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Posted on 09/08/14 at 01:00 pm in response to Former candidate Tom Horner likely to join Johnson campaign for governor


Mr. Horner is, sadly, repeating Republican boilerplate.

All-day kindergarten is, in fact, a fine idea, but no one sends their 5-year-old to kindergarten to provide them with job skills. The notion that the purpose of education is to create workers is, at best, pernicious, and at worst smacks heavily of exactly the sort of centralized state that people who like to call themselves "conservative" keep insisting they want to avoid.

Taxing consumption and...

Posted on 09/08/14 at 12:44 pm in response to How social media is changing political campaigns in Minnesota

Never having met George Orwell, I don't know if he'd approve of all this. While not quite something obviously out of "1984," as is so often the case with political campaigns, the trend of candidates and their campaigns increasingly using electronic media to appeal to voters leaves a bad taste. I very nearly turn the television off for the duration of the election season as it is, hardly use Facebook, and refuse to join the Twitterverse. What I'm reading here suggests that it's going to be...

I confess I have no easy solution to this. I’m suspicious of the “Emotional Behavior Disorder” label/diagnosis, especially when its application is disproportionate. That said, however, behavior is task #1, before everything else, if any sort of group instruction of value is going to take place.

Even if the conversation is not about suspension per se, simply having to take the time and energy to inject at least a bit of discipline in a little kid’s life, means that time and energy isn...

Posted on 09/05/14 at 08:20 am in response to Kyle's widow asks judge to throw out Ventura verdict

If heroin use is a public health issue – as the participants in the state "summit" seem to agree it is – why does the response lean so heavily toward criminalization and law enforcement rather than treatment? We know that prohibition doesn't work, so tossing a lot of "small time dealers" in jail isn't going to have much effect on usage except to make it more expensive, which will simply encourage more small-time capitalists to get involved. That, in turn, will encourage more communities to...

Posted on 09/04/14 at 11:03 am in response to Michelle MacDonald and the anatomy of a political train wreck

I may be in a tiny minority here, but my own $0.02 is that Ms. MacDonald is not someone whose language and apparent temperament qualify her for a position on the bench of the state's Supreme Court. I will certainly not vote for her.

…for giving me yet another reason not to go downtown to eat, shop, or engage in whatever other perfectly innocent and legal activities I might want to pursue. If the object of downtown associations is to keep them vibrant, relevant and inviting to the general public, this incident ought to be seen by those people as a public relations catastrophe. It should also be viewed that way by both Mayor Coleman and Mayor Hodges. Even if we leave aside race and class issues – which we can't, really – ...

Posted on 09/02/14 at 03:55 pm in response to Search for suspected killer centers on Anoka airport

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the GOP-endorsed candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court. That this leaves substantial room for improvement in the endorsement process should go without saying, but Ms. MacDonald also does not reflect positively on the party's candidate-selection process.

Posted on 09/02/14 at 11:32 am in response to 100 years later, have we learned from the passenger pigeon's extinction?

…is not a phrase I associate with professional sports in general, and football in particular. Like other for-profit sport-based corporations, the mythical "giving-back to the community" exists only insofar as it has no significant effect on the corporate bottom line. More big TV screens will help draw paying customers. Only migrating birds will see a positive effect of using patterned glass, and birds, after all, don't really count for much in a corporate account book.

Maybe if an...

Posted on 09/02/14 at 11:39 am in response to Minneapolis priest calls for Nienstedt's resignation

That the archbishop has not already been arrested and put on trial for obstruction of justice, and for aiding in the commission of felony child abuse, is jaw-dropping and head-shaking. He has totally undermined whatever moral authority the Catholic church might have had (minimal in my household, but substantial in many others) in the community. Instead of leadership, he has concealed, lied, dissembled, and otherwise protected criminal pedophiles. He has richly earned a criminal trial in a...

Most of what Mr. Mills is advocating is right out of the Cato Institute playbook. What isn’t from that playbook seems to be of the “trust me” variety – "Send me to Washington and I’ll work on your behalf, using ideas I can’t talk about during an election campaign."

His take on the ACA is pure sophistry, since the program, in spite of a glitch-filled rollout, is, in fact, expanding access to health care, and is also lowering costs. Health savings accounts are meaningless for people...