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Solly Johnson

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Posted on 03/02/12 at 12:22 pm in response to Vikings stadium plan likely the best lawmakers will see

It's interesting, and sad, to see how our public officials on both sides of the aisle can come up with "creative" financing for an entertainment venue, but spending on education, infrastructure, health, public libraries, and other matters that impact society at large is neglected. I like sports as much as the next person, but in our society it seems that sports have become the opiate of the people.

Several authors such as Roger Noll, Dave Zirin, and others have provided information...

Posted on 03/01/12 at 07:04 am in response to Bachmann, McCollum clash over St. Croix Bridge

McCollum and Ellison appear to be the only ones in favor of protecting taxpayers' interests, perhaps because they are in safe districts while the others are concerned about reelection. Some of the people in favor of this bridge are the same who promote a Vikings stadium funded by taxpayers to further enrich the corporate elite.

Posted on 02/28/12 at 03:48 pm in response to What if the DFL had kept control of the Legislature?

Figures were transposed; however, we have the largest state senate in the nation with 67 members.

Since this is a project that will benefit a large number of residents in the Twin Cities area, it is a good investment.

Posted on 02/18/12 at 12:12 am in response to Rybak hails 'progress' on Vikes stadium

It appears that all of the local news media are giving us "information" about the value of a Vikings stadium. Since the article above cities a student newspaper in Massachusetts, I feel comfortable quoting from Dave Zirin, an author of five books regarding sports.

Zirin in his book, "Bad Sports, How Owners are Ruining the Games We Love," states that owners know that their teams aren't any type of public good and only serve the richest segment of society. In his segment regarding...

A good book showing how ridiculous public financing for billionaires' sports stadiums has become is Dave Zirin's, "Bad Sports, How Owners are Ruining the Games We Love."

#3 - very good analysis. It is much as when Glenn Beck and other reactionaries quoted Thomas Paine and attempted to portray him as conservative, when in reality many of Paine's ideas would be considered extreme socialism. In Paine's "The Rights of Man" he outlined budgets for social security, child welfare programs, public housing, public works programs, and others in order to attain "social justice." Even more radical was Paine's "Agrarian Justice" in which he advocated annual pension...

According to the World Health Organization, the USA has the most expensive health care in the world, but only ranks 37th in quality.

Many people who have lived and worked abroad, me included, go to other developed nations for medical care and combine a vacation with it. The savings in medical costs offsets airfare and other expenses. Because many of these nations with better medical care are socialist democracies, we seldom hear anything about medical tourism in our media.

Posted on 11/16/11 at 07:56 pm in response to Why do we have so much income inequality?

The American Dream is only that, a dream. A study by the London School of Economics showed that the socialist democracies of Scandinavia had more social mobility than the USA.

Also, the "godless liberals" in those nations close most stores on Sunday, enabling people to spend time with families.

Posted on 11/17/11 at 12:22 pm in response to WCCO finally breaks silence on 'duck/dog story' controversy

If it weren't for the weather report, how many people would waste time watching local newscasts, which cover crime, fires, job of the day, merchants' sales, entertainers, and other fluff. Sometimes it appears that newscasters are selected on the basis of two criteria, those being that they are reasonably attractive and have the ability to read. Not being able to pronounce Nobel, Koran, Igor, and some other words, as has happened over the past few years,
indicates poor preparation and...