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Posted on 11/25/13 at 07:37 pm in response to Scott Walker's Wisconsin vs. Dayton's Minnesota: Which is doing better?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2011 the median family income in Minnesota was approximately $7000 more than in Wisconsin. Per capita income in the same year was $3000 more in Minnesota than in Wisconsin.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2009 the percent of individuals in Minnesota who obtained a high school diploma was 90.5% whereas in Wisconsin it was 89.8%. The percent of adults age 25 years or older who obtained a Bachelors Degree or higher was 31.5% in Minnesota and...

This article seems to wander around a number of important issues related to school climate. First, we know that schools that are clean,well maintained, and present a pleasant physical environment so make a difference in student learning. The school need not be state of the art to be successful. Second, I am not certain how comparisons with prisons got into this article, but once simply cannot compare prisons with schools. And why would you? Prisons and schools have totally distinct designs,...

Posted on 06/07/13 at 12:35 pm in response to Housing market makeover: Some big changes coming to the Twin Cities

Isn't this the obvious? Indeed won't young, childless individuals or couples prefer to live in the city in smaller homes with common grounds or recreational facilities? Won't individuals with children prefer an environment where there is less crime and more open space? I see the changes more in terms of how younger adults will choose rent an apartment rather than buy a small home or condominium die to the debt of college, higher interest rates, lower paying jobs, and an increased sense of...

Posted on 04/08/13 at 06:31 pm in response to Less prosperous school districts pin hopes on Legislature

It would be useful to have some information on the range of per pupil expenditures by district. Generally, the level of financing is not directly correlation with student success. More likely, students in districts that receive more tax revenue have more affluent parents who themselves are more educated. More educated parents tend to devote more resources to their childrens' education.

Posted on 04/02/13 at 03:13 pm in response to Vikings stadium buyer’s remorse? I’ve got it bad — do you?

Oh, yet another article written after the fact lamenting a decision that had clear implications to the taxpayers when it was being presented at the legislature. Professional sports stadiums benefit no one but the owners. They don't produce many jobs, they don't make life better for most citizens, and they generally lead to many years of additional costs as roofs collapse, heating and cooling systems need to be replaced, and as renovations are "required" to provide more luxuries to those who...

Posted on 02/19/13 at 12:15 pm in response to The culture war is real

Doesn't really matter if two sides of an issue focus on "winning." Public policy belongs to the public, rather than pubic policy academics who ponder issues in a theoretical sense, devoid of social context. By bringing issues to light, people begin to form an awareness of these issues and the positions on both sides of the issue. In the case of gun control, I have learned a great deal about the values of the NRA as well as why large city majors have mounted an offensive on the prevalence of...

Posted on 02/09/13 at 03:05 pm in response to Lessons to learn from U research on disadvantaged children

This is an interesting piece, but it seems to be lacking any conclusions or recommendations. Indeed, poverty contributes to a multitude of problems for young children and these problems follow the children into their adult lives. None of the observations noted are novel or new. So where are the solutions? How do we address these issues and at what cost economically and socially?

Posted on 11/24/12 at 10:57 am in response to It appears Arne Duncan has no hole card for Obama's second term

Actually, the federal government can do very little in effecting change in education. The main contribution out of Washington is financial aid. Anyone who has worked with the Department of Ed. recognizes the limitations of the appointed staff and the lack of creativity inherent in the career employees.

I support efforts to make all citizens aware of the adverse health effects of the foods we consume and the importance of a sound diet for long term health. I am struck, however, by the position advocated by this article. Sugar, by itself, is a relatively safe product. The problem is how much we consume in our diets and the effects of high levels of consumption. Of course the sugar industry will not take action to warn consumers of the health effects of long term consumption of high levels of...

Posted on 11/02/12 at 01:46 pm in response to Voter ID? Get the facts across with a story

I have been involved in services for disabled adults most of my life. Do you realize how very difficult it is for these citizens to obtain a photo ID?