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Posted on 09/16/14 at 09:35 am in response to Why Congress’ role in making war is now irrelevant

I don't know if domestic deployments of troops are really germane to the discussion here.

Posted on 09/16/14 at 09:42 am in response to Why Congress’ role in making war is now irrelevant

Senator Graham made an interesting (if sobering) point a few days ago. He wondered what would happen if Congress turned down the President's request, or put so many conditions on it hat the final authorization was ineffective?

It would be an embarrassment, but for whom? For the President? Perhaps, but more so for Congress. Congressional hatred of the President is so strong that I could see them larding an authorization for force with all manner of irrelevant conditions ("No...

Posted on 09/16/14 at 10:28 am in response to Why Congress’ role in making war is now irrelevant

I would not have thought so, and I share your bafflement as to why this would happen. The issue was raised by Senator Graham.

Does the Republican leadership have sufficient control over their caucus to make sure a clean resolution is passed? Perhaps it does in the Senate. If the issue were limited to a declaration of war, I don't think the fear would be justified. The War Powers Resolution requires after-the-fact notification and approval by both houses of Congress. Can the House...

Posted on 09/16/14 at 04:46 pm in response to Why Congress’ role in making war is now irrelevant

The War Powers Resolution requires the President to notify Congress that military action has been taken. It is then up to Congress to approve the use of force or declare war. If neither is done, the troops are supposed to be withdrawn.

The President may request authority to use force by sending a message requesting authority, but it is still up to Congress to act.

How about suspend Adrian Peterson until the charges play out? After all, this is a vicious, brutal assault on a child. Despite his local hero status, Peterson should be held to account. Since he pretty much admits what he did, I see no real problem in kicking him off the team now.

Frankly, I am almost as disgusted by his defenders who are "not defenders." The Vikings have asked for--and are receiving--an obscene amount of money so the citizens of Minnesota can be privileged to...

Don't pick on poor Adrian Peterson because it might alienate--whom? The people who see the need to beat their children? It's not constructive to bother them because--what?

There is a difference between mild spanking and the kind of systematic brutality Peterson indulged in. People like that (and he is an abuser--if you abuse a child, you are a child abuser) behave abominably, and I frankly don't care if they don't like my attitude. People who are so solicitous of the feelings of...

. . . don't reprove a man who admits beating his children severely, because all sorts of people are going to take it the wrong way and start talking about spanking. A discussion about the appropriate nature of corporal punishment of a child is "collateral damage."

First of all, I never spoke about all corporal punishment, so saying I'm raising discussions that might offend some people is, to use your word, ludicrous.

Second, excessive punishment of a child is a crime, and...

That is even sillier than "don't discuss this, because it might hurt the feelings of people who spank their kids."

The Children's Theatre suspended John Donahue as soon as he was arrested. The Theatre cooperated with the investigation even though there was some legitimate fear that Donahue's absence would mean the end of the Theatre. There was no question of keeping him on because the productions were no good without him; I mean, while the process played itself out.


I think I understand what you are saying. You are taking moral relativism to a new height because those of another cultural background just do things differently. I can't wait to hear your take on forced marriages of young girls in Afghanistan (because they always have done it, and how are we going to reach them if we don't shrug and look the other way?).

What is "blinding" people, as you put it, is that there is a four year-old child who was beaten pretty savagely by his father....

Posted on 09/15/14 at 09:21 am in response to Is the party over for the Independence Party?

I haven't heard of many of these city and county victories. Care to elucidate?

Are these partisan elections they are winning, or the more usual non-partisan elections that happen to be won by an IPer?