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it's the content of their policies, which are dogmatic, unrealistic, and pandering. Come to think of it, their tactics are often terrible too. if their policies were better, maybe they wouldn't have to resort to such awful tactics, such as pandering to the lowerst emotions, ignoring reality, repeating falsehoods, red herrings, banking on winning elections by spending money, attempting to rig the process in their favor, and so on.

Maybe there could be real debate instead of shouts...

too simple. when I went to college in the late 70's, I borrowed but the loans were easy to repay, and they were directly from the government no private agencies involved at all. the terms were reasonable, and I paid all my loans off in full within a few years.

college tuition has gone up for a lot of reasons, the main one at public institutions like the U of M being the decrease in government support.

Bottom line, the economy has changed, and the Republicans seem to ignore...

it's a mistake to put McVeigh in the same bag as the Muslim Brotherhood or any other organized Muslim group. well, maybe not .. they're both haters, but McVeigh was part of tiny group very unrepresentative of "Christians" while Al Queda and similar groups can count on official support from 'clerics' and represent a substantial strand of their culture.

that being said, Backmann's approach to just about everything is overly simplistic and completely biased and politicized to the point...

Posted on 09/14/12 at 11:23 am in response to How — and why — I made my decision on the voting amendment

it's funny that this type of intrusive legislation is coming from Republicans. It is very easy to register to vote in Minnesota, in fact it's amazingly easy. that has always bothered me. When I lived in a small Massachusetts town thirty years ago, i had to register to vote by coming in to the city hall and signing my name in a book. then they could compare my signature when I voted. Now, in a small Minnesota town, i sign in a book but there is no verification other than showing some ID...