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Ray Schoch

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Posted on 09/24/14 at 01:54 pm in response to Florida trustee sues BMO Harris bank for $24 billion in Petters case

I've never been a Garth Brooks fan, but long before I moved to Minnesota, I had Yearwood's "On a Bus to St. Cloud" on my playlist.

Posted on 09/22/14 at 11:29 am in response to What's next for the Pioneer Press?

I have no professional (or unprofessional) journalism credentials, so I speak merely as a long-time reader of newspapers.

Yes, newspapers are in decline, and have been for quite a while. Whether that decline is a genuine death spiral might be open to a debate in which I’m not qualified to take part, but my experience in St. Louis, where the Globe-Democrat died decades ago, and in Denver, where the Rocky Mountain News met the same fate, hasn’t left a good impression about the resulting...

Posted on 09/16/14 at 01:11 pm in response to DFL school-board endorsee dispute: guilt by association?

…the comments of James Hamilton and Ian Bicking. None of what I'm reading in Beth's column passes any reasonable "smell test," and that doesn't reflect well on the DFL, the endorsement process (regardless of party), or the candidates.

Posted on 09/16/14 at 01:28 pm in response to Yes, ditching the car for your commute to work improves well-being

…all make valid points. I certainly agree that the Twin Cities desperately needs – but does not have – a multimodal transit system with transparent funding mechanisms and sources. I avoid downtown St. Paul AND Minneapolis whenever I can because of traffic, Metro Transit signs near my house convey no information whatsoever except that a bus of some sort stops at the sign. Nothing about where it might be coming from, where it might be going, or when it might do either or both of those things....

Kaeti and I have traded emails a few times over her years here. I always found her to be smart and cordial – not as common a combination as it should be, but welcome, nonetheless.

Congratulations, Kaeti, and best wishes!

Posted on 09/15/14 at 02:29 pm in response to Why Congress’ role in making war is now irrelevant

…and no amount of yelling or flag-waving, as the case may be, is going to bring it back.

For a change, I agree with Mr. Swift about something: Mr. Obama’s assertion that he already has the authority necessary has the aura of tin-pot dictator about it. Of course, much the same was true when Bush II applied the same sort of logic and argument, and if Obama seems lost because his community activist credentials didn’t prepare him for this sort of action and responsibility, it seems...

Posted on 09/12/14 at 11:48 am in response to Is the party over for the Independence Party?

…to turn out the lights.

“… The party supported gay marriage and opposed the voter ID amendment; and currently supports legalization of marijuana, Sunday sales of liquor and automobiles and seeks fiscally prudent approaches to balanced budgets.”

I ought to be an IP voter.

But I’m not. Paul Udstrand seems right on target to me in his first comment. If the IP had embraced liberal AND conservative AND libertarian ideas, and put them into a coherent political philosophy, I...

Posted on 09/11/14 at 03:33 pm in response to Reacting to Obama’s speech, Rand Paul throws Hannity a curve

…Eric to interview my Congressional Representative, Mr. Ellison, about this and related topics. He is, after all, Muslim, has a significant Muslim constituency in Minneapolis, and would presumably have some political background from time spent in Washington and the House, as well as some theological background. What does Ellison think of Paul's statement? Or Cruz's? Or does he have his own view that doesn't neatly fit in with that of any of the usual suspects.

One of the things that...

…in Washington of the dominant influence – official and unofficial (i.e., merely financial) – of business interests in our political structure. We already suffer from a good deal more corporate governance than I'd like, whether it's pretending that corporations are people, and their money somehow won't have a corrupting influence on elections when injected into political contests, or a "closely-held" family corporation (e.g., Mills Fleet Farm) deciding that providing contraception to female...

Posted on 09/10/14 at 01:05 pm in response to Schools clear the decks to try step-by-step approach to teaching reading

I'm really happy to see a program directed at technique rather than subject. Even in what used to be called, erroneously, "solid" subjects, like math and science, not much learning is going to take place unless the child in the seat has some command of the language, both spoken and written. That command, of course, has to include reading.

Among my several failures as a high school teacher were those kids who arrived in my room as 10th graders, but with 4th or 5th grade reading skills...