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Solly Johnson

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 04/13/12 at 03:04 pm in response to In health care, America is falling further behind its economic peers

I lived and worked abroad in socialist nations for fifteen years, and the medical care in some of those nations is superior in quality and much more inexpensive than in the USA. Many of us who have had experiences living abroad travel back to those nations for medical care, since the savings in medical bills allows us to incorporate a personal trip at the same time. Rarely does one see any news coverage regarding medical tourism in the mainstream media, since it is controlled by the...

The GOP is making a mockery of the amendment process. They cite that 70 to 80% of the population, acccording to polls, support the ID amendment, but they will not always be in the majority in the house and senate. Over 80% of Minnesotans also want a more progressive income tax system that targets the top 5% of the population, and should an amendment be proposed for that matter in the future we'll hear the howls of class warfare, blah, blah, blah.

A constitution should be difficult...

Propaganda from the local media gives the impression that everybody is concerned about professional sports and can't exist without them. Stadiums, the food at Target Field, Timberwolves ads, etc., lead and dominate local news. What a farce.

Posted on 03/30/12 at 12:09 pm in response to McCollum: Republican budget a ‘millionaires manifesto’

It's interesting that the GOP is currently so concerned about spending for social programs, while under the Reagan and W. Bush administrations they had some of the largest deficits in history through their tax cuts to the wealthy and out of control military spending. The USA spends more on the military now than the rest of the world combined, but the Grand Old Party doesn't complain about inefficiency in this sector.

The more one reads about this stadium boondoggle, the worse it becomes.
After Ziggy gets naming rights, valued at 100-500 million according to an article in the Strib, he will have virtually no skin in the game, but will have almost all of the profit. Books written by Dave Zirin, Roger Noll, and others have shown that sports stadiums funded by the public are some of the worst investments possible for taxpayers, but we never or rarely see articles citing these authors. Propaganda...

Posted on 03/23/12 at 02:20 pm in response to Bachmann presidential campaign $1 million in debt

I, too, have sent Sandy Colvin Roy several messages voicing my opposition to public financing of a stadium. In my most recent one, I stated that a mockery is being made of the democratic process by holding meetings entirely behind closed doors.

Posted on 03/16/12 at 06:09 am in response to Michele Bachmann goes after Occupy Wall Street-ism

I believe you're talking about the communist nations that control almost all private enterprise. In the democratic socialist countries of Western Europe and other areas, private enterprise is allowed and encouraged. An example of this that locals can relate to is Ikea Corporation, a Swedish firm.

Posted on 03/14/12 at 09:53 am in response to The 'Myths' of Vikings stadium mania

The Republicans like to tell us that it's critical for strict identification standards to ensure we have no voter fraud. If prevention of corruption is so important, then they should be advocates for paper ballots being used throughout the state, since it is more difficult to alter paper ballots than voting machines tallies.

Posted on 03/13/12 at 07:55 am in response to 'Right to work,' Act One: Ending a 'jobs tax'?

Since Walker assumed the governorship in Wisconsin, the state has had the worst job growth rate of any state in the Midwest.

Those touting the stadium give us many supposed facts and figures supporting their cause, but rarely do we get research from independent sources, which shows that public financing of stadiums is not the best use of the public's resources.

Posted on 03/12/12 at 04:25 pm in response to Union supporters rally to stop right-to-work measure

Obviously, Julie Rosen only hears from the small minority in favor of public financing for a stadium, since opponents know that any calls or letters to her are a waste of time.