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scott gibson

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Posted on 10/20/14 at 10:07 am in response to Our best hope for education solutions: teachers

What does it mean to 'empower' kids or to 'invest' in kids? Those are vague phrases that can be used to justify almost anything. Specifics would be nice as to how you might think things could be done differently to benefit ALL Minnesota students. I suspect you have some of your own special interest groups in mind.

Posted on 10/20/14 at 08:20 pm in response to Our best hope for education solutions: teachers

it's just a snarky way to deflect the point of my comment. So, I'll ask again, what does investing in the kids mean to this particular commenter. General dislike for teachers unions is not an example of investing in kids.

Posted on 09/18/13 at 04:20 pm in response to What’s the relationship between poverty and poor decision-making?

Can't say that I find myself agreeing with Mr. Tester often, but I can't fault him here. I grew up on a poor reservation in northern MN. I'm not native American myself. Tt would be hard not to feel that personal choices, at least to some extent, have caused harm to many of the friends with whom I grew up. Strong families, however, can overcome some immense obstacles. I've seen that side of it, too.

Posted on 07/05/13 at 04:21 pm in response to Wolves: Getting offensive — but now defense needs SOS

Not known for their upbeat countenance. Quit is a strong word. I hope you're overstating it. He was in a foreign country in the biggest league in the world. Lots to adjust for.

I love Kirilenko, too, and hope, somehow, they can do a S&T to free up money to have him return. But he's pretty much guaranteed to miss his usual amount of games, whether we get hit with the injury bug again or not. He may want to play with a contender at this point in his career. He certainly...

without attacking Minnesota's teachers. They are among the best in the nation (& world) statistically. Stop judging the whole state by the shortcomings (real or imagined) of Minneapolis schools. As has been pointed out, it is hypocritical to call for such short alternative programs as TFA and then turn around and demand more testing/qualifications etc for existing teachers and students. The state of MN is hardly at the back of the pack for innovating in education. We were at the...

Posted on 04/18/13 at 06:28 pm in response to Wolves denouement: 2012-13 season recap and final grades

But unsure what direction to go now. Money will be tight. Injuries so colored everything and every strategy this team hoped to employ. Certainly players (Ridnour, Steimsma) were overplayed and overmatched, but the team seemed to always play hard. They a good, dependable SG (I was never a fan of the Roy gambit) and a BIG, strong defensive big behind starter Pek (neither Steimsma, Cunningham, nor Johnson are it). But where are these people? The 2013 draft seems suspect. Next year's draft...

Posted on 01/15/13 at 06:27 pm in response to Wolves in swoon: inept and exhausted

So Ridnour fed you a tired sports bromide and you viscerated him for it. Luke is continually picked on for not being adequate, yet he continues to start and to fight each night. Why? Because he is better than the alternative and because (as he indicates) it's his job.

I fail to see the point of listing his inadequacies. No one says he is the equal or Russell Westbrook. He's out there competing due to fate and the front office. It sounds like you would feel better if the Wolves...

Posted on 01/09/13 at 03:59 pm in response to Why are Minnesota's moose dying? An app will rush examiners to scene

I never met Larry, although we do have some things in common. We both grew up in the same hometown and graduated from the same high school, though I preceded him by a few years. I have met his like-named father. I greatly appreciated the depth and sensitivity he brought to stories about outstate MN, particularly his series on Leech Lake. Our home area is often neglected and misunderstood. Only someone with Larry's background and great skill could have done such a fine job. I wrote to him...

Posted on 12/11/12 at 11:36 pm in response to Despite casinos, reservations still plagued by high unemployment

Let me assure you there was/is white privilege. Also, don't dismiss the inequities of opportunity that exist all across the rural portions of our state.

Plus, here is a shout out to my good friend, Gary Fraser.

Posted on 10/01/12 at 09:38 am in response to Minnesota Orchestra goes to lockout mode

the government needs to remove itself from the word 'marriage' altogether. We need to end all government sanctioned 'marriages' and allow marriage to be something defined by differing belief systems (different religions, churches, etc). Every union, hetero or same-sex, would be merely a civil union. Those opposing same-sex unions can stop whining and same-sex couples would, no doubt, still be able to find a church to marry them.

Of course, that's not likely to happen. It's not...