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I guess you could say that the actual ease of switching hasn't changed. Except for the fact that you now don't have to create your own spreadsheet and hunt down details--details that weren't necessarily easy to find, let alone compare-- before switching. It seems to me that being able to directly compare takes a lot of the work out of switching.

Posted on 10/01/14 at 01:25 pm in response to Making sure the monarchs always return to Minnesota

Genetically modified crops are an easy target for the "save the monarchs" campaign. However, they're probably not the best target. While farmers that use GMO crops need to be more responsible about how they use them and companies that produce the seeds and chemicals need to be more vigilant about how they create them and market them, the problems related to the use of pesticide resistant crops will likely find a resolution long before the problem of our lawns has been adequately addressed...

Posted on 09/30/14 at 10:10 am in response to Can pig farmers be good environmental stewards?

As a scientist, as well, I would have to agree with your position. Antibiotics (and other chemicals) are a very real problem in the meat production industry. There is strong evidence that antibiotic use in beef cattle, pigs, and poultry are driving up the incidence of resistant infections in humans. Even if an antibiotic isn't commonly used in humans, or in humans at all, that doesn't mean that the use of such an antibiotic will necessarily cause no harm. Bacteria are sturdy little...

Posted on 10/02/14 at 02:35 pm in response to Can pig farmers be good environmental stewards?

"Here data, reason, and logic are king..." Usually. And this time it's true. The argument he's trying to make is like saying "if you shoot someone in a cold, dark environment, they're less dead than if you shoot them in a bright sunny field, and I don't care about any proof otherwise." The fact of the matter is that those chemicals and antibiotics have effects even if they're not direct. It doesn't matter whether you should keep them in a refrigerator before using them. The problem is...

Posted on 10/03/14 at 07:37 am in response to Can pig farmers be good environmental stewards?

How about a review of multiple studies? This one has full text freely available and sums up the issues fairly well.
Another review here:

The Catholic Church's doctrine has changed throughout the years with the interpretation of the Pope and councils held over its history. Not all of the doctrine is considered infallible, and is therefore subject to change. Compare, for example, the outcome of the Council of Jerusalem with modern Catholic practices.

Regardless, the point is that the Church allowed the abomination of child molestation and rape, which violate doctrine in at least the prohibition against fornication (...

Posted on 09/24/14 at 07:45 am in response to Dayton campaign calls Johnson's MNsure charges a 'smear'

Where'd you get that? Drug companies, medical device companies, philanthropic groups, and even the government fund medical R&D. Private healthcare systems--not so much.

It makes sense--drug companies, medical device companies, and biotech companies have an interest in increased technology for profit'...

Posted on 09/29/14 at 08:36 am in response to Dayton campaign calls Johnson's MNsure charges a 'smear'

I did, in fact, work with "Professors in a Graduate program." They definitely had plans for their research. If anything, those plans were more ambitious than practical, but the plans were there. What you fail to understand is that not all science directly leads to life saving cures. Some of it is called "basic research" because it is the foundation on which life saving cures are based. Without the research you claim has "no plan," the stuff you think is so much better wouldn't happen at...

Posted on 09/29/14 at 08:39 am in response to Dayton campaign calls Johnson's MNsure charges a 'smear'

Profit is profit. Perhaps it will mean that there's more competition for the profit, but competition is good, right? Capitalism only works if there's competition, right? If you want to champion capitalism, don't forget how it's supposed to work.

Posted on 09/17/14 at 02:33 pm in response to Adrian Peterson case brings corporal punishment back into the spotlight

It's a good thing they call this section "Second OPINION." If we're going to seriously look at corporal punishment, let's look at it with our eyes wide open. Perhaps there is no room for it in our social framework at this time. However, claiming "overwhelming" evidence that corporal punishment is entirely negative is simply not supported, even by the linked article. The research (a meta analysis of several cases) does not distinguish between mild/moderate corporal punishment and beatings...