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scott gibson

paynesville, MN
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you're not in 'wilderness.' The seduction of the cell phone experience will be more damaging than the light from the tower. Imagine all the folks who will now be taking their phones along. It defeats the purpose of the trip.

Posted on 06/20/12 at 09:39 am in response to Pawlenty on the ticket? Two presidential thinkers assess his chances

And probably has little effect on the outcome in other midwestern states. Pawlenty is not a presence. Bachman blew right past him there. Sure, Pawlenty is good at being an attack dog. He is, at his base, a mean-spirited opportunist. It would be a contrast, of sorts, to Romney, but it doesn't expand Romney's appeal in a national sense. Pawlenty is also a poster boy for partisan governmental inaction ('My way or the highway'). That will also marginalize Romney's overall appeal.

Dark was very entertaining. I enjoyed listening to him for years, but caveat emptor. He was fine pontificating on his area of 'expertise', but I would cringe when he (and he often recruited Mike Max to help) would offer comments on the national political scene. He was great in the playground that is sports.

The dark side of the Dark man was his emergence from the world of gambling and his elevation of the connections between gambling and sports. Yes, I acknowledge that this link...

grasp the idea that we voted for Obama because we felt he was a better choice than McCain? Race had nothing to do with it. So who is being racist by implying it was otherwise. Keep running losers and you'll keep losing.

Posted on 04/28/12 at 01:24 pm in response to Few if any pro-stadium votes from Minneapolis DFLers

It must be that. DFL legislators come right out and say that, don't they? Actually, I think support and opposition to the stadium is bipartisan and for much the same reasons for both parties. Democrats might believe that gambling is a 'tax', albeit voluntary, that impacts the poor more than the rich. That still falls, sort of, on the 'immoral' side. Republicans may believe that the economic gains the Vikings accrue if the stadium is built, using some form of public subsidy (and gambling...

Posted on 04/19/12 at 05:24 pm in response to Pro football's honchos to talk about 'franchise viability'

God's Nature is, apparently, good Republican evangelical Nature. Just plain Nature is liberal socialist deity-hatin' Nature. Really, how do you bridge this kind of schism? Of course, I'm sure Ms Franson is aware that Earth Day began, in large part, due to the efforts of that well-known pagan from Wisconsin, former senator and governor, Gaylord Nelson. The quality of our representatives is so very, very disappointing. If Ms Franson could only contribute one scintilla of what Nelson did...

Posted on 04/17/12 at 07:42 am in response to Obama campaign turns to home-grown star Josh Hartnett to rally students

I am weary of the meme that Obama was elected by people who voted for him just to 'prove' they weren't racist, or because of some form of 'liberal guilt'. Their is no proof of this, of course. Just disbelief among conservatives of the alternative. The same people decry Obama's overwhelming popularity among African-American voters by saying that they voted for him ONLY because he was black. This ignores all those other elections where the white Democratic candidate received the vast...

Posted on 02/17/12 at 10:52 am in response to Minnesota House votes to scrap seniority-only rule for teachers

Am I to understand that the union is fully responsible for students being functionally illiterate? I'm sure the students and their parents bear no part in the responsibility for any of this. I am equally sure that competent teachers are always able to reach every disinterested or absent student. It's all on the teachers, always, isn't it? We're just making widgets here in schools, aren't we, Mr. Swift? I defy to prove your unfounded comment about the teachers' unions.

Posted on 01/23/12 at 08:31 pm in response to Michele Tafoya out as WCCO Radio afternoon host

John Williams is much preferred to Tafoya. Big improvement.

Posted on 01/23/12 at 02:33 pm in response to Will MPR's 'Daily' show make news more interesting and fun?

Too bad they didn't use the change to try to re-install Catherine Lampher as host.