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I’m inclined to argue that we’re still approaching the problem – and the yawning achievement gap is a huge problem that cannot continue to be unaddressed – from the top down, with all that that entails, instead of from the bottom up, and by “bottom,” I mean students. Unless/until we devise some system whereby kids can somehow be *required* to apply themselves at school, we’re going to have difficulty.

While it’s certainly not true of every kid, or every minority kid, it’s nonetheless...

Posted on 12/08/14 at 04:19 pm in response to Minneapolis to see fee hike for citywide organic-waste recycling program

…indeed. It's inexcusable that multi-unit buildings don't have to recycle plastics, metal and paper, or pay the fee.

And for the record, as an old single guy who rarely has any compostable organic waste, I find myself wondering why I'll be paying for organic waste pickup whether I recycle organic waste or not, but "ordinary" recycling of metal, plastic and paper, doesn't have that same fee structure. To my knowledge, people who don't recycle those materials pay nothing. Why?

Posted on 12/08/14 at 12:02 pm in response to Minneapolis' fast-changing suburbs deal with unique challenges

As a long-time resident of Ferguson, I can assure readers that Ferguson residents, of whatever color or income level, attend school in at least 3 different school districts, depending upon the part of Ferguson in which they live. Most will attend schools in the Ferguson-Florissant school district, but some on the eastern edge of Ferguson might attend schools in the Riverview District, the Normandy school district, or, if it still exists, the Jennings school district. Because he lived with...

Posted on 12/08/14 at 08:27 am in response to GOP leader says State High School League needs legislative oversight

“…Bachmann said. ‘And since I ran in 2012, people obviously wonder will I be running in 2016? There's been no final determination made on that.’” Political cartoonists all over the country hope she runs…

Posted on 12/08/14 at 01:23 pm in response to GOP leader says State High School League needs legislative oversight

Amen to Mike Worcester. “…it's all grandstanding and stoking the flames of discord at a convenient boogeyman.” Perhaps it's Ms. Peppin who needs legislative oversight. In the meantime, I like Mike's suggestion: Let's see what (if any) legislative proposals grow out of this pitiful show of reaction.

Posted on 12/05/14 at 09:20 pm in response to We are North: repositioning MSP's national identity for the 21st century

Not being a native, nor a marketing professional, I agree that what seems to differentiate Minnesota from "the Midwest" in general is that it's an urban area, and it's cold. Most of the state's population lives in the metro statistical areas of the state's 4 or 5 largest cities. Local boosters can crow all they want about the scenery, and I think the North Shore is VERY scenic, but scenery cannot be the driving identification factor – Minnesota can't match the Rocky Mountain states for...

Posted on 12/05/14 at 03:21 pm in response to The new solid South

For what it's worth, I’m inclined to a combination of Neal Rovick and Peder DeFor.

Southern attitudes haven’t changed all that much, just party name and affiliation. I’ve read several pieces recently dealing with the demographic trends that Peder points out. Minorities tend toward the Dems, blue-collar whites tend toward Repubs, and the urban/rural divide has been well-documented.

Unfortunately for Southerners, and for blue-collar whites everywhere, Republican economic policy...

Posted on 12/05/14 at 10:28 am in response to Michele Bachmann’s last stand

…is that it's her "last stand." Soon, we'll have to get used to a whole new brand of factually-challenged rhetoric from the 6th District's respresentative. With luck, that "factually-challenged" part will be less a part of the picture, but I doubt it will disappear entirely.

Posted on 12/05/14 at 10:35 am in response to The anatomy of a $1 billion budget surplus

…upon which income quartile or quintile you're trying to get an answer from. The bottom 20%? Almost none. The top 20%? A sizable majority would be my guess.

Posted on 12/05/14 at 10:43 am in response to The anatomy of a $1 billion budget surplus

When I was a planning commissioner in Colorado, city engineers taught me that about 60% of the cost of a road was maintenance, with a "useful lifetime" in most cases of about a generation (i.e., 25 years or so). It's a cost factor which almost never is included in news stories about roads and bridges. We could easily spend everything in the transportation budget just to get all the roads up to level-of-service "C," and then there's the matter of thousands of bridges, a surprising number of...