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Steve Titterud

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Posted on 10/30/14 at 01:26 pm in response to Big money in the 7th Congressional District race

John Kline votes against the interests of students EVERY TIME.

When the students even wanted so small a bone as the ability to refinance their college debt at a lower interest rate, Kline opposed them and led the effort to kill it. So it's not just the for-profit schools he represents, it's those others who profit from the loans who can count on John Kline's unwavering loyalty.

Politically and economically speaking, John Kline is the mortal enemy of college students.

...maybe I'm not paying enough attention, but it wasn't until the outcries about the infamous negative mailers, and getting the mailer myself, that I saw Gagnon's name in print as an advocate - perhaps the leading advocate - of the hare-brained scheme to funnel money to CSI and its alleged program, which lacked any meaningful definition.

To me, this attempted misuse of $400,000 is evidence of malfeasance - or worse.

So for me, all the high-minded principles everyone espouses...

Posted on 10/28/14 at 02:06 pm in response to More than military power is needed to fight ISIS

Before writing anything about "What can we do about this ISIS thing ?", write 50 pieces on why and how our foreign policy CREATED ISIS, and what elements of foreign policy must be changed to not repeat this dynamic again and again.

As our foreign policy stands basically unchanged in spite of its disastrous outcomes, the roots remain invisible as so few voices expose its underpinnings. Except for a few voices such as the Asia Times Online Ms. John-Knudson mentions above, it seems no...

Posted on 10/27/14 at 11:40 am in response to Sparks fly in Franken-McFadden debate

Certainly not if you're a student, as he champions the causes of those who prey upon students. As chairman of the noted committee, he has used the power to do more harm, not good.

Posted on 10/27/14 at 02:22 pm in response to Sparks fly in Franken-McFadden debate

...a fictional set of qualifications in a fictional campaign against a fictional opponent.

His desire for high office cannot bear to address his real qualifications (I keep asking this and have seen no answer anywhere yet), the real campaign (a desperate quest for him at this point), and his real opponent (not the President, but a sitting U.S. Senator who's done not too bad a job for Minnesota).

While this is entertaining in its own perverse way, it is very troubling that what'...

Posted on 10/24/14 at 05:35 pm in response to U of M moving toward 'cost of attendance' for athletes chip in from its nearly $ 1 billion in revenue, you know, because they're so supportive of the athletes and all.

...such an assessment ??

"I'm intentionally remaining undecided and unresolved until all of the evidence is in," Dayton said.

Let's make sure the public health assessment discussed here is part of that "evidence".

What sense would it make to leave it out, Governor ??

This is the second intervention of this officeholder which just curiously happens to steer local government in a direction favorable to pro football and the Vikings, and away from the interests of the public at large.

We all remember how she intervened with her advice to the City Council when it appeared the stadium vote was not going to go the right way in that body. This left us with a legal situation where no one could effectively challenge the stadium legislation due to the...

...the prior column.

NOW I'm wondering whether similar data is available for those who got their training in the military - AFTER they've served their tour of duty.

This might help us to weigh the value of those military training programs, which are used in recruitment, and which, by anecdote, are amongst the reasons people enlist: they will get training applicable to civilian life, and will have great job prospects once they're out. Is this true ? If so, could the civilian...

Posted on 10/20/14 at 12:22 pm in response to Gubernatorial debate gets personal

After all, " death every 51 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $59 billion"

If one death due to marijuana impairment while driving leads to "serious regrets", what kind of scale...