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Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 10/23/14 at 01:24 pm in response to Savoring our axial views

Because the streets in downtown Minneapolis take a northeast turn, there are axial views of downtown buildings, especially from the south. From my neighborhood, Central, one can get a different snapshot of downtown when looking north from the main thoroughfares. From Chicago Ave you see the Carlyle, from Park Skyscape, from Portland the Capella Tower, and from 4th Ave Wells Fargo. Since the skyline is the background and in the foreground are my neighbor's homes, the corner stores and...

Posted on 04/02/14 at 10:36 am in response to Southwest Light Rail: It is not an equity train

The number 2 bus provides crosstown service at Franklin Ave. The 17 travels down Nicollet to 24th St and then heads west to the suburbs. A simple look at a Metro Transit map would have confirmed that.

Posted on 10/14/13 at 07:39 pm in response to Could Archbishop Nienstedt face charges or lose his job?

The Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis has 444 priests. Minneapolis Public Schools alone has 2978 teachers. Odds are a child is better off with a a teacher.

When I saw the title of the article I thought, "If Andy doesn't say that 35W from the north wasn't the clear winner, I'm done with reading The Stroll." (Not really, but I would have to take it less seriously)

in the Twin Cities was owned by a private company Twin Cities Rapid Transit Company, and it was failing company. Streetcar ridership peaked in the 1920's and the line limped along until the early 1950's. The rise of the automobile, an aging fleet and infrastructure (that TCRT had to maintain), and the inability to keep the streetcars running on fare capture alone doomed the system. Please read "Twin Cities by Trolley." It is an excellent history of the streetcar system in Minneapolis/St....

Posted on 06/04/13 at 02:54 pm in response to Bringing streetcars to Minneapolis: Some perplexing twists and turns

Diers and Isaacs. It is a wonderful history of the Twin Cities Rapid Transit company, and they put to rest the conspiracy theories about the demise of the streetcar system in the Twin Cities. Remember, the trolley system was privately owned, publicly regulated company. There was no public subsidy and they could not raise fares to cover costs without approval by a government agency. Ridership peaked in the 1920's and the rise of the automobile hastened the streetcar's demise. Firestone,...

Posted on 03/06/13 at 07:47 pm in response to Why higher taxes on the wealthy are good for business

Could you please, please explain how the Bush/Obama tax cuts have been good for the middle class? I read recently that the Congressional Research Service concluded the tax cuts' biggest effect was to increase the disparity between rich and everyone else. Bush's job creation record was awful and Obama's hasn't been too great either. The idea that tax cuts for the wealthy are good for everybody has been failing since Reagan.

Oar Folkjokeopus

Posted on 02/14/13 at 01:28 pm in response to The culture war is real

"Instead, most of us pick teams and outsource our thinking to them — and the quality of that “thinking” is, on the whole, simply terrible.

In general, we pick the “team” we are on based upon cultural values much more than self-interest, reasoned ideas or policy preferences. In fact, for most of us, policy preferences don’t precede choosing a side but are a result of that choice."

Coming from a Senior Policy Fellow at the Center of the American Experiment? Truly, truly funny...

Posted on 01/08/13 at 03:47 pm in response to Tallying gun deaths: one Minnesotan killed every day by firearms

that 496 Minnesotans were killed by hammers, 651 Minnesotans were killed by knives, 12,000 Minnesotans were by drunk drivers and 195,000 Minnesotans were killed by medical malpractice. MinnPost, please set your intern to investigate this. Or maybe next time Mr. Butts could get his ready-made NRA statistics broken down by state.