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Posted on 05/27/14 at 03:30 pm in response to Kicked out of school: Disparities are a looming crisis for all districts

African American students are disciplined because they misbehave more. It is that simple. Young African American males are in the judicial system in great numbers because they commit more crimes.
They enter elementary school unable to compete and either drop out or fail. They can't compete with children who have two parents who read to them, computers in the home, parents who speak correct English, etc.
We need a strong pre school program to make up for these deficiencies. By...

Sea level rise was rapid as the Wisconsin Glacier(last one) melted. The rise has now slowed to about one inch per decade.
A problem for some low lying areas, but not the catastrophe the article suggests. Warren Buffett, CEO of some big casualty insurance outfits, notes that their rates are stable because there is no increase in unusual weather events. Hurricanes were pure profit in the past decade with no Force 3 or stronger hitting the US. Most of Force 1 Sandy's losses were on...

That's why Buffett only insures them through the government funded flood insurance program. Again sea level rise has slowed to one inch per decade.

No increase in overall tornado intensity. Hurricanes like Camille and Andrew stronger than anything recent. Current drought in West pales compared to longer severe droughts in past few thousand years. No unusual floods.
Ice sheets by definition are on water. When they melt no increase in sea level. Recent study in journal Science showed that net melt from Antarctica and Greenland raised sea level one inch in forty years.
Relax people and don't sell your winter coat.

Posted on 09/26/14 at 03:31 am in response to The St. Paul Pioneer Press shrinks toward an uncertain future

My wife and I enjoy reading the PP each morning from the front page to the last. My only complaint, as an old guy with a bad back, is having to lug the recycling bin, filled with Sunday ads, to the curb.

This ming can be done safely as was done in Wisconsin and elsewhere. It's time for the dirt to fly.

This is a really good report on a very important issue. There is no miracle substitute for those bees.

This effort needs to start in pre school to have a chance.

is for a strong pre school program. By the time youths are in those residential treatment facilities, it is too late.

There is a stiff carbon tax, but that is not very popular. Slogans and renewables are easier.
We could also stop breathing. Each human exhales a few pounds of CO2/day, or nearly half a ton of it annually.