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Posted on 08/14/14 at 10:11 am in response to No evidence or consensus about best way to brush teeth, study finds

…and disappointing that there's no consensus about this, and there's no mention of flossing, in which one of my previous dentists in another state had an almost religious belief. This ought to be pretty straightforward research to conduct, so it's doubly disappointing that it hasn't been done.

Posted on 08/13/14 at 05:46 pm in response to McFadden says he could support gas tax increase, then quickly reverses

My goodness! Mr. McFadden was nearly overcome by a trace of common sense for a moment there, before ideology, once again, triumphed. As all the disciples of Grover Norquist eventually discover, insisting upon "no new taxes" puts candidates between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Posted on 08/12/14 at 12:29 pm in response to Lots of summer job switching in local education media

…rather than the proverbial two, seem inevitable:

Death, Taxes and Change.

Corporations tend to be focused on the short term.

The environment is long term.

Aside from some religious institutions, I don't know of ANY human constructs that have been successfully watched over and supervised for hundreds of years, so to suggest that kind of long-term monitoring as a means of ensuring the safe containment of toxic materials seems to me to be foolhardy on its face. More than likely, it's a case of putting corporate interests (monetary, short term) ahead of...

Posted on 08/11/14 at 01:22 pm in response to McFadden's address to the nation

Nothing wrong with the tone and delivery of Mr. McFadden's speech. A good job of presentation.

Unfortunately, what's being presented is not substantive, and suffers from intellectual and economic bankruptcy.

He devotes quite a bit of attention early on in the speech to stagnating wages, yet it's the GOP that has fought the hardest against increasing the minimum wage, both via the usual Chamber of Commerce hysteria over well-paid employees destroying the economy and the more...

Rural Homestead Property Taxes ($70,000 value)
#1 New Hampshire $2,118
#7 Wisconsin $1,490
#23 Minnesota $846
Average: $893

Rural Homestead Property Taxes ($150,000 value)
#1 New York $4,665
#6 Wisconsin $3,369
#18 Minnesota $2,458
Average: $2,044

Top 50 Apartment Building Property Taxes ($600,000 value, $30,000 fixtures)
#1 Michigan $26,530
#5 Wisconsin $18,006
#19 Minnesota $12,850

Posted on 08/08/14 at 08:09 am in response to Pool of prospective pot producers keeps growing

Bill Schletzer is right on target regarding the Oasis. Of course higher costs have to be passed on, but it's not necessary to go out of one's way to point the middle finger at the low-wage workers at the restaurant in doing so. The Oasis guy could increase his prices proportionately – presumably his competitors are also now paying their own low-wage servers the higher minimum wage, too – and move on with his life.

Someone that hostile to the concept of his own employees making...

Posted on 08/07/14 at 07:37 am in response to Minneapolis Park Board dumps 'The Yard'

‘If nothing else, it’s making a bold statement.’

Well, yes it is, though perhaps not one the respective restaurant owners hope the public is receiving. The Blue Plate practice of passing along fees to servers strikes me as an excellent reason to tip in cash if one really feels compelled to eat at a Blue Plate establishment. As for the Oasis Cafe, what I'm reading and hearing from an owner who's “…unavailable for comment” suggests that it's a business that deserves to fail. Failure...

Posted on 08/06/14 at 07:21 pm in response to U of M panel predicts all states will eventually join Medicaid expansion

I've never run for office, and don't want to start at age 70, but it seems to me that it could be increasingly difficult for gubernatorial candidates to get themselves elected on the basis of a statewide campaign to deny health care coverage to voters of poor to modest means when that coverage is available to people of similar income and status in the states all around the one where the campaign is taking place. It would be much easier for a candidate to support such a stance if s/he had a...

Posted on 07/25/14 at 09:33 am in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

The analogy of a mega-event to a party seems right on target to me. Nothing wrong with a party if you can afford to host one, but responsible adults don't spend so much on the party that they can't make their monthly rent or mortgage payment, and Professor Johnston is not the first to point out that economic figures from booster organizations should be accepted with several/many grains of salt. My own analogy is that booster organizations for sports events are very much like small children...