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Stan Daniels

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 01/12/13 at 12:38 pm in response to Jeff Dubay hired as 1500 ESPN co-host

Great to see someone recover and get a second chance. Jeff has a shot to be a real inspiration for those that have fought addictions.

Posted on 11/07/12 at 06:43 pm in response to PPP Polling, Minnesota editorial pages nail state election

Nice job breaking all of this down over the past couple of weeks David. I learned something from this election that I should have seen and I think most of the polls missed it also.

The Republicans overstepped by putting the two amendments on the ballot. It gave socially moderate or liberal voters a cause to show up at the polls. Those votes not only voted no to the amendments, they also checked the D box for the state races.

The 76% turnout is amazing. Something Minnesota...

David, did you write the headline to this post?

First on Kluwe. His lack of a backbone is amazing. He had a forum to discuss his feelings and just because the Pioneer Press editors have a different take, he runs. Kluwe is exactly what is wrong today -- we are afraid to listen to differing opinions. Kluwe should have posted his own response (but I actually am glad he is going back to punting a football).

On Webb. I do have a problem with reporters who show support over...

Steve, let's be clear of one thing. Kluwe is a punter, he kicks a football for a living. I'll go out on a limb and say that many "careers" are more important than what Kluwe does for a living.

He inserted himself in the debate, I did not.

I would have been much more impressed if Kluwe stayed around and ripped the Pioneer Press for their decision.

Posted on 11/02/12 at 08:44 pm in response to Small-town Minnesota publisher supports gay marriage, loses subscribers

I too have reached a state where I'm left to feel like the village idiot if my traditional views haven't caught up to the more "progressive" views. If I vote No I have a phobia. I do wish those who are proposing changes are as tolerant to diverse opinions as they expect out of me. By the way, I have no issue with people that are homosexual at all, I am just tired of the division in our society.

People are free to cancel newspaper subscriptions whenever they want. It's a bit sad...

Posted on 11/03/12 at 10:22 pm in response to Small-town Minnesota publisher supports gay marriage, loses subscribers

I honestly had not thought about the next move being to stop adoptions by same sex couples. Fair point. But I also wonder about the other side. If same sex couples are fine, then shouldn't polygamy also be legalized? I think the slippery slope argument can be posed either way.

Posted on 09/11/12 at 08:25 pm in response to Did Viking Chris Kluwe’s Deadspin letter help gay marriage supporters?

Kluwe in message was brilliant. He made some strong arguments for his feelings. Where he was wrong was with the profanity and tone of his argument. Passionate is one thing, Kluwe was another.

Every day the US becomes even more divided. Now we will not only agree, but we'll make it cool to disrespectfully disagree with the other side.

The Maryland legislator was out of line and deserved a strong respectful reaction. Kluwe grandstanding didn't help the cause -- some anti gay...

Posted on 09/05/12 at 04:28 pm in response to Pioneer Press management company partner files Chapter 11

Always interesting to see revenue in percentages. The 235% digital revenue increase was most likely a much smaller amount than the print decrease. Sad to see the newspapers dying a good paying news jobs going away.

Posted on 03/19/12 at 08:55 pm in response to Doonesbury and Mohammed

I don't always agree with Doonesbury but it should have been published. There is truth in all satire and in this case most of it is truth. I lean right and believe in freedom of expression and speech. Doonesbury really nails an important current event and calling attention to it is healthy. Strib and Powerline both have this wrong. And P.S. to my more strictly right Republican fans. If you want to ban abortion, go ahead and try that angle. But please do not violate women and consider...

Posted on 03/09/12 at 11:29 pm in response to Star Tribune, Pioneer Press pull Doonesbury 'rape' strips

David -

As on of your right leaning readers I wish you would have added a little more opinion to this. I'm bothered in two regards by the story.

First, women should never be violated like this. Us more moderate Republicans do not agree with it.

Second, the strip belongs on the editorial page. It is important commentary/satire. With the Internet, children see much worse than this every day.