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First, I'm retired, and don't have to get to work.

Second, there's the climate – a legitimate argument here in the Twin Cities, it seems to me.

Third, cycling requires precisely the kind of flexing and movement that my 70-year-old knees painfully and consistently remind me they don't like.

Fourth, as a daily pedestrian (my knees don't mind walking), I've learned not to trust drivers. Not just Minnesota drivers, ANY drivers. My daily constitutional is dangerous enough on...

Posted on 01/22/15 at 03:49 pm in response to Agreement reached on Capitol office space

So… House and Senate chambers, hearing rooms, public space (including meeting rooms) a few more bathrooms, a larger cafeteria, and some other public spaces pretty much fill the Capitol after renovation? The new Senate office building becomes, in effect, the new legislators' office building, roughly equally divided between House and Senate members?

If not, where will House members have their offices if there are no House offices in the Capitol building?

Posted on 01/23/15 at 06:48 am in response to Agreement reached on Capitol office space

It makes sense that there would be a State Office Building, but I haven't spent any appreciable time in St. Paul, and didn't know it existed. That takes care of offices for House members. That the new Senate Office Building will have offices for all the Senators is my understanding, as well.

Posted on 01/22/15 at 01:39 pm in response to Higher education proposals get high profile at 2015 legislative session

When I graduated from high school, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I did, however, have a clear idea of what I did NOT want to do. The cliché is that you can work with your back or your brains, and I already knew I had a bad back, so decades of manual labor had little appeal.

Accordingly, I borrowed money from the government (via a long-defunct National Defense Education Act) to attend a state teacher’s college. This wasn’t because I’d already decided...

“…The fact that we… are going to read multiple stories about the positioning and the fund-raising and the messaging about the 2016 election should be a little disturbing.”

It IS disturbing.

Posted on 01/21/15 at 02:18 pm in response to Northfield pub owner feels backlash over free speech

I try to limit my bacon to a once-a-week treat, if that often. Beets, however, are meh, at best, and only genuine starvation would find me voluntarily eating a Brussels sprout.

…beyond "I won both of 'em." I enjoyed that little just-a-trace-of-a head bob that went with the line. Might as well be a little bit feisty on your way out the door. Otherwise, yes, he's a Democrat, but not a very far left one – at least in terms of policy. In my youth, he'd have qualified as a "moderate Republican," a species that now appears to be extinct.

I'm inclined to agree with Tim Walker and a couple of the TV pundits that Obama was laying out parameters for the 2016 campaign...

Posted on 01/21/15 at 02:12 pm in response to Support schools, end LIFO policies

…let's gather all the experienced civil engineers, physicians, bankers and business owners in the state, and replace them with youthful, energetic recent graduates from our finest schools. It won't matter that the new graduates won't really know what they're doing, since "best practices" have been identified for them to follow. Besides – and perhaps most important – it'll be much less expensive for Minnesota taxpayers to provide the salaries for new and inexperienced professionals in these...

Posted on 01/21/15 at 09:57 pm in response to Support schools, end LIFO policies

I agree – we shouldn't HAVE to lay them off, and the root of the problem is economic, not educational.

If districts could afford it (personnel costs are THE big budget item for most school districts), many of those at the bottom of the seniority ladder who get laid off would still be in the classroom. Dropping class sizes from 25 to 20 would keep a lot of people employed, but more importantly – much more importantly – it would provide each child with considerably more individual...

Posted on 01/20/15 at 01:19 pm in response to Why the U.S. is rarely at peace and often seeking monsters to destroy

…reminds me of two things:

First, Eisenhower's prescient warning about the military-industrial complex, which we've ignored, with consequences that should have been predictable. Not only have we engaged in "live-fire" tests of weapons systems on populations that have done nothing to deserve being the subject of those tests, ignoring Eisenhower's warning has led to regions and states in the U.S. that have become economically (and thus politically) dependent upon military contracts to...