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Posted on 03/14/12 at 12:33 pm in response to Santorum surprises, Gingrich grumbles, Romney rolls on

This will go to the convention in Tampa.
Jeb Bush will accept the nomination in his home state without spending a dime.
The Bush-Santorum ticket will win in November.
The rich will get a tax cut in January.
Israel will bomb Iran after the first full-moon in March.
Unions, abortion, contraception and alternate lifestyles will be outlawed.
The Rangers will win the Pennant every October.
Everyone will drive to work in a gas guzzler for another 20 years...

Posted on 03/13/12 at 11:06 am in response to 'Right to work,' Act One: Ending a 'jobs tax'?

We want a Right to Work amendment that states:

We have the right to work for a company that provides a living wage
We have the right to work for a company that doesn't treat its employees as "Human Resources"
We have the right to work for a company that doesn't pay its executives 500 times the average worker
We have the right to work for a company that respects the environment
We have the right to work for a company whose profits go to Main Street not Wall...

Posted on 03/12/12 at 11:39 am in response to Maine poll: Same-sex marriage may be headed toward approval

Two incomes plus no children equal financial clout. The Gay community has become the richest demographic in America.

Corporations and politicians are finding that out. Even though they don't care about people, they care about money.

Do they really care if the batter is left-handed or right-handed after he hits the game winning home run?

Posted on 03/05/12 at 10:18 pm in response to General manager of KQRS, 93X, LOVE105 out

I was listening to KQ and Tom Barnyard with my 8-year-old daughter in the front seat. She turned to me and asked what a blow job was. I haven't listened to them since.

Posted on 03/05/12 at 11:59 am in response to Voter ID plan raises many practical questions

The only jobs, jobs, jobs they're worried about is their own.

This is part of a multi-front attack on Democratic Party voters all aimed at keeping the Republicans in power.

#1 - Attack and eliminate Unions --they tend to vote Democratic (Can you blame them?)
#2 - Make it harder for people who lean Democrat to vote --Voter registration laws
#3 - Redistricting to entrench Republican legislatures
#4 - Allow the wealthy and corporations to give unlimited money to...

Posted on 02/27/12 at 08:57 am in response to The new digital monopolies

"Do No Evil" has become "You can make money without doing evil." Google has succumbed to Wall Street.

As you say: Its a slippery slope.

Posted on 02/17/12 at 11:52 am in response to Teacher-layoffs plan puts DFLers in a jam

Target, 3M, GE and other non-union companies target older, more expensive employees by giving them bad reviews as soon as they get too expensive. An exemplary employee with an outstanding record will suddenly get a bad review the minute they reach age 50 and their salaries are high and their health care expenses increase the company's costs. When they get fired, the company has a record of bad reviews. Boeing moved their facilities to South Carolina to break the Engineers Union for this very...

Posted on 02/17/12 at 12:19 pm in response to Minnesota House votes to scrap seniority-only rule for teachers

What Target knows about you is absolutely scary.

Massive databases of your shopping record, video facial recognition that tracks you from the moment you walk in the door and follows you around the store to learn your shopping patterns, hidden mini cameras watch you look at sales displays to see if they're effective or not.

If you absolutely must shop at Target, wear a baseball cap pulled low and veer through the children's wear and housewares to buy your gallon of milk --and...

Posted on 02/16/12 at 10:48 am in response to Who's for (and against) voter photo ID, and why?

Isn't this what the Republicans are running against, activist judges?

A bigger problem is the 25% of the population that have either been marginalized or so turned off by politics that they don't even register.

Why don't they pass a law that says everyone must register to vote on their 18th birthday --they force men to register for the draft?

Posted on 02/15/12 at 12:58 pm in response to GOP legislators shrug off rock-bottom poll numbers

If you've ever served on a committee, you'll understand why no one has ever put up a statue of a committee. There are plenty of statues of Governors.

Also, negative campaigning has sullied everyone's reputation. It doesn't matter who gets elected, the population has seen hundreds of ads and literature telling you how big a scumbag this sucker is and how he should be in prison not in Congress. If people passed laws, we'd be voting this fall on a referendum for an open season on elected...