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Posted on 11/27/13 at 10:52 am in response to Willmar City Council is irredeemably dysfunctional, consultant says

Time to do some housecleaning, voters.

Posted on 11/19/13 at 11:31 am in response to Did Dayton pick 'winners, losers' with his health care decision?

So nothing new here.

Getting through the ACA won't be pretty, and some will feel the sting of higher premiums, but if this thing works, health insurance in Minnesota will, on whole, be fairer and better than it is today.

Posted on 11/20/13 at 07:54 am in response to Did Dayton pick 'winners, losers' with his health care decision?

Some reporting I've heard (on MPR, of course) looked back to the President's earlier speeches on the ACA, when he clarified that the people who could "keep their old plan" where largely those covered by group health coverage paid in part by their employers. Unfortunately, that distinction dropped out of the speeches as time when on. Still, the White House could have seen this storm coming, and should have done some pre-rollout damage control.

Posted on 11/18/13 at 11:07 am in response to Controversial GOP posts prompt party to draft social-media guidelines

If you can't understanding the line between right and wrong online, you probably should not use social media.

Posted on 11/13/13 at 03:20 pm in response to TV report: Archbishop Nienstedt, others under criminal investigation

It's not the AP's finest hour. The piece reads more like an op/ed than a news feature. There is a "counterpoint" in today's Star Tribune from a local corn grower that spells out his beef with the AP series. It's worth a read.

Posted on 11/14/13 at 07:09 am in response to TV report: Archbishop Nienstedt, others under criminal investigation

Dan, I don't know if I'm smart, but I like to think I'm a practical guy. No fuel or technology is perfect, but some are much better than others. Ethanol production continues to improve its energy balance, water use and environmental footprint, but you cannot say the same about gasoline and diesel.

Renewable ethanol currently replaces or displaces millions of gallons of traditional petroleum fuel in the upper Midwest region; there is no other alternative fuel or vehicle technology...

I avoid Highway 65 in Blaine whenever possible.

* Even though it seems to be working well in MN?
* You could make the case that Big Box stores like Fleet Farm do more damage to Main Street businesses than any tax.
* Okay. Which "well regulated militia" are you a member of?
* Okay. So where do you cut? Food stamps? Medicare?

Posted on 11/07/13 at 06:53 am in response to Minneapolis council winners heavily anti-stadium

That's a moot point now, isn't it?

Posted on 11/05/13 at 02:31 pm in response to A surprise in the Minneapolis mayor's race? It happened 40 years ago

“Turner 85, Mitchell 23” Ted Baxter's classic line (repeated again and again) from "The Snow Must Go On" which aired on Nov. 7, 1970.

That was the Marry Tyler Moore Show, about a snowy election night where the station lost communications with the polls. Mary, temporarily in charge, refused to call the election for Turner, the heavy favorite. As it turns out, Mitchell upset Turner, and the news was aired by Chuckles the Clown, filling in for an exhausted Baxter.