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scott gibson

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Painting with a broad brush serves nothing. Without defending this particular teacher, I know nothing of the context of the accusation. There may, in fact, be circumstances where showing a home movie of an old football game may help to illustrate some historical fact. That may be stretching to find a justification, but I don't know the circumstances. Outsiders can make many valid educational practices seem wasteful, if they cherry pick them. It also speaks to the ongoing debate,...

fpr your comment. It IS envy. No one is stopping the private sector from organizing to improve their lot. Well, I take that back. I'm sure Republicans would like to minimize such organizing, even though they profess to dislike only public unions. And yes, Mr. Tester, public employees do pay in for their health care and they do pay taxes (& certainly at a greater rate than the Romneys of this world).

for being against the marriage amendment in a commentary at the state fair. His opposition to the voter ID amendment is also on record. I don't think he is worried, either way, about what it means to any re-election bid. He is in his last public job. He is his own man, not really beholding to any party. To think his moves are politically motivated by party concerns is not borne out by his recent past. He will follow his principles, not the Democratic party's principles.

Posted on 07/19/12 at 11:49 am in response to The ‘I Do’ factor and poverty: Why are married families better off?

The reduction of marriage to be solely about the raising of children is a fraud. Certainly it is in the free, American legal sense. It is as if Mr. Swift's religious leanings are paramount for all of us. As a teacher, I would prefer that my students have two loving parents, as well as loving and supportive siblings and extended families. I agree with Mr. Swift on that. But it ignores reality and also invalidates so many marriages of which raising children is not/or is no longer a part...

Posted on 07/19/12 at 05:09 pm in response to The ‘I Do’ factor and poverty: Why are married families better off?

It is not being "abandoned". It is being expanded to reflect reality. You might try the real world sometime, not the world as you wish it could be. Homosexual folks have always been with us. They are not some 'special interest' group you can wish away, although you can discriminate them into hiding. I don't care if being gay is by nature or by choice. In a free America, if someone chooses to associate with another consenting adult, that's their business, not mine. Period. Marriage,...

Posted on 07/18/12 at 02:14 pm in response to McCain rips Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood accusations

because, NO ONE is pure enough to represent the current Republican Party. In their eyes, virtually all past Republican leaders/national candidates have been 'liberal lackeys'. That list would include not just McCain, but Eisenhower, Ford, Reagan, Bob Dole, GHW Bush & G W Bush, etc. There can be no appeasement with perceived political enemies, either within or outside of the country. Of course, those perceptions villianize most everyone else on the planet. Only folks like Santorum...

Posted on 07/19/12 at 08:07 am in response to McCain rips Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood accusations

just to devalue his defense. Guess what, there are Muslims out there. You will have to try to get along with most of them. Might try incorporating them into the American dream, even if they don't fit your narrative 100%. Conservatives can't just wave their magic wands and kill everyone that isn't exactly like them.

Homes and landscapes in towns like Bemidji, Cass Lake and Grand Rapids in northern MN, faced devastating numbers of downed trees of all types from the July 2nd wind storm. It wasn't a tornado. Buildings were not as affected as the trees, tens to hundreds of thousands of them. Entire cities will now look dramatically different for the rest of our lives. Check out some of the stories at the Bemdji Pioneer website.

Posted on 07/09/12 at 08:08 pm in response to Secretary of State Mark Ritchie renames Photo ID amendment, too

What Ritchie has done with the naming of these amendments is, undeniably, political. I would prefer neither amendment existed to be voted on, as the motives behind both seem specious, political and mean-spirited. Ritchie is defending his turf. His move is partisan, and probably won't change many, if any, votes. Still, sticking amendments onto the ballot without working with the minority representatives or the governor was a blatant end run around the legislative process.


Posted on 06/30/12 at 04:28 pm in response to Q-and-A with Kurt Bills on the issues of the day

As some kind of qualification for the job. He's a bit embarrassing. He should not reference his students. His classroom work is irrelevant here. A high school classroom is not an economics think tank. Keep the kids out of it. They are not your prop.