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Posted on 01/26/15 at 01:06 pm in response to A very, very long list of possible Republican presidential candidates

…a confidence-inspiring list of names. As Neal Rovick suggests, there's more than enough ego to go around – an outsized ego being one of the precursors to a presidential run – but the people I didn't love in 2012 haven't done anything to make me love them in 2016, and what they did and said in 2012 to endear themselves to "the base" (and had me voting for any Democratic candidate who could walk and chew gum simultaneously) doesn't seem to have changed. It's a list that's pretty much devoid...

Posted on 01/23/15 at 01:51 pm in response to Judge tosses out child endangerment charge against 'cannabis mom'

“…That stands in contrast to Minneapolis, where trucks focused their efforts in areas with large amounts of rental housing closer to the city's only impound lot.”

Perhaps Mayor Hodges' interest in equity will extend to this prosaic, but expensive, example of equity's opposite.

Just as it seems odd for me to be forced, via taxes, to help one business build a large facility downtown while plenty of other businesses get no help from me at all, it seems odd to me that most businesses can be open for business on Sunday, if they so desire, except for this business (and a few others – auto dealerships, for example), required by law to be closed. It strikes me as a vestigial attempt to impose “the Sabbath” – a purely religious concept – on a society that is secular by law...

First, I'm retired, and don't have to get to work.

Second, there's the climate – a legitimate argument here in the Twin Cities, it seems to me.

Third, cycling requires precisely the kind of flexing and movement that my 70-year-old knees painfully and consistently remind me they don't like.

Fourth, as a daily pedestrian (my knees don't mind walking), I've learned not to trust drivers. Not just Minnesota drivers, ANY drivers. My daily constitutional is dangerous enough on...

Posted on 01/22/15 at 03:49 pm in response to Agreement reached on Capitol office space

So… House and Senate chambers, hearing rooms, public space (including meeting rooms) a few more bathrooms, a larger cafeteria, and some other public spaces pretty much fill the Capitol after renovation? The new Senate office building becomes, in effect, the new legislators' office building, roughly equally divided between House and Senate members?

If not, where will House members have their offices if there are no House offices in the Capitol building?

Posted on 01/23/15 at 06:48 am in response to Agreement reached on Capitol office space

It makes sense that there would be a State Office Building, but I haven't spent any appreciable time in St. Paul, and didn't know it existed. That takes care of offices for House members. That the new Senate Office Building will have offices for all the Senators is my understanding, as well.

Posted on 01/22/15 at 01:39 pm in response to Higher education proposals get high profile at 2015 legislative session

When I graduated from high school, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I did, however, have a clear idea of what I did NOT want to do. The cliché is that you can work with your back or your brains, and I already knew I had a bad back, so decades of manual labor had little appeal.

Accordingly, I borrowed money from the government (via a long-defunct National Defense Education Act) to attend a state teacher’s college. This wasn’t because I’d already decided...

“…The fact that we… are going to read multiple stories about the positioning and the fund-raising and the messaging about the 2016 election should be a little disturbing.”

It IS disturbing.

Posted on 01/21/15 at 02:18 pm in response to Northfield pub owner feels backlash over free speech

I try to limit my bacon to a once-a-week treat, if that often. Beets, however, are meh, at best, and only genuine starvation would find me voluntarily eating a Brussels sprout.

…beyond "I won both of 'em." I enjoyed that little just-a-trace-of-a head bob that went with the line. Might as well be a little bit feisty on your way out the door. Otherwise, yes, he's a Democrat, but not a very far left one – at least in terms of policy. In my youth, he'd have qualified as a "moderate Republican," a species that now appears to be extinct.

I'm inclined to agree with Tim Walker and a couple of the TV pundits that Obama was laying out parameters for the 2016 campaign...