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Posted on 11/08/14 at 08:43 am in response to KSTP savaged for Mayor Hodges 'gang sign' story

I confess I watch local TV news only for the weather segment, having decided many years ago that the "content" of most local news outlets was pablum at best, mind-rotting drivel at worst. This looks like an example of the latter…

So far, I like the responses of Pat Berg and Ralf Wyman the best.

Pavel Yankovic has a point worth noting – or would, if

A) I listened to radio; and

B) if MPR had no producer, or editor, or whatever job title decides what goes out on...

Posted on 11/08/14 at 09:02 am in response to Same-sex marriage will now likely become a Supreme Court case

…lines up with Peder DeFors. The SCOTUS does have some reactionaries as members, and in the right circumstances, those people might happily move us back to the 19th century, but all the cultural momentum seems to be moving quickly in favor of same-sex marriage, and I don't think the Court will want to try to fly in the face of where the culture and society are heading. The justices are somewhat removed from the everyday lives of most of us, but that removal isn't total. Perhaps not as...

Posted on 11/08/14 at 08:51 am in response to Is there hope for cutting through gridlock? John Brandl shows us a way

“…markets are instruments to an end, not the end itself, and that building community can be as effective or perhaps even a better way of providing the things our society values.”

Though not original to Mr. Johnston, this is an idea worth holding on to, especially the first pair of phrases.

Posted on 11/06/14 at 01:22 pm in response to House Republicans to the Twin Cities: It's not about you

…has probably done something with demographics that would help readers to understand the validity – or the lack thereof – of the "metrocentric" argument. What portion of the state's population lives in the 7-county "metro" area? Toss in Duluth and Rochester. What's the percentage then?

The “metrocentric” meme is one widely heard all over the country in states that still have sizable areas that are genuinely rural, and not suburban or exurban. It seems a curious complaint to me. I'd...

Posted on 11/06/14 at 08:20 am in response to State tracking 48 travelers as part of Ebola monitoring system

“…‘I will be as conciliatory as I can be,’ [Dayton] said. But he asserted the onus is on the House Republicans to compromise and meet him halfway to resolve differences. Daudt tried to shift responsibility back to Dayton and his allies. ‘It's up to the Democrats’ to avoid gridlock,' he said.'”

'Twould appear that a return to gridlock has already been accomplished…

Posted on 11/05/14 at 12:51 pm in response to With big assist from rural voters, GOP retakes Minnesota House

There will be a couple months of gloating from Mr. Swift and his ilk, then a couple months of overreach as the right wing loonies propose various things, then, by the end of the 2015 legislative session, there will either be some compromises that even Republicans will vote for – thus lending support to Mr. Daudt’s otherwise-unsupported contention that he will work “across the aisle” – or state government, like the national government, will descend into gridlock once again, with right-wingers...

Posted on 11/05/14 at 10:44 pm in response to With big assist from rural voters, GOP retakes Minnesota House

I'd argue that several things could be "worse for our country" than a party that thinks “…government regulation, government programs, increased spending and increased taxes is the way to "govern.”

One would be to eliminate government regulation. Edible food? Safe drinking water? The result of government regulation.

Another would be eliminating government programs. Federal highways? Safe air travel? The result of government regulation.

Increased spending, by itself, doesn...

Posted on 11/04/14 at 10:44 am in response to 5 More Questions: Doug Rossinow on our era's intense partisanship

…like this sort of story. Good questions, Brian.

I'm also inclined to agree with Neal Rovick's comment. It's a view I hadn't thought of, but that seems accurate to me. Friends and relatives who supported Clinton and Obama have largely expressed disappointment that neither one of them has been particularly "liberal" in the sense of the 60s and 70s, and, while I've joined them in that disappointment occasionally, I've generally not been all that surprised that both those presidents,...

Posted on 11/04/14 at 07:09 am in response to On campaign's final day, GOP hits Dayton on Ebola preparedness

Hmmm. "Birth of a Nation" as a musical… It's an interesting (or grotesque) thought.

Posted on 11/03/14 at 12:58 pm in response to Does the field of social psychology have an anti-conservative bias?

Interesting approach, and I suspect peer review(ers) more than I do ideological bias by strangers. Academic fields, or sometimes parts of fields, take on at least a few characteristics simply because of the nature of the field. Sometime they're more conservative, sometimes they're more liberal – both terms, of course, being more than a little relative.

I very much like the color idea as a mask for what's actually being looked at, but of course, there are arguments that certain colors...