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Posted on 04/18/12 at 12:48 pm in response to How to frame the presidential election

This is really a phony distinction. Every re-election of a President is a referendum on the incumbent. If people are satisfied with the direction of the country, the President gets re-elected. Its only when they aren't satisfied that they need to make a "choice" between the devil they know and the devil they don't know. I doubt Obama wins the referendum, but he may be able to win based on choice.

We have an unmarried, all male, celibate, catholic hierarchy trying to give guidance about something where they have no experience and limited personal understanding. They are obsessed with sex, I think largely as a result of their personal lifestyle choice. The obsession makes it impossible for them to consider marriage outside the context of the sexual conduct of the marriage partners.

Proponents of the idea that legal access to marriage should be limited seem to believe marriage...

Posted on 04/17/12 at 09:15 am in response to 'Duel' over statins' use in healthy people moves to new venue

"Doctors mostly agree that statins should be given to those with a personal history of coronary disease."

"There is no apparent logic in waiting for a myocardial infarction or a stroke to occur before starting a risk-reducing therapy."

These are two different things. Its not even a fine distinction. Many people have coronary disease who have never had a heart attack. They have angina or have had angioplasty and/or a stent to open clogged arteries.

I am left at a loss to...

Posted on 04/17/12 at 07:58 am in response to Twin Cities’ rail-transit proposals could be on a collision course

The real problem here is that many of these proposals are for suburban commuter lines where there are dense employment and other destinations on only one end. Compare that to the two current lines under construction. One runs through a densely developed urban area from the airport to downtown Minneapolis. The other runs along a densely developed corridor between the two downtowns. In both cases, people will be using the line to reach destinations along the line, as well as at both ends....

Posted on 04/13/12 at 04:19 pm in response to How triviality trumps substance

The media doesn't cover any "eat your vegetables" issues. But they certainly treat their audience like children, which that analogy implies.

The fact is the "media" is in the advertising business. It is there to attract an audience. How it does that is irrelevant to its success. Are there any complex college level text books on a subject that have made the best seller list? No. So why would you expect the media to cover complex issues? Professional journals that do have very small...

Posted on 04/11/12 at 07:57 pm in response to Ellison, Progressive Caucus: West's communism remarks McCarthy-esque

There is a difference between being evil and being stupid. West's comments are just stupid. McCarthy's were calculated evil.

If you want to see evil, look at the attacks on Ozzie Guillen by the "freedom lovers" in Miami. They have consequences.

"There is an ugly history of Sen. Joe McCarthy and others irresponsibly making up numbers of Communists in Congress and other elements of the U.S. government."

Uh - that was 60 years ago during the cold war. No one cares how many members of the Communist Party there are in Congress.

Lets worry about the real threat. How many have attended Harvard or Yale? Because if you are concerned about a small clique taking over the country, that's where the threat lies. Its been over 25...

Posted on 04/09/12 at 09:26 am in response to Twin Cities’ exurban housing boom stalls — perhaps for good

I think it is a mistake to think that population growth drove housing starts in the exurbs. Instead it was housing that drove population growth.

During the housing bubble developers could build large sub-divisions on cheap greenfields at the urban fringe with relatively low property taxes. They could make a profit while selling them at a lower price than a similar existing home in established suburbs. That was particularly true when the higher property taxes associated with urban...

In both cases, these amendments only effect a very small number of Minnesotans. Most of us have a picture ID already and will simply have to pull out our wallets when we go to vote. Its only a small number of eligible voters for whom this will present any difficulty.

Likewise, the marriage amendment only effects a small number of couples. For a majority of us it will have no effect on our marriage at all.

In short, most Minnesotans have no "skin in the game" with either of...

"It turns out that the presidential campaign staffers have it completely, one hundred and eighty degrees wrong when it comes to science - maybe because most of them skipped science classes in college and went into things like law and journalism.

Overwhelming majorities of American voters want the candidates to debate the big science issues facing the country."

I don't think campaign staff are interested in whether people want to hear a debate, whether it will draw an audience...