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scott gibson

paynesville, MN
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Posted on 01/09/12 at 09:21 pm in response to Supreme Court to take up 'repressed memories' case

Exactly how many wars does Chip think we'll have to be fighting in the near future. I think after two decade-long wars, maybe we should work harder for peaceful outcomes.

Posted on 12/19/11 at 03:44 pm in response to GOP operative Brodkorb leaves Parry campaign, too

I don't think I could have commented any more eloquently than #16.

It matters not whether a person's sexuality exists from genetics, choice or some other mechanism. This is a free country. If that person's behavior is with a consenting adult and doesn't negatively affect society (and I defy Swifty or Tester to prove that it does), then it is none of their business.

Their understanding of the nature of human sexuality is as narrow as their understanding of many other...

Posted on 12/17/11 at 10:45 am in response to Latest Amy Koch developments complicate GOP plans across the board

For #4, forget your attempt to make this some kind of equivalency test on the relative morality of Republicans vs Democrats. The Nixon incident and the Clinton incident are not remotely the same, as has been mentioned. Having a consensual affair is not an impeachable offense. Nixon was asked to leave as much for political reasons as any moral ones. I care not, personally if Amy Koch is having an affair with an adult staffer. It's between her and her family. She can keep her job. It...

Posted on 12/17/11 at 11:05 am in response to Latest Amy Koch developments complicate GOP plans across the board

Republicans are fond of implying that Democrats are somehow morally challenged. Will they continue such charges when/if serial adulterer Gingrich is their party's nominee vs the longtime married Obama? If they were as principled as they like to claim, the churlish Gingrich would be dead in the water. It becomes clear that morals are subservient to political aims. That's a charge I would make against both parties.

Posted on 12/06/11 at 09:04 pm in response to White Earth tribe proposes Arden Hills casino to fund stadium

Having grown up on the Leech Lake Reservation, I believe the preferred nomenclature is Ojibwe, not Chippewa. Regardless, this is a needless expansion of vice. Suck it up Viking fans and pay for it yourselves. And keep it at the Dome site, where infrastructure already exists, rather than merely transferring it out of downtown, leaving a huge hole in your urban center.

Posted on 11/08/11 at 12:47 pm in response to Tom Emmer talks about his campaign, the media and running again

Emmer is the reason Dayton is governor. Republicans chose to think their vote was somehow coopted by Horner's candidacy. It was not. Many, such as myself, considered voting for Horner first, but checked ourselves when it appeared it might insure that Emmer would be the ultimate winner. Both Dayton and Horner would still be preferred to Emmer.

Republicans want to restrict the public's ability to decide on issues (when it suits their purposes). Recude or restrict the ability of the public to fund government (here, meaning schools) by limiting when voting can take place. Or try to make it nearly impossible to raise taxes (like requiring super majorities). And they certainly hate institutionalized funding (the Legacy Amendment). On the flip side, they want to put to a vote things that many folks feel are personal rights (same-sex...

Posted on 10/26/11 at 09:29 pm in response to Star Tribune will start charging some readers for web, app access Nov. 1

I actually read four or five newspapers everyday, online. They are loaded with advertisements. Does that count for something? Don't they make any money for their papers? If the Strib goes to this plan, I will probably read 20 articles a month and stop at that. I don't live in the metro area, and many of their more regional stories are covered just as well by the other 3-4 smaller papers' sites that I visit. Like the others say, subscribing to the physical Strib is unworkable. I would...

Posted on 10/10/11 at 08:42 am in response to Ten die in terrible weekend on Minnesota roads

Re:Swift - Your video reference is, apparently, years old. How is this any different than if I were to find a video from a right-wing extremist showing support for some Republican candidate or Pres. Bush? It serves no purpose to find the most extreme examples and then claim that THIS is the true face of the Wall Street protests or of Obama. Part of Obama's low approval ratings is from displeasure from the left. So which is it? Too far left? Not enough left? Folks in the middle, and I...

Posted on 10/07/11 at 01:30 pm in response to Want ed-tech boom? Go for 'disruptive innovation,' Thomas Jandris says

Many schools are already putting their lessons (such as 'smartboard' lessons) on the internet so students can access them after the fact. They are not put there as the only means of obtaining the lesson. They are an additional resource for absent students or those who wish to revisit the lesson later. The instructor's act of shuttling the lecture onto itunes, only, seems an admission of its secondary importance. Maybe the lecture shouldn't exist in the first place.