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Robert Gauthier

Saint Paul , Minnesota
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Posted on 07/31/14 at 10:08 pm in response to Against the über-presidency: Minnesota Republicans vote to sue Obama

Do not remember the Bush "signing statements" nullifying parts of laws. This is a partisan trick dreamed up by talk radio and TV, it is more of the echo chamber rabbit hole that Republicans live in today.

Posted on 07/10/14 at 09:50 pm in response to Will copper/nickel mining be Minnesota's Bakken fields? Not so fast

Many of the jobs on the Bakken go to out of state subcontractors. The average nurse in Minot makes 45k compared to 60+k in Minneapolis. Teacher salaries lag far behind also, as do many other community resource type jobs. You want a big buck, physically risky job with no insurance handling toxic chemicals, radon laced mining tailings and rampant crime, it is your place. The locals are not benefitting as much as you think. Many wish it would just go away.

your party Mr. Tester. Actually it is a war on competence because she should have filed this long ago, and it doesn't look good to claim to be the representative of business and not be able to fulfill simple reporting requirements.

Posted on 05/22/14 at 07:38 pm in response to Interpreting the hidden messages in Franken’s new TV ad

Women aren't motivated? Or is it educated? Or is this woman incapable of intelligently understanding her own views? And she is unmotivated also? Thought she was planning to vote? Of course, people who are conservative don't like women, elderly, minorities or educated people to vote. And students definitely don't deserve votes as they are not entrenched and bitter. Much easier when angry white guys make all the rules.
And Franken is reaching out to the other 70% of the electorate...

Loves their state sponsored handouts. Support for this is not as monolithic up there as represented by their legislators either. Since the problems are likely to be shared statewide economically, I wonder what the rush is here? Why NOT judiciously look at the risks?

Posted on 05/19/14 at 06:30 pm in response to Steinhafel's 'causeless' Target exit earns $16 million payday

Cannot get a break. I went back and looked at response by U, looks like data is pretty flawed in report. Either the conservatives - WSJ- or liberals-IPS- are ripping them. The U is in the midst of a big transformation and disinformation like this does not help the mission.

Posted on 05/19/14 at 06:08 pm in response to Minnesota's GOP legislators say they limited DFL 'damage'

To obfuscate how the GOP held the bonding bill hostage to get their districts another $30M. Their solution was to take it from Democrat priorities, I.e. Shaft Dem districts like they did two years ago. Lucky for SW MN, they 30M was found from the cash solution, another GOP handout. The two party solution used resources for ALL Minnesotans not just GOP voters.

Posted on 05/05/14 at 07:46 am in response to Former Congressman Jim Oberstar dies at 79

Yes, he actually stayed in Washington and worked instead of fundraising for Teaparty. What a classless comment.

Posted on 04/25/14 at 08:58 am in response to Attorney General: arrest Minnesota lawmakers if they drive drunk

Which historical rights came first- native rights or the rights of metro fishermen to drive up and fish at night? Guess depends on color of skin and color of money.

Posted on 04/23/14 at 11:58 am in response to Cash, not credit: DFLers consider end run around GOP

Investment in community and business. A fact often lost on Republicans. Remember 4 years ago when any Democratic projectwas defunded by the Republican Majority? That was one reason they lost. And the voters spoke. Republicans still aren't listening.