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…too much the pessimist, but, like many another academic study over the years that questions the efficacy of the status quo, I suspect this conclusion will fade, quickly, into the mists. We *could* change the applicable laws and procedures, but doing so would alienate powerful financial and political interests, so I'll be surprised if any of the flaws mentioned are actually addressed by 2016, if ever.

…Mr. Tester, how many of those 90,000 illegal aliens voted in the recent election? Over and over, it's been established that voter fraud of the sort you're implying essentially doesn't exist, either in Minnesota or nationally. As has been pointed out elsewhere, election judges are nonpartisan, though I should hastily add that, for some elections, at least, I wouldn't be surprised if the judges were happy to see increased turnout. Twelve hours in a polling place when only a couple dozen...

Posted on 11/19/14 at 08:15 am in response to More than 90,000 undocumented immigrants in Minnesota

Just wondering… what corporate entities (i.e., "persons") will benefit the most from repealing the medical device tax? Will it be those mom-and-pop start-ups, or will it be MedTronic and its lobbying allies? A brief report in the 'Strib this morning mentions that MedTronic earnings are quite healthy, indeed, so it's not like the tax is "killing jobs" on that front.

Posted on 11/18/14 at 12:41 pm in response to Arsenic-laden rice: As FDA deliberates, Consumer Reports issues guidance

“…proof that almost anything can be made kind of tasty by adding enough good olive oil, shallots, chopped olives, sundried tomatoes and capers.” Indeed. With enough tasty supplementary ingredients, cardboard can be made palatable. Soldiers in the field have practiced this sort of thing on an impromptu basis for several thousand years.

I’m not going to obsess about this somewhat dismal news. I probably buy a couple pounds of rice a year, so consumption rate isn’t really an issue. While...

Posted on 11/18/14 at 12:47 pm in response to UCare pulls advertising from KSTP over Pointergate

“…Station owner Stanley Hubbard called UCare's decision ‘unbelievable.’"

Even more unbelievable is Mr. Hubbard's inability to admit responsibility for the hysterical silliness his station has promoted. Close behind is the myopia abundantly displayed by Mr. Delmonico.

Posted on 11/17/14 at 01:01 pm in response to Has the Lino Lakes City Council jumped the shark?

…bodies like the Met Council were created in the first place. In every community, there are some people who should never – ever – be given any meaningful power beyond their own individual ballot. Amen to Todd Hintz.

Posted on 11/17/14 at 11:32 am in response to In defense of the Met Council

I’m not bothered by Steve Dornfeld’s bias. Any “insider” is going to have biases when reporting the goings-on of a public agency, so a reader merely has to view the article through that lens. Keeping in mind that I’m a relative newbie to metro-area politics, I’m inclined to agree with Jeff Klein’s criticisms. That said, however, and having worked around the fringes of DRCOG in Denver as a suburban planning commissioner, I’m also inclined to agree with Dornfeld and a few of the critics quoted...

Posted on 11/14/14 at 12:57 pm in response to Breaking down Minnesota's judiciary

I'd be interested in a comparison of Minnesota with a couple of other states to which it's often compared, or at least *can* be compared, in terms of population – say, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, and maybe even Missouri, all of which are reasonably close to Minnesota in terms of population.

Indeed, if it takes $90,000 to run a supposedly nonpartisan judicial campaign, money probably rules out *anyone* whose career has largely been as a public defender, not to mention most women...

Posted on 11/14/14 at 03:51 pm in response to Going deep on Minneapolis schools' suspension crisis

…with Ms. Kohls. What we're talking about is suspension. It's my understanding – and was the practice in my Missouri school district – that teachers don't have the requisite authority to suspend a student. Those decisions are made by administrators, typically building principals, who recommend (or not) suspension to the school board. The board, at least in my district, had the final authority, though in practice, the principal could send someone home for a couple days – I think 3 was the...

…a no-brainer. Republicans and others who call themselves "conservative" aren't the least bit shy about touting their values, beliefs and opinions. Meanwhile, Democrats have – far, far too often – remained silent so as not to offend, I suppose, some mythical group of voters who might support them if only they hadn't said they thought policy 'x' was actually a good idea. If you're going to govern effectively – something you can only do if you actually win the election and take office – you...