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Great stuff, as always, Britt. I agree with most of your assessment on Zach LaVine but question the assertion that court vision is "not a skill that can be taught, or markedly improved via effort and experience." Although I agree LaVine seems to be more suited to the off-guard position for the reasons you state, I'm not ready to write off his ability to improve at knowing how/when/where to get teammates the ball with more NBA experience. Certainly more playing/practice/study time will give...

Posted on 10/31/14 at 11:04 am in response to T-Wolves two-game takeaway: they will not be awful

I agree 100% with your previous comments on the need to play Ricky down the stretch to build/test his confidence/abilities.

And contrary to Mr. Reusse's column, I see nothing wrong with teaching the youngsters (Gorgui, Bennett and Wiggins, specifically), that late-game minutes are earned through trust and steady play, rather than simply throw them into the fire and call it development. I'm eager to see them earn that trust, as each have shown flashes of brilliance that have me hopeful...

Posted on 11/15/13 at 02:09 pm in response to Wolves barometer: Gauging the trends of NBA season thus far

As great as these columns are, the gold is in the comments section. The regulars always bring their A game and the Malkovich reference was worth the price of admission today.

But all brown-nosing aside ... Britt- You aren't exactly going out on a limb with your educated guesses. Love will continue to be great, the wings and team D will come back to earth, depth will continue to be a problem ... no real surprises, IMO. What do you think will be the ramifications of it all? Which bench...

Posted on 11/11/13 at 03:49 pm in response to With no bench, are Wolves too thin to win?

Britt- Great stuff again so far this season. I haven't chimed in yet because A.) I don't bring as much to the table from an analysis standpoint as your and others; and B.) because of work travel, I've only watched 1 1/2 games thus far. Don't be down about the fact you have fewer comments ... I suspect we're all reading, there's just less to disagree about at the moment.

Anyway, not having seen as much game action as I would have liked this year, I'm wondering what's happening w/...

Posted on 01/04/13 at 02:11 pm in response to Wolves’ tenacity: Team fundamentals trump disappointing stars

Britt- When you say, "Love is the one primarily responsible for the Wolves’ horrible execution of their basic sets on offense," do you mean he's breaking plays to look for his own shot, or simply not making shots within the sets, or both?

If one of the latter two, what do you think the likelihood is of Love embracing the notion that the team might be best served if he were to do a better job moving the ball and getting his shots within the flow of the offense, rather than pressing so...

Posted on 12/19/12 at 08:48 am in response to Growing pains for Kevin Love, the Wolves and their fan base

The strides that Pek has made since his rookie season (read: poor positioning, stupid fouls) not only support what we already know about this coaching staff compared to the previous, but also shows Pek is coachable. Yes, he has limitations. But he's willing to listen/learn/improve and the coaching staff is playing to his strengths. I think the next step (on the other end of the court), as Jim Pete has said many times, is improving his passing out of double teams.

Posted on 12/12/12 at 05:35 pm in response to The Wolves triumph at the free throw line while waiting for Rubio

To summarize (without any S- or D-bombs):

Kahn/Taylor didn't need to tell the world they thought Kevin Love had limited upside. What possible benefit could come from it?

Likewise, what good does it do Love to complain publicly about the Wolves brass? Leverage is leverage ... In this case, I see no need for him to flaunt it. The only difference is that he's pretty young (and quite likely coddled/catered to) and probably doesn't know any better, whereas the GM/owner should...

Nice work, as always, Britt. This and the previous portion are so full of great insight I doubt I'm going to be able to add much to it. One thing that really stands out to me is Jim Pete's assessment of Ridnour, especially in conjunction with his comments about how much more the coaches know about their players than even those who closely follow the team.

As a fan, too often I get caught up in what someone cannot do, as opposed to "what should/could his role be?" Luke is a great...

To answer your examples w/ my opinion (for what it's worth): With Lee, I would say yes, anything is bonus because he's not NBA rotation-ready.

Williams is tricky. But for the time being, I have no problem with him earning his minutes, in spite of any expectations based on when he was drafted. He'll either prove himself and establish a meaningful role, or ... well, not. These things have a way of working themselves out.

Posted on 11/06/12 at 01:00 pm in response to Timberwolves off to a scrappy, successful start

Kirilenko is extremely fun to watch. He is so engaged and always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

Shved looked completely lost throughout games 1 and 2. I was beginning to wonder why he was getting so much burn. After last night's performance it makes more sense. Here's hoping he continues to acclimate to the NBA pace and has more stretches where he's moving the ball and taking good shots, and fewer where he's dribbling into traffic and throwing errantly across his...