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Richard O'Neil

Shoreview, Minnesota
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Posted on 01/26/15 at 01:51 pm in response to Decision time coming for No Child Left Behind

"...and media-driven stars like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump took turns ridiculing President Obama.”

Consider the source.

I saw a very cocky guy on the podium last night and I was very disappointed in his performance. I did like his comment about trying to raise a family on an annual $15k income. As far as setting the tone for "the debate," I didn't hear anything from him that even remotely suggested compromise, common ground, working together, etc. except for the pipeline.

But I'm not from the GOP.

I understand your point, but what was the percentage of "Americans" who tuned in to the show?

Posted on 01/21/15 at 01:20 pm in response to Minnesota is (tied for) the best state in the country

Isn't it a badge of honor down there?

Posted on 01/20/15 at 04:20 pm in response to More than 100 gather to bury Winona veteran who died alone

Ms Horton deserves a medal of her own. I appreciate being reminded of the many good people in this country who are just doing "the right thing."

Posted on 01/17/15 at 06:47 pm in response to Q&A: What Tom Emmer wants for Minnesota businesses

Isn't this "trickle-down" economics? And "...put people back in charge of their health care..."? Wow! ACA has given people access to health care who formerly received it only in emergency rooms. Does he really want to sacrifice peoples' welfare to the god of so-called free markets? C'mon!

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is assured."

Somehow the "success" part of this equation has always evaded me. Oh well.

Why do we have to permanently pollute our environment to create "jobs"? What is the heritage that we leave our children?

Posted on 01/17/15 at 06:05 pm in response to Archdiocese files for bankruptcy

Well, this is a large move forward. At least all of the claimants, i.e. abused, will get a share of the settlement regardless of when they filed suit. And they get their day in court as they well deserve. This is not an excuse by any means, but I don't believe that the "management" understood the real depth and breadth of the abuse. It's apparent that they thought they were dealing with a "few" isolated instances when in fact there were many - not just a few.