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I suppose I have only myself to blame for reading this story. Even so, Joe, aren't there more interesting stories today? Maybe a worthwhile Canadian initiative?

The "dirt on his son" was that his father intervened with local law enforcement to keep Junior out of trouble.

I know that doesn't fit the narrative of poor, victimized Republicans, but facts are stubborn things.

A memory of a long-ago article in the Strib, telling how Senator Grams was able to call the Anoka County Sheriff at home late at night when his son was arrested.

Personally, I don't/didn't fault Senator Grams for what he did. I think it's what any parent would do if they had direct, personal access to a top law enforcement official. There were a lot of other, legitimate reasons to vote him out of office.

Posted on 08/26/14 at 02:08 pm in response to It's one sorry campaign season in Minnesota

Ms. MacDonald is hoping to be elected by all voters, not just Republicans. The Republicans have already given her their stamp of approval.

Talk about your "diminutive measure of acceptability."

Posted on 08/26/14 at 05:09 pm in response to It's one sorry campaign season in Minnesota

So the vetting committee didn't do their own check on her? A simple search would have told them all they needed to know.

Lazy? Incompetent? Blinded by her Bible? A combination of the three?

That those who snipe about our current Governor's inherited wealth cannot come to the realization that he does not take his win in the genetic lottery as evidence that coddling the rich is a sound public policy.

It's a scary word tossed around without regard for its real meaning. He knows what "socialism" is the same way that a four year old child knows what the monsters under his bed are.

Whatever his reasons for doing so, Governor Dayton was a teacher in New York City. He did not work for the city, but for an agency something like Teach for America:

Posted on 08/25/14 at 09:32 am in response to 50 school districts got waiver to start before Labor Day

Blame Obama, and recess for campaigning?

Posted on 08/25/14 at 10:20 am in response to GOP Supreme Court candidate vows to stay in race

MacDonald said nothing of her record, and the endorsing committee did not care. She is a licensed attorney who is willing to indulge in the farce of a partisan endorsement for what should be a non-partisan job. After that, she showed up at the endorsing convention and mouthed all the shibboleths about God, the Bible, and the Constitution. The fact that she is an unrepentant nutjob who blames everyone else for her problems would have come out before, if the party were truly serious about...