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Scott Stansbarger

Lakeville, MN
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Posted on 01/24/12 at 10:30 am in response to Koch trying to put past behind her

“She also addressed criticism that she was a hypocrite when she voted to place on the ballot next November an amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. "Problems in my personal life do not affect a position I take on policy," she said.”

Let me explain to you, Ms. Koch, how the 'problems' in your personal life affect a position that you take. When you take a hardline position to eliminate the possibility of two men or two women marrying the person they love...

Posted on 01/24/12 at 07:55 am in response to Michele Tafoya out as WCCO Radio afternoon host

I tried giving Tafoya a shot but she just wasn't cut out for radio. I stopped listening as her thoughts weren't very cohesive and the stammering drove me crazy. I look forward to giving WCCO another chance during the late afternoon.

Posted on 01/07/12 at 06:42 pm in response to I say potato, you say Obama has failed, I say go to heck, you say...

Peder DeFor...In 2008, an overwhelming number of Economists believed that the economy would fall 3%; if those numbers were true, then the stimulus would have done what it was set out to do. As we have since learned, the economy actually fell 7.3%, more than double what was projected. The stimulus was created to only cover the 3%, not the 7.3%. Was the stimulus a failure? Looking at it without the numbers, one could argue that, yes, it was, but I feel that, although it didn't cure us of all...

Posted on 12/19/11 at 01:02 pm in response to WLTE flipping to country competition for K102

I don't listen to country music so I'm a little disappointed in the format change. We are only one of a few metros of this size without a modern rock station. I was hoping for one and I'll continue to hope for one.

Posted on 12/19/11 at 06:59 pm in response to WLTE flipping to country competition for K102

Dave, I'm a huge fan of The Current, but I'm not sure that I would call it modern rock. I consider modern rock to be true alternative where as The Current, although they do play a lot of alternative music, they also play the likes of Billie Holiday, Elvis, and Miles Davis, for example. Perhaps it's only a subtle difference, but there is a difference.

Posted on 08/12/11 at 08:52 am in response to MPR hires Kevyn Burger as newscaster

Welcome, Kevyn! I've always enjoyed her reporting.

KSTP reporting a story where the facts are thin and biased? Shocking, I tell you!

Posted on 01/25/11 at 12:31 pm in response to Post-Shelby, WCCO-TV can't repeat 10 p.m. demo win in December

I've always watched WCCO since I moved here in 98; I'm not sure why but it's 'appealed' to me more so than the other stations. I'm a graphics type of guy so the logo, music, and over all graphics are more pleasing to me than what they offer at the other stations (KSTP has a news set that belongs in some small town news station). I think this is the main reason why I get my local news from 4.

Speaking of graphics; I wish WCCO would update their news opening and graphics to those like...