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Posted on 11/10/14 at 04:16 pm in response to Tom Daschle on Obamacare and Washington dysfunction

I wish Daschle was still in government. He was one of the best things to come out of South Dakota and was a great asset. I would venture to guess that many South Dakotans rue the day that they were convinced John Thune could do a better job.

Posted on 11/06/14 at 12:59 pm in response to Postelection thoughts on politics, governing and greased pigs

As much as I'd like to believe the claim by both the President (or Governor) and the GOP that they'll work together, the proof is in the pudding. The very first thing Obama did was reach to the Republicans with a Republican plan on health care. They refused to even show up to a meeting. Then, they claimed that they had no say when it passed and was signed into law. They've spent the last several years doing nothing but throwing tantrums about it. I don't think the President or Governor...

Posted on 11/05/14 at 09:55 am in response to Dear winners: Congratulations! And now, remember you're a public servant

Yes, this. No one has a mandate, here. That being said, shame on the 800,000 people who voted last time and not this time. You will get the government you deserve and the rest of us will, too.

Posted on 11/05/14 at 02:06 pm in response to Dear winners: Congratulations! And now, remember you're a public servant

While they might have put more GOP in government, they also legalized pot and raised minimum wages in several states. This is about hope and change. They might be unpleasantly surprised, though. Then again, the GOP has promised not to screw it up this time around. We'll see. In any case, the poor house is far more empty than before they were "Hope & Changed" as you put it. It's amazing how your "facts" change when you've got your eyes closed, Mr. Swift.

I don't think that the term "the law" was referring to law enforcement, but rather to the Obamacare law. I read it the same way initially, too. Poor layout, for sure, but not necessarily misleading.

I love this column, generally, but this one is one I find particularly interesting. And just a bit sad. Thanks, Andy, for a background on these two buildings.

A worldwide outbreak of disease from some unknown corner of the world isn't unprecedented. Even if we ignore HIV (not coincidentally, originating from almost the exact same location as Ebola), every flu epidemic started somewhere. The difference is that we've forgotten what a quick-killing pandemic looks like (again, we're ignoring HIV--like we usually do). We live cushy lives where we can decide not to vaccinate our kids because of a very real, but ill-understood, bogey man that almost...

Posted on 10/13/14 at 01:54 pm in response to A geek's guide to political polling

I actually wonder what the value of a political poll is, other to influence voters.

It's one thing to point out that oil and the methods for obtaining it include known carcinogens at levels known to contribute to cancer. It's quite another to implicate a handful of other companies for having products with "suspected carcinogens." It's clear that Ms. Perry is making her own news in some of her articles. I understand that these are opinion pieces, but there are some broad and unfounded suggestions and statements, lately. Alcohol /use/ (rather than just alcohol--not to be...

Seems like a good time to switch providers. Good thing the exchange makes this much more feasible than before.