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Robert Gauthier

Saint Paul , Minnesota
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Posted on 12/10/14 at 05:16 pm in response to Can Klobuchar’s Minnesota Nice melt Senate deadlock in 2015?

I can see that the old saw that the public forgets everything every two years is at work here. Your statement is Fox News naive when it comes to ACA. There was no shoving down the throats, it was passed as a reconciliation bill, as was Medicare part D. In fact it passed just like part D, no help from the other side. And instead of howling about the doughnut hole in the benefits, both sides fixed the issue. although most of the fix came via ACA.
Republicans will do not better than...

Posted on 11/06/14 at 09:07 pm in response to Minnesota DFL, GOP in day-after event: Nobody’s delighted

His poorly informed comments were aimed at Jean Wagenius, whose policies on water pollution and poisoning of our pollinators by agribusiness irked major corporate interest. Her hard core policies? Like supporting minority farmers, sustaining food banks and not caving to Cargill and Monsanto on every deal?
The opposition was more rooted in rural Minnesota racism and knee jerk conservatives who actually have their hands out for subsidies more than any "welfare queen".

Up the schools for more vouchers? The whole education "reform" movement is just an excuse for the private sector to harvest tax dollars for profit. And take out the teachers union to silence opposition.

Posted on 09/16/14 at 10:17 pm in response to Will the Adrian Peterson case actually cost the Vikings?

The outrage is outsized to the facts at this time. No trial, no conviction and AP has expressed remorse and confusion as to how treating a child the way he was raised is bad. Governors and politicians use his fame to help pass the stadium. The NFL uses his image in ads, local charities use his appearance to raise money and businesses made a lot of money with his endorsements until now.

What will happen? Wilfs got their stadium, his salary is a cap issue and he is no longer needed...

Posted on 09/04/14 at 09:48 am in response to Michelle MacDonald and the anatomy of a political train wreck

Representative government, and they got it.

Posted on 09/04/14 at 09:50 am in response to Family says St. Paul woman recruited to aid terrorists in Syria

So giving aid is treason. Period. And the penalty for treason is......

Posted on 09/04/14 at 03:05 pm in response to Family says St. Paul woman recruited to aid terrorists in Syria

Ask the families of the two journalists.

Posted on 09/03/14 at 08:25 am in response to U of M gets $25 million pledge from Land O'Lakes

Great job for Pres. Kaler's team getting the foundation grant. There is a huge infrastructure in sports and it needs to do well for the U's budget to be healthy. This should help. This training and nutrition teaching facility is right in the U's mission wheelhouse as well as the major industry in Minnesota, food. Irrespective of thoughts about value of sports in academic institution, the facilities are there, let's maximize their economic benefit.

Posted on 09/03/14 at 08:32 am in response to 'I'm here to listen': A Q&A with Gov. Mark Dayton

What you mean is he didn't pander to you. You did not nor have not supported himwith your poets, and that trend continues. Compared to a guy like McFadden, (different race but the principle holds) he is open and forthright. Some thing Republicans can't be in general elections because they do not care about poor, minorities and non-Republicans. Republicans do not want to legislate, they want to rule.

Posted on 07/31/14 at 09:08 pm in response to Against the über-presidency: Minnesota Republicans vote to sue Obama

Do not remember the Bush "signing statements" nullifying parts of laws. This is a partisan trick dreamed up by talk radio and TV, it is more of the echo chamber rabbit hole that Republicans live in today.