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sheldon mains

minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 07/09/14 at 07:45 am in response to Everything you've always wanted to know about crosswalks

In Minnesota, cars must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks where there are no traffic signals and where they are crossing on a green or walk signal.

There is NO enforcement of this law in Minnesota--whether the car is going straight or making a turn (yes, you must yield to pedestrians!)

If we enforced this law like California enforces the law (a very similar law), we'd reduce the car/pedestrian crashes. If we prosecuted people for homicide who killed a pedestrian in a...

Option 1. Use eminent domain and by some of the homes along the Kennilworth route--widen the right of way to allow freight, LRT and pedestrian and bike use (Hiawatha has a very heavily used ped/bike path along it from 26th street to downtown). Lower cost than building the tunnels. Those folks along Kennilworth seem unhappy even with just the freight line.

Option 2. Only the northern tunnel. There is plenty of room for all three south of the channel.

Posted on 03/25/14 at 11:37 am in response to Minneapolis and the siren song of economic impact

"No serious overhaul since it was built"

There was a significant overhaul in the 1980's--new pavement, new sidewalks, new bus shelters, new lighting, new electrical system.

Posted on 03/17/14 at 12:37 pm in response to Teardown battle in Minneapolis: A city at war with itself

Since when is a 2 bedroom house "to small for modern lifestyles"? Whose life styles? Why does someone need a Mac Mansion? Maybe for ego but why else?

Posted on 01/14/14 at 05:24 pm in response to Southwest LRT’s path hung up by two intractable positions

this article sounds like a press release written by the railroad. What do other people say about the railroad's arguments? what are the other points of view?

Also, what about just buying some of the homes? (either in SLP or MPLS) That may be the lowest cost option.

Posted on 12/07/13 at 05:58 pm in response to Minnesota granite could be a replacement for Yucca Mountain repository

Back in the 1980s, the federal government studied a number of sites in the upper midwest and North East for deep geological storage of nuclear waste. There were nine potential sites in Minnesota and some in Wisconsin and upper Michigan (besides some in the Northeast). The governor of MN (Perpich) established a commission to track the federal activities. The official position of Minnesota was to oppose the project. There were a large number of technical issues (as noted, transportation was...

Posted on 11/05/13 at 11:29 am in response to Roundabouts are here to stay — and for good reasons

This article says nothing about pedestrian and bike safety. It doesn't even mention in the side bar that cars are required to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks at roundabouts.
With the fact that Minnesota drivers rarely yield to pedestrians (even though it is a the law), that cars tend to be going faster with roundabouts, and that cars tend to not look for bikes, roundabouts are potential disasters for non-motrized traffic (bikes and pads). I wonder if the author has every tried to...

Posted on 11/05/13 at 03:39 pm in response to Roundabouts are here to stay — and for good reasons

Minnesota law requires cars to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks --even unmarked ones. Your comment about "Pedestrians don't have to find a gap in two directions of traffic, just one." points to the reality of roundabouts-- The pedestrians are relegated to 2nd class road users that have to wait for the cars! This also is the problem for bikes using the side paths--and compounding that problem is MN law--cars don't have to yield to bike riders in crosswalks--you have to get off your bike...

Posted on 09/05/13 at 01:01 pm in response to Why does the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome have a label?

I actually like our sign ordinance that prohibits corporate names on the downtown buildings. It makes for a much more pleasant skyline. But it only applies to the core--(so the mill-district buildings have names at the top. I think it should apply to every building in ALL of downtown--including the NE/SE businesses and the West Bank

you may want to check out the neighborhood pages at . They are a mixed bag. Some of a lot of great content. Some have no content. Over 99 different neighborhoods--all 18 St. Paul Neighborhoods and all 81 Minneapolis neighborhoods. (No suburban coverage yet).