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Sean Fahey

Golden Valley, Minnesota
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SWLRT is a pork project for and developers and contractors. A small part of that $1.6 billion and recurring maintenance costs will trickle down to labor. That money could be used to benefit way more than the estimated 30k daily riders. And it is taking what is now greenspace and building infrastructure on it. Construction industry != DFL

Posted on 11/14/14 at 09:59 pm in response to A conservative’s argument against net neutrality

Some of Obama's biggest supporters are media companies and some are ISPs. One huge company is both: Comcast*. Obama could have gone either way on this. His FCC chairman is a former cable industry lobbyist. This decision is about who was able to sweeten the pot for Democrats the most.

Net Neutrality isn't a liberal vs conservative issue.

Think of it like this: imagine you didn't have electricity neutrality in your home, and Xcel has a partnership with Maytag that lets you run...

Keeping people in their homes, and helping people affordably own their own home is a great goal. I hope St Paul can, "stave off gentrification by giving current Frogtown residents a shot at low-cost homeownership." It's hard to believe, though, that is the true goal. Reading into the links provided, we are given no details on how to both increase property values, yet not gentrify a neighborhood.

I've been attending station area planning meetings for the Bottineau line, and I'm...

JPMorgan Chase
Bank of America
Wells Fargo
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
The Walton Family Foundation
Goldman Sachs
And a bunch of foundations and non-profits with sunny-sounding names that get money from the same banks and insurance companies.

Posted on 04/10/14 at 12:52 pm in response to Franken to Comcast, Time Warner: ‘I’m against this deal’

David Cohen was one of Obama's biggest bundlers, but there are others that have bundled for Obama that won't want Comcast to have such a large chunk of the market. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out between the players.

Here's a list of Obama fundraisers, which is full of media companies that will likely see higher fees going to Comcast plus technology investors that will want to support net neutrality against Comcast:...

I wouldn't mind seeing micropayments used by news sites. I run into that Strib paywall and just stop reading until next month because I don't read it consistently, and it feels like too much hassle to subscribe and then deal with constantly being up-sold and getting spam.

I know this shows profound laziness, but lower that transaction cost! Offer me a one-click option to pay 1 mBTC to read an article. Now I control how much I pay based on how much I read. There is no need to enter...

I am not aware of sites using it currently, and you are right that the idea has been out there forever. It's like commercial fusion power, always 20 years off. Bitcoin makes it as possible as it has ever been, though the number of users might still be too low to make it worth the effort to develop right now.

Posted on 02/13/14 at 01:39 pm in response to Ovation greets St. Louis Park mayor's stand against freight-rail move

St. Louis Park and Kenilworth area residents are pitted against each other so that whichever side loses, the Met Council and the money behind the project still wins. We now find that municipal consent can be overridden by the Met Council, so now the project just needs to split the opposition to the route, and cast one side or the other (or both) as backwards-looking NIMBYs. ( Met Council's Jim Alexander on the issue of consent at...

How will the congressional hearing, Casey's bill, and the IRS effort hurt independent contractors? I skimmed the bill, and it seems to be about properly classifying workers as "employees" or "non-employees", creating a Dept of Labor website that has employee rights info, and looking out for unreported wages.

You may be right that it squeezes people, or that it's harmful to the economy, but how can I know that's true from what you wrote? What is it about these things that is harmful...

So it's flat out wrong to work on stopping government overreach in this area, but should be priority #1 to stop what you see as government overreach in another area? Even if you don't like the ACA how can you think it's not at least a pretty high priority to stop illegal surveillance on Americans?

Doing something about the unaccountable security regime has common bipartisan support from Americans from all quarters. Why not get something done on this issue where we are demonstrably...