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Rachel Kahler

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Posted on 08/20/14 at 03:01 pm in response to Why boosting primary turnout in Minnesota would require big changes

For those of us with the luxury of easy transportation and compliant employers, we can /decide/ to vote or not. For those who don't have those luxuries, it's not a decision.

Posted on 08/14/14 at 09:05 am in response to DFL chair says Entenza has 'no future' in party

I was disgusted to hear about Ken Martin's personal rant about Entenza, yesterday. The primary is over, the money is gone. Griping in a press conference about it is foolish, childish, and pointless. I don't care for Entenza, myself, but this sounds like a typical GOP ousting of the "not fit for OUR party" stuff. Grow up.

Posted on 08/14/14 at 09:42 am in response to Confronting the everyday power of street harassment: What can be done?

Here's the deal, I appreciate that there are all kinds of ways women can avoid harassment. However, we shouldn't HAVE to avoid harassment. I've gotten the "you should smile" from strangers. It's not because they're concerned for my happiness. It's creepy--we know when a comment or a look isn't "right." It's threatening--if it's a creepy look or comment in a very public place, what will it be if we happen to be in a less public place?

This is a men's issue, too. If we must be...

Posted on 08/18/14 at 12:51 pm in response to Confronting the everyday power of street harassment: What can be done?

So, I can't stand up for myself because it's whiny and I am automatically privileged (as though I must be ashamed of this)? And heaven forbid that what I do might affect someone who isn't privileged enough to have the time and energy to deal with it. It's not trivial and self indulgent to want to live without the NEED to avoid eye contact because you might just provide that window of opportunity for the harasser. I don't want to avoid eye contact or blow off everyone who says hello. I do...

Posted on 08/14/14 at 10:05 am in response to McFadden's address to the nation

What's ludicrous is that you can make such a statement without any support in the face of true evidence to the contrary.
Second, I'm not sure why you can't eat good apples when the rotten one was removed. Are you advocating waste, Mr. Swift?
Finally, if you want to compare the performance of the US public school system compared to much of the rest of the world and claim that we're failing, does that mean you're advocating what the rest of the industrialized world does for...

Dear Lord! Have you ever been to/lived in any of those states? Even if this article was "cherry picking," I'd say that it was set up with as much advantage given to GOP strategy as possible. If any of them lead in BLS stats, it's purely a result of lack of statistical significance. SD and ND have about a fifth of the population of MN, and NE about a third; IA has about 60% of MN's population. And MN isn't all that populous, itself. With those kind of numbers, BLS data doesn't really...

Posted on 08/08/14 at 11:11 am in response to Advice from a post-partisan about the upcoming elections

"I described Republicans as devoted to individual rights [except for other people], local initiative, and [mythical] common-sense fiscal policy, often emphasizing private-sector markets to drive the economy [down] and [rob] society.

Democrats, I said, most often sought the collective good for people [[largely]] [sometimes] through government action to address our many challenges. [But Democrat politicians don't see the harm in it if Republicans won't let them.]"

There, fixed...

It's a cop out to claim that the bidding process is intended to remove politics from the process. First of all, it's BS up front. Politics is commonly intermixed in bidding. As long as the end result doesn't stink of cronyism or pocket lining, then the public generally ignores this fact (and sometimes even when the stench is pretty obvious).

Second of all, it's not wrong nor is it uncommon to put limitations on the contractors that an entity does business with. Major...

Posted on 08/07/14 at 07:14 pm in response to What Netanyahu should propose to bring peace

I'll have to read up on the Crusades again...

It would seem to not support McFadden's position on public education and charter schools in more ways than one. First, it's not a charter school. Second, because it's not a charter school, it doesn't have to accept all students like public schools and charter schools (at least in MN) are required to do. Third, because it can choose only a select few, which are tested for means and academics, it can make the numbers look pretty darned good. That is, if you start with the highest achieving...