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Richard Voorhees

Albuquerque, New Mexico
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North Korea exceeds our rate of imprisonment.

Earlier South Aftrica was the world leader but then Mr. Mandela came to office. Then Russia was ahead but we caught up.

Sociologist Emile Durkheim argued that this statistic indicates that we fail to address dominant problems.

Pretend that you've never been in Minnesota before. Go to the Stillwater Penitentiary in Bayport. Sit in the waiting room. On the basis of who you see there estimate the demographic distribution of...

Posted on 01/30/14 at 12:41 pm in response to Is this the Republican alternative to Obamacare?

There is little to distinguish between corporations except to say that portions of each work effectively from time to time. I recently switched medical plans in order to obtain wider out-of-region coverage. It appears that I'm now covered by a vertically integrated corporation that has taken Franz Kafka's The Castle as a best practices manual. All corporations are intrusive. Public processes are somewhat more accessible. Mr. Snowden has historic company in that regard.

Posted on 11/01/13 at 05:53 am in response to When it comes to transportation, Utah shows us the way

Richard G. Wilkinson's research in England and Scandanavia has linked infrastructure investments and equal access with health. There is a brief report in his Mind the Gap. Utah has remarkably low rates of stress related illness such as heart disease. Crime rates are also lower in national comparisons.

Guns used for hunting are not an issue.

Guns and weapons being universally registered and otherwise confiscated, as in Australia, is not an issue--unfortunately.

Gun and weapon collecting, like stamp collecting, may be an issue. Perhaps it is not important that the collection be operable.

The background checks and registration of weapons, of guns to be used against invading persons, appears to be the issue.

This suggests a widespread unwarranted fear.

Posted on 03/13/13 at 04:37 pm in response to Norm Coleman: 'Minnesotans are not anti-government'

In 1980 a respected Minneapolis oncologist recommended marijuana if we had a source.

Posted on 03/13/13 at 08:18 am in response to Senate and House committees approve gay marriage bill

The Community College and State University system is also top-heavy in management. I watched it grown at a CC for 25 years. Roughly three years ago the Legislative Auditor noted that MNSCU administration needed attention.

Posted on 02/08/13 at 07:29 am in response to $1.60 more tax on cigarettes equals $220 million a year

A few years ago I was in Montreal visiting with a restaurant owner. We talked about the comparatively high taxes on alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. He said, "Well, we make ourselves sick with that stuff but when we go to the hospital we are taken care of." He regarded the taxes as the finance of Canadian medical services.

Posted on 01/23/13 at 04:44 pm in response to Return to the U: The Confession

I was an Instructor at a metro Community College for some 25 years. In my last five years the pressure was on folks to "Finish what you Start." That is to start and finish a degree in two years.

Finishing a degree in the stipulated years is frequently not in the interest of the student. I was aware of two who took more than ten years. Jerry took some time off to work for Dave Durrenberger, look after his profession and his kids. I don't recall the woman's name. Her self...

Posted on 12/19/12 at 04:19 pm in response to NRA-endorsed Walz says he's open to new gun laws

The constitution doesn't require everyone to have a gun. There sometimes seems to be a creeping recommendation that everyone be armed.

My parental in-laws spent their late adolescence 25 miles from where WWII stalled for six months in Holland. Towns were "liberated" in the morning and reoccupied in the afternoon repeatedly. The administrator of a mental hospital with 2,000 patients asked the American troops to please depart before they were caught in a cross fire.

Those who...

I'm 69 now. My mother began teaching school in Dearborn, Michigan in the early thirties. She was a slight person, a gymnast and no-nonsense in persona. She was positioned by the door to take weapons away from incoming students. I learned much of what I know about weapons while attending high school in northern New Mexico, from students and what they had in their lockers, as well as from faculty. I learned early on that weapons were a means of pasting over fear. I worked at a New Mexico...