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Posted on 12/19/14 at 02:22 pm in response to GOP boots DFL environmental leader from House committee

I didn't expect it to begin so early, but once again, the state's Republicans – puff pieces about Mr. Daudt's kinder, gentler approach notwithstanding – are showing that they're less interested in governing than in displays of power, showing the rest of us just what big, strong men they are.

And speaking of big, strong men, if the UMD is letting the women's hockey program disappear due to costs, I presume – in the interests of fairness and… um… Title IX – that the men's hockey coach...

…would seem to be a relevant response to the first paragraph in this morning’s “Glean” on MinnPost: “Minnesota's leading business group [the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce] wants state lawmakers to scrap the new minimum wage law that allows for inflationary increases after the hourly rate reaches $9.50 in 2016. Officials with the state Chamber of Commerce said Thursday it was a priority to get rid of a wage-escalator provision. The chamber's labor policy director, Ben Gerber, says the...

Posted on 12/19/14 at 11:51 am in response to Teens in fatal crashes are too often driving unsafe cars

Actually, given the growing chasm between the wealthy and the rest of us, the very notion that an adolescent actually *needs* a car might be called into question, though I certainly understand the social pressures at work, whether it’s keeping up with the Joneses next door (adult) or wanting to be at least minimally cool at school (kids). Plenty of parents who buy a car for their offspring purchase an older vehicle because that’s what they can afford. Electronic Stability Control is not a...

it befits an increasingly imperial state that we are now looking – and sadly, not with horror – at not just aristocracy in the form of the 1%, which is bad enough, but at the creation of dynasties. Should these front-runners continue in that role, November, 2016 will feature a tweedle-dum/tweedle-dee presidential race in which neither candidate (and quite possibly neither political party at the national level) will represent the interests of the majority of citizens.

Our experiment...

Posted on 12/17/14 at 01:37 pm in response to Minneapolis Schools Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson resigns

Actually, there IS something left to say.

Mr. Swift could begin with “I apologize. I spoke in stereotypes and cliches.”

Mr. Swift also ended a comment with “…I cannot, for the life of me, understand how caring, involved parents send their kids to these schools.”

While I don't presume to speak for any sizable number of caring and involved parents, the two I know best – my college-educated son and his college-educated wife, who often are poster children for “helicopter...

Posted on 12/16/14 at 11:52 am in response to Complications from abortions are rare, study finds

Pat Berg has pretty much nailed this one. The debate has been raging for a good many years now, and I've seen no evidence that policy-makers, especially those opposed to abortion, pay much attention to facts and "…all that other sciencey-type stuff."

And in that context, with all due respect, I would guess that no study, ever, will be comprehensive enough to persuade Mr. Swift and others opposed to the notion that a woman should be able to decide whether or not she's going to have a...

Posted on 12/16/14 at 06:16 pm in response to Complications from abortions are rare, study finds

The study in question is not about whether an abortion is a good thing or not. It is about complications from abortion and the rate of such complications. A common theme among abortion opponents is that abortion provides or adds undue risk to the health of the mother. That, along with the usual anti-abortion rhetoric, is the primary rationale for the passage in recent years of laws in several states that restrict a woman's right to an abortion to certain time periods, kinds of facilities,...

Posted on 12/16/14 at 11:43 am in response to Minnesota’s business-expansion grants draw critics on right and left

…with Mr. Tester.

This does seem like a state-level version of what I used to see on the Colorado Front Range at the municipal level. Both the state of Colorado and its municipalities are much more dependent on sales tax revenue than is Minnesota and its communities (property and income taxes are much lower there), so there's a constant churn as both the state and its cities try to bribe businesses of all kinds to locate in THEIR territory instead of in neighboring states or cities....

Posted on 12/16/14 at 08:24 am in response to Ventura files new lawsuit against publisher of 'American Sniper'

Amen to Mr. Hintz, and I also suspect that the vast majority of taxpayer dollars that fund Met Council projects come from Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, as well. When most of the people and most of the money come from identified areas, it makes sense for those areas to have the most influence on decisions.

I think Dave Therkelsen comes pretty close.

Warren's options are actually pretty limited, largely because of what's in Therkelsen's last sentence. Maybe 70 is the new 60 (I have a vested interest in that interpretation), but I don't think the general public would agree. Having said that, by the way, it's also useful to note that Hillary is 67, so "youth" is a *very* relative term in this context.

Otherwise, I'd be happy to support Warren for the reasons Therkelsen states. As...