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Posted on 08/03/12 at 08:56 am in response to Onward Christian Soldier Bachmann

Every politician is "intellectually" dishonest because they aren't engaged in intellectual debates. Complaining about this is like complaining that Picasso was "intellectually" dishonest. It has no meaning.

Bachman's hardly cares about some low level state department official. She wasn't changing the subject by attacking Obama. In both cases she is delivering the same message to her supporters, that our government is hostile to them and infested with and controlled by aliens with...

Posted on 08/01/12 at 09:49 am in response to The Ballot or the Bullet

"you will know that you live in a country whose fate was decided by the people, and not by manipulation and lethargy. "

I am not sure how people not voting reduces the role of manipulation in our elections. And lethargy of the the people is part of the decision making. It seems to me this is a elite blaming people for a process that provides them with no compelling reason to vote.

Currently the votes of millions of misinformed people are manipulated by 40 second sound bites...

Posted on 07/27/12 at 09:45 am in response to Where are Minnesota’s most crash-prone intersections?

Are these really the "most dangerous" parts of our transportation system? Or do we have a formula designed to justify and get funding for MnDOT's highway engineers' project priorities?

Posted on 07/24/12 at 01:48 pm in response to Jack Abramoff: Of course campaign contributions are bribes

Perhaps my cynicism is too great. But I think this is part of a new strategy by those with money. Now that they can spend unlimited amounts outside the candidates' campaigns, its in their interest to limit the ability of candidates to fund their own efforts. If you don't have a superpac backing you, you aren't a serious candidate. Just ask Buddy Roemer.

Posted on 07/23/12 at 01:43 pm in response to When the road veers right, don't turn left, and vice versa

"Measuring it in the most conservative way (the on-budget figure, which prevents the government from using the Social Security surplus to mask a non-Social Security deficit) the year 2000 (the last year of Clinton) was the first year since 1960 (the last year of Eisenhower) in which the national debt actually declined as percentage of GDP."

This is also a nonsensical way of measuring the debt unless you are trying to prove a point. Its like talking about how much debt grew relative to...

If you look at the actual results, they seem to support the idea that stable relationships are good for kids, regardless of the parents sexual preference. That conclusion would, of course, contradict one of the major arguments being made against letting gays get married.

Posted on 07/20/12 at 11:06 am in response to Bachmann now alleges Ellison ties to Muslim Brotherhood

Michelle Bachman is a very bright, talented and successful politician.

How many times do you see Michelle Bachman show up on MnPOST? How many times do you see Minnesota's other House members like John Kline, Tim Walz, Collin Peterson ... For that matter, how does often does Keith Ellison appear except when Michelle says somthing that sticks him in the limelight? And none of them are going to run for President any time soon.

What ought to worry us is that this kind of thing...

Posted on 07/20/12 at 06:41 am in response to Minneapolis should reinvent tailgating to avoid Metrodome mistakes

"If Minneapolis politicos are serious about developing the city they must reinvent tailgating. "

If Minneapolis is serious about developing the city as a great place to live, not just to work and recreate, they need to stop focusing on serving those visitors and their automobile centered lifestyles. Tailgating may add to the football fan experience, but why is catering to football fans a priority for the residents of Minneapolis? Most of the people who buy tickets live somewhere else...

The problem here is that this strategy has little to do with how sports stadiums actually work. The stadium will attract 50,000 people 8 times per year, mostly on Sunday afternoon. Those people will, at best, spend an hour before and after the game in businesses around the stadium. For an "entertainment district" this is death. It means scaling your business for a large number of people for very brief periods in order to take advantage of the huge crowds. It is expensive to do that and often...

Posted on 07/17/12 at 10:01 am in response to Charlie Cook thinks Romney is blowing it

This is the summer media story of every campaign. The only people paying attention are the political pros and they can't understand why the campaigns aren't doing more to make their case when no one else is listening. Frankly, its tough to "define" someone when the voters who will decide the election are all on vacation.

Whenever some media expert says a campaign is doing something "inexplicable" they are wrong. Campaigns may make bad decisions, but they make them for a reason. If the...