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Roger Buoen

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 02/01/14 at 09:55 am in response to Southwest rail report seeks pathway to overcome impasse


Thank you for your comment. The article incorrectly characterized the dispute and has been corrected.

--Roger Buoen, co-managing editor

Posted on 03/13/12 at 09:13 am in response to How MPR’s legal misadventure is driving up the cost of LRT line

Several readers have correctly pointed out that the article itself should have disclosed Steve once worked for the Met Council (if you click on his name, his bio has this information). We’ve added the disclosure to the story.

In response to comment No. 11: Stories like this one that include confidential sources raise issues of credibility for many of our readers. For that reason, we limit the use of anonymous sources to significant information in important stories and to information that cannot be obtained from other sources or in other ways.

In such cases, we require our reporters to gain the approval of an editor for the use of a confidential source and to tell their editor the name of the source and how...

In response to comment No. 27: Cyndy does consulting work with her husband. But she and her husband have not worked for – nor are soliciting work from -- the gambling industry, the Vikings, stadium interests, Minnesota tribes or any of the individuals involved in this story.

Posted on 12/14/11 at 09:06 am in response to Walz's STOCK Act used as payroll tax cut pawn

Thanks, Aaron. The story has been corrected.

Thanks, John. You're right, and the story has been corrected.

Re Karl Bremer's comment: Thanks, Karl. The story has been clarified.

Regarding Rob Levine’s comment: Rob, Thank you, you make an important point. Cyndy’s firm has done work for the Chamber in the past, but no longer has the Chamber as a client. That information should have been disclosed in the original version of this post. We’ve added the disclosure.

Posted on 12/09/09 at 02:45 pm in response to Day's move puts focus on Legislature's weak lobbying rules

Fixed. Thanks, Bruce.

Fixed. Thanks, Linda.