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Here is the critical issue from the Saturday Evening Post article:

“Statins clearly decrease one’s chance” of having a heart attack or stroke, agrees Buffalo’s Farhi. But the real-life importance of the decrease depends on how high your risk is in the first place. If your 10-year risk is extremely slim—a value judgment, but many clinicians regard anything under 10 percent as low—then “it would be of minimal benefit to take a statin,” says Farhi. “You could treat thousands of such...

The stereotype of Republicans and Democrats has always been a media creation. It serves both parties. Democrats portray themselves to supporters as the advocates of activist government. Republicans portray themselves as supporters of lower taxes. The Democrats have no interest in a message in the media that defends their record as cutters of government programs and the Republicans have no interest in their record supporting increases in government spending.

The real differences...

Posted on 05/24/12 at 09:01 am in response to John Edwards verdict could become part of Citizens United backlash

"If 12 North Carolina jurors decide that former vice presidential nominee John Edwards is guilty of campaign fraud, it could be widely seen as part of a growing rumble of populist discontent with the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling"

There is nothing here to suggest that will have anything to do with the jury's decision. It appears to be twisting that lack of any factual support to provide a jumping off point for a "timely" media commentary on a completed unrelated issue....

Posted on 05/24/12 at 10:59 am in response to Mitt Romney unveils education reform plan heavy on 'parental choice'

I have never quite understood why parents should control their kids education, but the rest of us should pay for it. If there is a public interest in educating children, and there clearly is, then there is also a public interest in what that education entails.

I am sure most parents want to send their kids to schools where they will have the best chance of getting a good education that will make them successful. But the reality is that many parents also want their kids protected by...

Posted on 05/24/12 at 09:48 am in response to Poll shows strong support for legal marijuana: Is it inevitable?

" ‘If you knew that a majority of homicide convicts in New York had smoked marijuana within 24 hours of their convictions, would you be in favor of legalizing it?’ they would have gotten a far different answer,"

An interesting claim. Aren't most people accused of homicide in jail 24 hours before their conviction?

Posted on 05/19/12 at 07:08 pm in response to Ron Paul supporters claim 12 of 13 national at-large delegates

Perhaps there will be an explanation from the media on how Santorum "won" in Minnesota and Paul ended up with almost all the delegates. The simple truth is that the media deliberately misrepresented the non-binding straw poll at the Minnesota caucuses as a binding result in order to create a meaningful story. One Associated Press story even accused Paul's campaign of "wrecking" the process by winning delegates the media had assigned to Santorum.

Minnesota isn't the only place this...

Here I thought you were going to talk about the value of the social networks people develop in schools. After all, that's what drives people to Harvard and Yale, not the quality of the education. If you have aspirations to be President or a member of the Supreme Court, becoming part of those social networks is a requirement.

The problem is that many schools don't provide nearly that much "social capital". A community college associate degree may help you when you apply for a job, but...

Posted on 05/16/12 at 10:16 am in response to A bipartisan high tide: the Nick Coleman era in Minnesota politics

I think we need to consider the other things that have changed since, rather than simply looking at the results at the Capitol.

The first thing to realize is that every legislator in both parties got elected primarily by knocking on doors and talking to voters face to face. They also relied on volunteers to go door-to-door persuading their neighbors. The result was a lot of face-to-face contact between people who disagreed, most of of it focused on finding areas of agreement. The...

Posted on 05/16/12 at 09:34 am in response to Guessing where Kurt Bills stands on the issues

This is the internet Eric, people don't need you to cherry-pick information when you can provide a link. That is, if your goal is really to inform people. Here is the link to Kurt Bill's stand on issues:

What you appear to be complaining about is that he won't give you an exclusive interview that will help you to attract readers and sell advertising. That isn't really the...

Posted on 05/16/12 at 03:35 pm in response to Guessing where Kurt Bills stands on the issues

And how many of those "swing voters" are going to form their opinions while reading Eric Black on MnPOST in May? None. That Bills isn't willing to spend time right now doing interviews with glorified bloggers is not an indication he doesn't intend to educate voters about his stands on issues.