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Regina Seabrook

Cottage Grove, MN
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Beth Hawkins wrote:

"When you expand access to challenging academics to poor and minority students and provide the support for them to meet that higher standard, the number of high achievers attending “best” schools mushrooms."

She also wrote:

"As in most other schools, South's advanced courses included very few kids of color. In part because of this aspiration gap, there was a lamentable disparity in college readiness, too."

I agree with her first statement....

Posted on 02/28/12 at 04:14 pm in response to Duluth mayor taking nasty heat for anti-racism campaign

Perhaps a campaign that decenters (does not focus on) whiteness would be better. What does Duluth stand for? If it stands for closing the achievement gap and making an ongoing committment towards equity in education, healthcare, and employment, then I support Duluth. As a person of color and former Northlander, I appreciate the progressive spirit of my community of origin. How is that spirit harnessed in support of the things that save people's lives like education, jobs, and affordable...

I find this debate over integration revenue disheartening for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that it reveals the relative powerlessness of people of color in Minnesota’s schools. Second, the achievement gap in Minnesota is projected to increase. What does this mean for our state’s economy? What does this say about ethical and informed school leadership across the state with regard to the allocation of integration funds? What messages are being sent to families of color and...