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Reuben Saltzman

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Posted on 02/28/14 at 05:21 pm in response to How much snow can my roof hold?

@Eric - Yes, if half a cubic foot is 10 lbs, a full cubic foot is 20 lbs.

If the snow was 12" deep, one square foot of snow would equal one cubic foot.

The snow is actually 18" deep, so one square foot of snow equals 1.5 cubic feet... or 30 lbs.

Posted on 04/07/11 at 05:06 am in response to Reuben Saltzman: Stop throwing pantyhose on your roof!

Joe - yes, I did say anything other than steam removal is hack work. I'm not advocating the use of salt or pantyhose on the roof; I'm just comparing these two hack methods for anyone interested. I love reading about this kind of stuff, so I'm guessing there must be other people that do too.

Chagri - I didn't write that post title. My original post title was "Salt-Filled pantyhose on ice dams: not that great."

Posted on 04/21/11 at 04:33 am in response to Reuben Saltzman: How to prevent an Ice Dam

Hi Mr. Udstrand,
I wish I had noticed your comment sooner. You had a lot to say, and most of it was misleading or just plain wrong. I'll try to address your statements individually.
"I'm tired of these yearly sales pitches pretending to be helpful advice." ***** That's just downright offensive. I'm explaining what causes ice dams, and I'm explaining how to fix them. I don't do the repairs myself, so what could I be selling?
"It doesn't mean you have water infiltrating...

Posted on 12/30/10 at 05:22 am in response to Reuben Saltzman: How to prevent an Ice Dam

Thanks Laura, I'll definitely consider that. I'm always looking for new topics to write about.

Posted on 04/22/11 at 03:57 am in response to Reuben Saltzman: How to prevent an Ice Dam

Jeff M - you wrote "Am I concluding correctly that I should install a wall on the garage side of the vents, seal the edges of the wall, and then insulate between the new wall and the garage?"

Probably not, but I'm having a hard time picturing your house. Is this a rambler? When was it built?

Posted on 04/22/11 at 03:59 am in response to Reuben Saltzman: How to prevent an Ice Dam

Greg - it sounds like you did a great job of insulating your attic. It's amazing how well the insulation can keep out the heat as well as the cold, isn't it?

- Reuben

Posted on 12/02/10 at 05:43 am in response to Tony Jones: Are you being profiled by the TSA? Well...probably

Great blog, and I completely agree, profiling is just part of these people's jobs.

Posted on 09/14/10 at 05:55 am in response to TC Jewfolk: TIME magazine cover story is insulting to Jews

Normally when I read a title like yours, my first thought is to play the devil's advocate, because I feel like so many people are way to sensitive... but you're right on.

I read the Time magazine article, and I'm thoroughly disgusted.

Posted on 09/02/10 at 09:12 am in response to Snyder 5: Fighting an unfair traffic ticket in Ramsey County? Good luck

I couldn't agree more. That's a total, complete racket.

Posted on 07/07/10 at 03:01 pm in response to Pearl: Face it America, we are all becoming hoarders

Guilty. I'm currently looking for a larger house because I hate not having room for all of my warehouse purchases.

I think it really is about not passing up a good deal - six bucks for a bucket of minced garlic. I'd never have to buy garlic again.