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Sheryl christina

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Posted on 09/13/11 at 06:13 pm in response to Who does Michele Bachmann think she is?

Maybe I'm misreading all the comments but it seems you all don't care much for Ms Bachmann. How smart you all must feel. The country is going down the tanks and you put your energy into making a clown of this woman. Yes, you guys do it...not her. Wouldn't President Obama be an easier target? Job Bill? Yea, right. Another stimulus pkg is more accurate...that won't work AGAIN.

Posted on 08/09/11 at 06:00 pm in response to Parents United collection catalogs influence of secretive ALEC

This group doesn't sound near as radical as the United Nations. Gees!

Posted on 08/06/11 at 09:11 pm in response to McCollum blames stock drop on Tea Party

Marcia #12:

As if MSNBC or the strib have credibility.

Posted on 08/02/11 at 02:00 pm in response to Senate passes Klobuchar resolution condemning Norway violence

Senator Klobuchar must have needed something on her political resume.

Posted on 07/20/11 at 02:12 pm in response to NYT look at Marcus Bachmann's thoughts on day care

“We have an obligation as a society to make high-quality day care available to all families,’’ Dr. Bachmann wrote, adding that government should pursue policies, including tax breaks, that would make it easier for parents to keep children at home.

“I personally believe that parents who can do so should delay full-time day care until into the fourth year of a child’s life,’’ he wrote. “There are no easy answers.’’

Well...yes. My niece had her first baby 4 months ago. It was...

Posted on 07/19/11 at 09:15 pm in response to Think your 'gaydar' is accurate? Don't be so sure


Posted on 07/09/11 at 06:20 pm in response to Study: New light bulb standards opposed by Bachmann actually save money

The new litebulbs do not give off the same amount of lite, they don't last as long as they say they do and they are ugly and dangerous. Anyone try them outside in the winter yet? Very dim. Speaking of dim; that word does not refer to Michelle Bachman, but it does suit someone named Dayton. I can name call's easy.

Posted on 07/06/11 at 05:38 pm in response to Dayton seems increasingly intent on finding some way to end shutdown

Dayton didn't have to a government's on his back. Guess he didn't care about those people affected.

Why did the MN Zoo get to reopen but not the race tracks? Anyone know?

Posted on 07/05/11 at 04:32 pm in response to Bachmann in Iowa: Energy problem is easy to solve

Mr. Howard, You're right M. Bachmann doesn't buy into the global warming scam....I don't either. And, by the way, there "is no consensus on global warming."
And Ms Bachmann is a forward thinking individual with a vision....just not your vision...but definitely my vision.

Posted on 06/03/11 at 05:47 pm in response to Rep. John Kline worries new rules will hurt for-profit colleges

And what about public those graduates find jobs 35 percent of the time. I know plenty of people with 4 year degrees from public colleges who either don't have a job in their field or don't make adequate money. My daughter just graduated with 4-year in broad English, (middle school, high school)...very few teaching jobs out there...are those public colleges going to be penalized as well?
BTW: My 25-year-old daugher did not have a child out of wedlock so she actually had...