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Solly Johnson

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 05/07/12 at 09:55 am in response to It's 'Yea' or 'Nay' today for stadium

After the Twins Target field vote, all of the Hennepin County commissioners were reelected. All of us opposed to this Vikings stadium boondoggle have to oust as many of the pro-stadium people as possible, which is the only way to begin to end this blackmail that occurs regularly on a national level.

Posted on 05/03/12 at 05:57 am in response to After meeting, Dayton appears more open to GOP’s new stadium plan

From watching local news, one would think that the stadium vote is the most important matter of the decade for the legislature and governor and that we'll have a utopian situation once the stadium bill is passed. It's obvious that they are simply lackeys for the business people who benefit from this boondoggle, at the expense of the general public.

Every time a new tidbit of information comes forth, it's obvious that the city of Minneapolis is on the hook for a larger and larger...

Posted on 05/01/12 at 04:26 pm in response to Brainerd tea partiers vent some steam

When Tim Pawlenty was still a candidate for the GOP nomination he spoke to about twenty people in Iowa, and our local television stations called it a small crowd. Now fifty people in Brainerd qualify as a crowd. I think most people would not think of groups this small as crowds.

Posted on 04/26/12 at 03:22 pm in response to Poll update and why you shouldn't care much

Nothing matters until the first week of November.

Posted on 04/26/12 at 06:11 am in response to Council’s ‘Gang of Seven’ backs Minneapolis’ stadium plan

Rybak and the pro-stadium council members have been making a sham of democracy. The vote by various council members has been well known for several weeks, and this exercise on Tuesday was simply cover to allow them to say that they've had public input.

Posted on 04/24/12 at 10:30 am in response to Revived Vikings stadium bill suddenly is moving faster and faster

In world rankings of honesty in government and business the USA ranks 20th with virtually all of the socialist democracies of northern and western Europe and Canada rated more honest. When observing this stadium process, it's easy to see why we rank below them.

One has to wonder how much bribe money has passed hands during this entire process. Also, since we are being insulted by this boondoggle being called a "People's Stadium," perhaps we can rename our legislature the "Supreme...

Posted on 04/20/12 at 03:35 pm in response to NFL leaders come to town, and stadium bill comes to life

We are a plutocracy, not a democracy. Goodell meets for an hour with the state brass and everybody is ecstatic after the meeting? There are reasonss that world organizations rank our nation 22nd in honesty in government.

Posted on 04/19/12 at 05:31 pm in response to Pro football's honchos to talk about 'franchise viability'

The state Republicans have had no problem promoting (anti) social issues through the amendment process or shutting down the state government last summer. Now they claim it is critical to have bipartisanship when they are afraid to vote for a stadium bill on their own.

The stadium issue will not disappear until politicians and the NFL, through their running dogs in the local news media, shove the stadium down our throats. Perhaps most insulting is that those opposed to the...

Posted on 04/19/12 at 10:42 am in response to NFL is not pleased with Minnesota over stadium

Agree with you entirely. Extreme right wingers who complain about any public expenditure that benefits the majority of people don't seem to mind throwing money at the rich who are lapping at the public trough.

Posted on 04/18/12 at 03:41 pm in response to Who's dumber on the Vikings stadium: Dean Urdahl or Jim Souhan?

Souhan, along with his comrades on 1500 radio, act as if they have all the answers in sports or politics. More disturbing is that they often call others idiots if they disagree with them.

Souhan can flip positions faster than Mitt Romney. When the Vikings played the Bears at Soldier Field in Favre's last season, Souhan, in his pregame show, said the Vikings would win because the Bears had not played anybody good to that point. On the Monday afternoon radio program after the Vikings...