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RB Holbrook

Minneapolis, MN
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I think I deciphered it:

"Al Franken is saying mean things about me and attacking me, which is not the same as me building my entire campaign around criticizing Senator Franken. My opinions are the standard Republican talking points, but I know how reprehensible they sound to the average voter, so hockey! Sports!"

Who does a $100,000 improvement to a building without a permit?

Mr. Lerner also had to know his building had a historic designation. Did he not trouble to find out what that means?

Posted on 10/29/14 at 09:37 am in response to Four lingering thoughts about U.S. elections

I agree with your overall point, but wonder if the US is not easing towards a system of rigid party discipline that makes ticket splitting less palatable. For example, the Republican candidate for US House in the 5th District seems like a tolerably moderate Republican. If he were to be elected, would he be compelled to hew the party line on social and defense issues? Would he be voting for House leadership that would just strengthen the hands of the extreme conservatives?


Posted on 10/29/14 at 10:49 am in response to Four lingering thoughts about U.S. elections

The question isn't would Republicans favor voter ID if it did not help them; that answer is self evident.

The question is, is taking active steps to disenfranchise voters good for the country.

People in authority are supposed to work on behalf of the voters, and elections are supposed to operate as a way for the citizenry to make sure that is happening, but Republicans seem to think people outside the demographics that have historically favored Republicans are not entitled to...

Posted on 10/27/14 at 02:11 pm in response to Sparks fly in Franken-McFadden debate

Mr. McFadden is the man who was so outraged at the fee expected from him that he took out his son's stitches himself.

He must be an expert, right?

Posted on 10/24/14 at 01:26 pm in response to U of M moving toward 'cost of attendance' for athletes

Will the U of M be offering a similar deal to non-athlete students? You know, the ones who come to college for an education, rather than an eventual pro contract?

A half-baked idea is not a good one, no matter how fresh it is.

The Prairie Home Companion deserves to be missing from every list.

I am far from supportive about anything regarding the new stadium, but I think the City Attorney made the correct decision. There are real First Amendment questions involved in barring the use of the name, and the city would have a hard time showing standing. In addition, the authority of the City of Minneapolis to regulate anything done by the University, given the University's special constitutional status.

Proceeding with a lawsuit when the law says otherwise would be the...

Posted on 10/23/14 at 02:12 pm in response to Superhighways and light rail: antagonists or evil twins?

He has none. The whole piece is just sarcasm levied with condescension, masquerading as commentary. There is nothing that even approaches a policy proposal.