrian Peterson issue, so I have no comment on that particular situation. However, it's a pretty big can of worms to open if the perception (real or otherwise) of one famous person beating his child means everyone should be scrutinized every time they lay hands on their child. Yes, I was spanked. Once. It didn't constitute a beating then or now. My sister was spanked on multiple occasions. She was not beaten, either,...

Posted on 09/11/14 at 10:52 am in response to Reacting to Obama’s speech, Rand Paul throws Hannity a curve

I agree with Rand Paul completely on this one.

Posted on 09/15/14 at 09:52 am in response to Reacting to Obama’s speech, Rand Paul throws Hannity a curve

Who says that a single lucid moment makes Rand a presidential contender? This single thought won't make most progressives willing to vote for him (some, sure), and is likely to anger many conservatives. So, no, he's likely not a serious presidential contender.

Posted on 09/15/14 at 09:57 am in response to Reacting to Obama’s speech, Rand Paul throws Hannity a curve

If scads of "more moderate" Muslims have condemned IS, then who's at fault for their voices not being heard? Is it the media for making a far bigger deal of IS (which is pretty primitive) than it deserves (primitive--but so was al Qaeda at one point), or is it the people who are listening for their voices for being deaf, or is it the more moderate Muslims for not being loud enough? Probably a combination of things, with the first of these being the most blame worthy. I'm sure I'm not the...

And if the Republicans had taken that hint before introducing and pushing a constitutional amendment regarding same sex marriage, it might have stayed that way for some time. But, noooo, they NEEDED to redirect the conversation from jobsjobsjobs to "omigoshickythingsidon'tlikemighthappenbanit!" They demonstrated the laser focus of a 6 week old puppy, but with a lot less cuteness. Or, more likely, they WERE laser focused on misdirection since they had no intent to actually focus on jobs....

This is simply amazing...and sickening. It certainly makes a case for heavier prosecution of the pimps and johns, while re-allocating resources that had been used to prosecute prostitutes toward rehabilitative services.