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Siri Anderson

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 06/23/11 at 11:02 am in response to Interactive map: Where are the immigrant youth in rural Minnesota?

This is an important topic. However, it seems Native Americans have been left out of the diversity index?

Thanks Thomas! I've given copies to a few legislators but that is about it. As a classroom 5-9 teacher for fifteen years I am just positive that relationships matter and tutoring can make a world of difference for a child.

Some schools in Minnesota already run programs with the "grandparent in the school" idea. I just thought the competitive edge on this model--combined with the win-win outcomes for all--might touch a nerve somewhere.


Posted on 04/23/09 at 04:00 pm in response to Put federal stimulus dollars to work for Minnesota students

Great points Angie! Let's hope the Governor is invest in "what works" and consider cost-benefits when making decisions would seem to be an agenda in which all parties can agree.
Siri Anderson

Posted on 01/27/09 at 01:00 pm in response to As Pawlenty pushes for more online classes, some colleges lead the way

The movement to evaluate education based on outcome data is exciting.

For the record, students in the online education courses of Bemidji State University: are not self-directed; are using Web 2.0 technologies; receive personal feedback directly from their professors on a weekly basis; and, are performing very well on external accountability measures--such as the state's PRAXIS tests and employment outcomes.

Certainly just as online learning is not for all students, online...

Posted on 01/27/09 at 11:57 am in response to As Pawlenty pushes for more online classes, some colleges lead the way

Just to clarify, the F2F (face to face) sessions of the Bemidji State University DLiTE and FasTrack programs referenced in this article take place in the Twin Cities, not on the campus in Bemidji.

We are hosted by the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley, MN.

Information available at