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Roger Iverson

Maple Grove, MN
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Posted on 12/23/11 at 05:25 am in response to A visual visit to the northern edge of Minneapolis

Thanks, Steve, for the photo gallery of the river park in Winter. We have visited this park in the Spring bringing nearby Jenny Lind School students here on walk-to field trips. The whole stretch of river from the St. Anthony Falls up deserves our attention, opening up the river for all to appreciate. Your pictures help show us why.

Republican partisans who want to control a non-partisan public commission and then hide behind "no comment on personnel decisions" are, in my opinion, cowardly and power hungry. Kurt Zellers, needs to back off and the let the commission do its work without fear of partisan meddling. We do not need a "new direction" away from scientific studies that impact environment education and climate studies. Thoughtful, respectful and effective legislative leaders do not do arrogant acts to intimidate...

Posted on 12/23/11 at 05:33 am in response to Almost-winter views near the north shore of Lake Superior

I love the close-ups of the ice rings in the shoreline puddles. Lots to see all along the North Shore if you just look, especially at what is at your feet.

Posted on 05/31/11 at 07:00 am in response to Why climate experts are using tougher language

I used to have a friend I could talk to about stuff like the weather. He as gone so far off the deep end of denial about global warming, that he makes up spread sheets of goofy data about how much MORE ice there is at the poles. Go figure.

Posted on 04/03/11 at 05:31 am in response to Two weeks of feverish legislative action, but to what end?

The K-12 budget is a very bad joke. The cuts to the DNR make absolutely no sense because in the land of 10,000 lakes our water quality will rapidly get worse. Our major cities are the jobs and economic engines of the state and these bills take them to cleaners. Do these people have anything going in the way of common sense to balance the budget besides wanting to show off their radical ideology and tea party purity? How embarrassing and depressing to watch them make up voodoo budget numbers...

Posted on 02/08/11 at 11:12 am in response to Laurence Tribe on the constitutionality of the health care mandate

If Tribe is right in his analysis of the conservatives on the Supreme Court, that would be great for the continued implementation of the health insurance reform law across all the states. However, these Bush conservative have not given us much to hope for with their past clearly partisan decisions.

As a retired teacher, welcome to retirement. Your need to learn and share is admirable but please do not dis hammocks and fishing.

Posted on 02/08/11 at 11:15 am in response to Bachmann: Obama has ushered in socialism

Bachmann's first political breath of the morning? Now the air we take in is political? If you breathe too much of this stuff, does it give you bad breath?

Jobs. Who really wants to help Minnesota's families with growth of the economy and stable jobs for thousands? It is easy say NO, and parrot the GOP line on deficits. We can only give so many tax breaks to corporations in the hopes they might hire someone. More trickle down. That we rank so low on state bonding load, that we have historically low interest rates, that the bidders will have to be very competitive to win contracts, all point to how timely this bonding proposal is. Time to make...

About the Christian bookstore: Pawlenty, like Bush and Palin and other conservatives, can shield themselves from messy public meetings where a true cross section of citizens have access and can question them. They do not want close scrutiny of their ideas, positions and record. They want to manage their image by surrounding themselves with softball questions from adoring conservative audiences.