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The idea that opposing views should be censored or suppressed is the beginning of a very slippery slope.

Please respond to the specific points in my post.
If you think I have sad science, prove it.
Or you could take my new fall quarter class:
#17041  CO2 is not C: Coal Burning and the New EPA rules
Carbon becomes the invisible non-toxic gas CO2 when it unites with oxygen. This course will study the total environmental impact of coal burning and CO2 and what to expect from the new EPA restrictions. We will review global warming history and explore the science of the part...

All three major agencies which track global temps have reported for June, and the 17 year 4 month pause continues. The agencies are NOAA/NCDC; NASA/GISS' and Hadley CRUT. Al show the same lack of warming despite those annual 30 billion tons of CO2 that we emit. Of course the atmosphere weighs in the quadrillion tons, so CO2 remains a miniscule one part in 2500 in the atmosphere. Don't sell your winter coat.
Alarmists can suppress sceptics, but the numbers are tougher to deal with....

Bill Gleason is also right.

Posted on 07/17/14 at 04:17 am in response to Dismissing the cost of doing business in Minnesota will be at our peril

Other than the usual Chamber of Commerce "taxes are bad" message. this article doesn't tell us how services are to be delivered with greater efficiency.
I will admit I would like to see a higher gasoline tax with the proceeds invested in our transportation infrastructure. I can't see that idea hurting MN businesses.

Actually, climate change is not harming military bases, because current weather events are not unusual. At this time in 1936, the Twin Cities was experiencing Phoenix temps with several days well over 100F. If that happened now, the warmists would be shouting about moving us all to the Yukon.
Let's hear Warren Buffett, CEO of some large casualty insurance companies which would be paying on all these "unusual" weather events.
As to the frequency of extreme-weather events, we...

Posted on 07/05/14 at 01:38 am in response to On the loss of Community Voices contributor Myles Spicer

As a pale imitation of Myles Spicer, I gained inspiration from his work. He was indeed a voice of reason.

Posted on 07/01/14 at 12:01 pm in response to The climate it is a-changin'

of 1936, the warmest July in recorded history. The Twin Cities was like Phoenix with several consecutive days with temps over 100. As Warren Buffett notes, there is no increase in casualty insurance rates today because there has been no increase in unusual weather events.

Sea level rise has been slowly declining since the Wisconsin glacier melted more than ten thousand years ago. It is now at 2.3 mm/year or about one inch every decade. That's still a problem, but the notion that 3-4 inches of rise by 2050 will be catastrophic is a stretch.
But then Paulson and Bloomberg think carbon is carbon dioxide, so we probably won't recruit them as chemistry teachers.
Don't sell your winter coat.

Antarctica which has about 90% of the world's ice is at record levels.