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Posted on 09/02/14 at 03:55 pm in response to Search for suspected killer centers on Anoka airport

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the GOP-endorsed candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court. That this leaves substantial room for improvement in the endorsement process should go without saying, but Ms. MacDonald also does not reflect positively on the party's candidate-selection process.

Posted on 09/02/14 at 11:32 am in response to 100 years later, have we learned from the passenger pigeon's extinction?

…is not a phrase I associate with professional sports in general, and football in particular. Like other for-profit sport-based corporations, the mythical "giving-back to the community" exists only insofar as it has no significant effect on the corporate bottom line. More big TV screens will help draw paying customers. Only migrating birds will see a positive effect of using patterned glass, and birds, after all, don't really count for much in a corporate account book.

Maybe if an...

Posted on 09/02/14 at 11:39 am in response to Minneapolis priest calls for Nienstedt's resignation

That the archbishop has not already been arrested and put on trial for obstruction of justice, and for aiding in the commission of felony child abuse, is jaw-dropping and head-shaking. He has totally undermined whatever moral authority the Catholic church might have had (minimal in my household, but substantial in many others) in the community. Instead of leadership, he has concealed, lied, dissembled, and otherwise protected criminal pedophiles. He has richly earned a criminal trial in a...

Most of what Mr. Mills is advocating is right out of the Cato Institute playbook. What isn’t from that playbook seems to be of the “trust me” variety – "Send me to Washington and I’ll work on your behalf, using ideas I can’t talk about during an election campaign."

His take on the ACA is pure sophistry, since the program, in spite of a glitch-filled rollout, is, in fact, expanding access to health care, and is also lowering costs. Health savings accounts are meaningless for people...

I’m not prepared to argue the minutiae of international trade agreements, but Professor Johnston’s last paragraph is one that rings true. Even when the natural resources at hand steer economic decisions in a particular direction, as they appear to do in the Iron Range, the long term health of the area economy pretty much requires alternative strategies, occupations and products.

I understand that it’s currently politically necessary to make the required noises about protecting...

I second Jody Rooney's comment about the usefulness of a definition of "real GDP," and for the same reason.

The last chart will be difficult to absorb by ideologues who insist that the government is taking over every sector of the economy.

“… Medtronic is planning to cover an estimated $65 million in special excise taxes that apply to board members and officers of the company.”

Them that has, gets. Them that don't, don't.


A 1st District Congressional candidate whose misogyny is right out there for everyone to see. A Supreme Court candidate busted for DUI – and then convicted in absentia by pure-as-the-driven-snow party leaders so they can exclude her from GOP home territory at the state fair. An inherited-millions candidate in the 8th District touting the value of hard work for everyone else, and in the neighborhood crazy lady’s 6th District, Tom Emmer, he of the $100,000 waiter’s income from the...

Posted on 08/21/14 at 02:44 pm in response to Value of Vikings up $319 million since signing stadium deal

Hmmm… That $300+ million increase in the value of the Vikings franchise is quite close to the amount Minneapolis taxpayers are currently obligated – without a public vote – to contribute to the construction of the new Vikings stadium, whether they like football or not. Could it be that the construction of that new stadium is largely responsible for the Vikings' increased value? I look forward to Mr. Wilf making a $300 million contribution to the City of Minneapolis to absolve city taxpayers...

The very notion of “Christian values” is oxymoronic. Which brand of Christianity does the Family Research Council purport to speak for? Coptic Christians? Albigensians? Southern Baptists? Episcopalians? Catholics? Lutherans? Methodists?

One of the few consistent messages of the New Testament is tolerance, a value notably lacking in much of the rhetoric heard from what is charitably called the “Christian Right.” Much of what passes for Christian conservatism is a kind of knee-jerk...