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richard bonde

Red Wing, MN
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Posted on 04/12/14 at 10:24 am in response to Language use and misuse: 'Evolving' is one thing ...

My recollection of the origin of this smug and tiresome phrase was that it came from newcomers to Minnesota and was meant ironically to describe shallow, insincere, politeness toward new residents.

It then was taken seriously and took on an opposite meaning.

Is there any truth to my recollection?

Posted on 03/27/14 at 01:23 pm in response to AA and the Twelve Steps come in for another drubbing

AA is free and effective for many people. Many people do not have insurance that covers treatment centers.

Why don't the liberal justices resign while there is a Democrat in the White House?(at least the most decrepit of them).

Wouldn't it be nice if the justices had to retire on the their 75th birthday?

Posted on 02/08/14 at 11:13 am in response to Approve the Keystone pipeline

Obviously, Jim, you don't understand the global warming argument, nor the difference between weather and climate.

Posted on 12/21/13 at 02:07 pm in response to Remembering the case of the missing crowbar and hammer

Great to hear from you again. I'm a Red Green type handyman.
My screw drivers have been used as chisels,wrenches as hammers, etc, so nothing works quite right.

The option of removing the Stillwater bridge and diverting all cross-river traffic to Osceola and Hudson was not discussed very much. What do you suppose the politics of that option is?

Posted on 05/04/13 at 11:06 am in response to Kathleen Hall Jamieson and the 'attack on fact'

The best example that I can think of in which the credibility of respected authorities has been undermined is the global warming issue. The science is straight forward. The politics is mired in confusion.

In 2001 there was talk of budget surpluses that could be used to strengthen Social Security and Medicare. Taxes were cut instead ,with deficits the result.

Now Social Security and Medicare are on the chopping block. Looks like the conservatives won.

Posted on 03/16/13 at 12:47 pm in response to Q&A with Lars Leafblad and the U of M's Jason Rohloff

Why didn't you ask him about the Gophers? The athletic department looks disfunctional from here.

What county is skunk hollow in?