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Posted on 08/28/14 at 10:20 am in response to Forget about biking to the State Fair

Ridiculous. I'm not an avid cyclist (not even close), and I'm not terribly interested in biking there. But this certainly wouldn't convince me that it's a viable alternative to driving or bussing.

I'm not sure whether this study could distinguish the two. Narcissism could very well masquerade as simple overconfidence, since narcissists hold a view that they're simply better. Of course they'll do better than average (in their own minds). While there almost certainly are individuals that are overconfident but not narcissistic, I would guess that there's a high correlation between overconfidence and narcissism. And, since there's also a high correlation between narcissism and...

Posted on 08/27/14 at 10:20 am in response to Man with Minnesota ties killed fighting for ISIS

As much as I absolutely agree that Byron Smith murdered those kids in cold blood, I also believe that he doesn't owe restitution for their funerals. It's got nothing to do with how much those kids stole, but the fact that they were, in part, responsible for their own deaths. And, perhaps, the parents were, too. The kids were on a rampage and the parents either knew nothing about it or did nothing about it. It doesn't justify their killing in cold blood, but neither does their killing...

Posted on 08/29/14 at 02:40 pm in response to Man with Minnesota ties killed fighting for ISIS

The first step of staying out of trouble is to not go looking for it. When it comes to kids, part of the responsibility goes to the parents. The whole story is a sad situation. But the fact of the matter is that the kids and their parents do have some responsibility to the situation. That it ended badly for all parties doesn't mean that anyone is owed anything, no matter how much worse the outcome is for one than the other.

Posted on 08/26/14 at 12:53 pm in response to It's one sorry campaign season in Minnesota

I'm sorry, but a sight gag with traffic cones just doesn't bother me. Pretending to have pointy breasts simply isn't sexist--just ask Madonna. That being said, Hagedorn's reference to Palin as "Caribou Barbie" was just plain funny. The rest of his sexist, homophobic, and racist stuff...not so much.

Posted on 08/26/14 at 09:30 am in response to MPS must get serious about breaking down achievement barriers

I am disappointed to hear this information. That being said, since those in charge are lacking in insight, foresight, and overall vision, what would you propose? I agree with the district that salons and barber shops could be a solution for SOME students, but there's only so much hair that anyone is interested in, let alone successful in. What is an alternative? How do we elevate young black men in society? I don't think that black males are a punchline. Perhaps it's up to a group of...

Posted on 08/26/14 at 02:49 pm in response to MPS must get serious about breaking down achievement barriers

Since I'm not in the same boat as a young black male, I can only guess. But my guess would be that simply doing your homework won't overcome some of the issues that result in the underachievement of black males. If it was as simple as that, there would probably not be a problem. For those that have trouble academically, there may be less access to individualized help (monetary barrier). For those that have trouble motivationally, there may be less access to mentorship and guidance (adult...

I'd be happy to tax job creators less. But only if they can prove that they actually create jobs. Full time, benefit bearing jobs. I'd be happy to give you a tax break equal to your tax share of the welfare benefits they don't actually use because of the job you created. If you employ a crapload of people, that might actually add up to something.

Let's privatize SS and Medicare. That'll be more "efficient." That is, the money will more efficiently be slipped from taxpayer pockets into private pockets.

As long as those who are in the middle of the training exercises get warning. I want our soldiers to be ready for the dangers that lie elsewhere. If that means training exercises on American soil, fine. I am much better about this training exercise (with the exception of the part where NO ONE WAS WARNED) than the militaries in our back yard--the level of armament of many police forces is ridiculous. If military level weaponry or vehicles are needed, they should be shared in large areas...