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I have no problem at all with my tax money going to pay for free contraception. As a matter of fact, I'd willingly pay more for that. Much more prudent than waiting and then paying to feed, house, supervise and educate unwanted children at public expense. ALL babies should be WANTED.

I nominate the name EEA party. For "Embarrassed Enough Already." Anyone but Emmer, who makes Bachmann seem almost reasonable.

Posted on 08/26/14 at 02:08 pm in response to GOP Supreme Court candidate vows to stay in race

In her case, "free speech" is just the inevitable devolution of "talk is cheap." I don't think the impartiality of a judge would rest well on her.

Put a bat house on the north side of your own house, up under the eaves! Put a couple of Purple Martin birdhouses on your property! Bats and Purple Martins eat more mosquitos than you can imagine. Also, never kill a dragonfly - another mosquito predator. Remember we have friends out there who are on OUR side.

I find the "nude recreation" booth as refreshing as the NRA booth is depressing. Something for everyone!

Posted on 08/15/14 at 03:29 pm in response to The unbearable lights of Target Field

There's nothing easier to direct than light. Any light from Target Field that's going UP into people's windows is misdirected. Maybe the field's electricians should go look at that marvelous new invention, the Lamp Shade, and see how easy it is to have the light go where you want it and stop at the edge of that.

Posted on 08/12/14 at 03:47 pm in response to Crowning glory of Minnesota architecture: Foshay Tower

I remember when I was a kid -- when my folks would drive down to Minneapolis from upstate, the Foshay was the first thing we'd see to tell us we'd nearly arrived! You could see that thing from MILES away.

Then later on there was always the Weather Ball on top of it to tell us what was happening. Not that we could see it from home, of course, but WCCO would always tell us "The Weather Ball is Green, No Change Foreseen!" or "The Weather Ball is White, there's snow tonight!" Love the...

He just wrote it as a sort of reflex action to reading anything even mildly unfavorable to the GOP. Just a little dribble of what used to be sound and fury, certainly signifying nothing.

Posted on 08/03/14 at 04:13 pm in response to Against the über-presidency: Minnesota Republicans vote to sue Obama

I was thinking "Oh boy, the Minnesota Republicans are embarrassing us again" but really, compared with Michele Bachmann's daily froth and dribble, this is nothing. Maybe they'll all go together. That would be nice.

Posted on 08/07/14 at 04:03 pm in response to Against the über-presidency: Minnesota Republicans vote to sue Obama

"Evidence", like most facts, is anathema to the current Republican/Teabagger party. Innuendo and outright lies have taken its place, fueled by the ever-reliable Fox "News" propaganda machine.