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Sarah Nagle

Chaska, MN
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Posted on 03/20/14 at 11:16 am in response to Teardown battle in Minneapolis: A city at war with itself

For the same number of people is not dealing with the issue of density. Teardowns and increasing density are both housing issues, but they are not the same issue.

Posted on 03/03/14 at 10:51 am in response to A minimum-wage increase is unnecessary

Where some well-connected people have become billionaires (and are busy sending their money outside the country), while meanwhile pensions and job opportunities are tanking.

We certainly wouldn't want that for the US, would we? Oh wait - that's our problem too!!

I would be willing to bet that the author, coming from the Soviet Union, was fairly well-educated. If so, in spite of the possible language barrier), he already had more of an advantage than many citizens, for whom...

Posted on 02/28/14 at 07:24 pm in response to At 86, Argento looks forward to premiere of his revised 'Valentino'

“It had been my good fortune,” he reflected later in his book, “Catalogue Raisonne As Memoir,” “to have landed in a state, namely, Minnesota, in which the art I practice is widely viewed as an essential aspect of life, not merely an ornament or an embellishment.”

that the MOA needs to be MORE accessible, not less. I'm sure they are short-staffed, and the difficulties aren't the fault of the frontline staff. How about getting administrators and Board members to staff the ticket desk so that they can have some face-to-face time with their customers?

And generally - what a great lineup of interesting artistic events going on - kudos to the MIA for putting a local face on a national interest and to smaller museums (which I need to visit more)...

Is the Richard Davis who said, above:

Davis isn’t too worried, pointing out that Minnesota is home to 19 Fortune 500 companies. “Based on the history we have in this community of philanthropic and sponsorship support, we expect we will have very high standards and probably a very high number,” he said.

the same Richard Davis who said that the donor base was tapped out and that the MN Orchestra was too expensive???

They are so much bigger (percentage-wise) for those who think that their investments entail "real work" (like stashing money outside the US) and thus should be taxed at a much lower rate than those schlubs who actually work for a living. The schlubs are subsidizing the 1%.

The MN Orchestra should play a WEEK of concerts in the Moorhead area for all of the victims of the Crystal Sugar lockout. I was told by a teacher from that area that any students who went to Minneapolis and a MN O concert came back with stars in their eyes - it was the ULTIMATE. Goodness knows the community could use the healing.

Who contributes more to the bottom line here?

There is a tremendous bond between Osmo and the musicians, and between Osmo and the audience. Any other conductor would not have this essential appeal, which is badly needed to get things back to "health and greatness". Yes, he would be very difficult to replace.

Posted on 01/13/14 at 11:13 am in response to Vikings stadium bond sales delayed; 2016 opening imperiled

Jon Campbell, MOA Board Prez . . . Wells Fargo. Publisher of Strib . . . on MOA Board. Hmmm. Mayor Hodges has got some work to do to wrench things back from the banksters.