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Roy Everson

Oslo, Norway, MN
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Posted on 10/03/13 at 02:11 pm in response to Is Tea Party-ism 'conservative'?

To clarify a point, don't confuse European liberalism with Ron Paul libertarianism. There is no European equivalent to the uniquely American, anti-democratic naivete found in the Pauls' ideology.

And yes, yes, yes to Ray and Paul above. The Tea Party is fundamentally opposed to the American notion of representative democracy. Minority rule is no problem to them, just as it was no problem to the antidemocratic communists who seized control of the Russian revolution in 1918.. Maybe it...

Posted on 10/03/13 at 11:47 pm in response to Is Tea Party-ism 'conservative'?

Dennis, your definition of mob rule is what for two centuries American soldiers have been told they are fighting for. Is that any way to treat a vet?

Posted on 09/27/13 at 12:55 am in response to Samuels, coalition want the public at teacher contract talks

“The people deserve a seat at the table." Isn't the School Board the people's seat at the table?

Posted on 09/25/13 at 11:41 pm in response to Streetcars endorsed for Minneapolis' Central-Nicollet transit line

......"would run along Central Avenue from 41st Street in Northeast Minneapolis"

No, it's 41st Avenue in Columbia Heights.

Lots of valuable info on the nitty gritty in this article. Would be interested to know why the DFL is replacing an incumbent. One might guess it's the stadium issue, but it's only a guess. Another question is the nature of some new caucus-goers being intimidated along with another claim that 80 percent were first-timers. What's that about? And also, what if any significance lies in the endorsements by other council members? What are those accomplishments the incumbent claims?

Posted on 08/14/13 at 12:53 am in response to Women and politics: the amazing tale of Jeannette Rankin

I always admired the legacy of Rep. Rankin from the time I first heard about her in the late 60s. Pacifists in Congress are very rare if not impossible. But being the only vote against declaring war in 1941 was too much. We could have used more of her kind during the Bush 43 administration.

Posted on 08/06/13 at 11:35 pm in response to Judge in long-running trial finds Wilfs engaged in civil fraud

The original Vikings were known as pirates, looters, etc. (mainly due to poor Public relations and history being written by monks). Maybe a New marketing campaign could take advantage of any bad press that results from the Wilfs' predicament. Instead of good sportsmanship and athletic integrity the team could focus on turnovers, steals and interceptions, or violations that wouldn't be discovered until years later. Make "statute of limitations" their signature game-day strategy. "Penalties...

Posted on 08/07/13 at 01:04 pm in response to Minneapolis mayoral candidate Hodges wants to slow Southwest LRT plan

“I don’t know what I think about actually doing a public utility in the City of Minneapolis,”

Whoever gets elected this year will probably be around city hall for another 12 or 16 years. Nothing against the candidate but I hope we don't have 16 years of "doing" when they should be "establishing" or "instituting" or "creating" or "forming" or "setting up".

Posted on 04/15/13 at 05:25 pm in response to Rep. Bachmann named to official delegation attending Thatcher funeral


Posted on 12/13/12 at 12:41 am in response to Bachmann: Obama promoting Sharia law

She's clearly equating Islam with Islamicism. Should all Lutherans take the blame for Martin Luther's anti-semitism? How long did it take Wisconsin Republicans to reject Joe McCarthy in the 1950s? Forget Michele for a moment, it's Minnesota Republicans who have no shame.