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Steve Titterud

Minneapolis, MN
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Things we're paying for noted in the article, like...

...“getting back to good.” on increasing student attendance and parental involvement field a “critical response team” to “defuse tense situations,”
...establish a ‘climate check’
...restore “positive behavior at the scene.”

...are NOT anything you could call "deliverables" !! If you could even call these "goals", they represent little more than indefinite and perhaps even...

Posted on 07/30/14 at 12:36 pm in response to Ventura verdict shocks legal experts

...which sounded pretty drastic from what I read of the trial coverage, was not due to being defamed, but rather a result of his career itself. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to discriminate between these two. He did rely on sensationalism of one kind or another to entertain us, and the half-life of a sensationalist career can be pretty short and subject to a sudden decline.

I'm happy for Jesse nonetheless. It's also fun to watch all the genius prognosticators eat some crow as...

...feeling it gives you to realize that McFadden is the best a major political party in MN could do.

He leads a parade of hollow men from the GOP.

Posted on 07/26/14 at 10:47 am in response to Obama calls for an end to Medtronic-like tax 'inversions'

...known qualifications for the office he seeks.

The guy's got MONEY - for God's sake, he succeeded in business !! Doesn't that mean he is a genius in public policy ?? Surely he can use that money to let us know what his qualifications might possibly be, and why exactly he would benefit you and me if elected. Ya never know, he might turn out to be terrific. It's just impossible to tell right now. Be patient !!

Same goes for Mike McFadden and Stuart Mills. It is just as...

Posted on 07/25/14 at 12:03 pm in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

...who pays the expenses ?

These extravaganzas are falsely portrayed AS IF providing revenue in general to the local economy, whereas in fact VERY FEW businesses get that revenue.

The businesses who get the money from these events are mainly downtown businesses (as well as, of course, the professional sports owners).

The parties who pay the expenses are mainly the taxpayers.

So the beneficiaries, those downtown businesses, take the revenue and hand the bills...

Posted on 07/27/14 at 07:17 am in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

Suppose we funded - with public money - a massive development of public spaces along both sides of the Mississippi through Minneapolis and Saint Paul, say 15 or 20 miles of it, with an investment which would no doubt be in the billions.

I think we'd realize an extremely high value in such a development - and that value would be spread throughout the populace - which would pay and pay and pay not just for years, but for decades. It would be unique in America, I believe.


Posted on 07/30/14 at 06:45 am in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

...reason you'd want to do that.

As it would not be be a state-wide project, people from Stillwater shouldn't be asked to pay for it. Being as close as you are, though, you might find yourself driving in to enjoy some of the public events and activities in such a unique public space.

Posted on 07/31/14 at 12:33 pm in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

...and EXACTLY because of the corrupt stadium boondoggle.

I don't care if Bozo the Clown and the Wicked Witch of the West are running against him, I'll never vote for him again, even if I have to hold my nose while casting a ballot for another candidate. Maybe I'll write someone in. I figure I couldn't do worse, and I won't regard it as throwing my vote away, either..

Posted on 07/31/14 at 05:34 pm in response to Are mega events in the Twin Cities worth it?

...the extent of voting for the hollow men of the GOP !! I'm angry with Dayton, but not insane !!

The fight is indeed with the economic tactics of the NFL and its owners, but we did not have a quality representative in that fight in Gov. Dayton, which we needed at the head of the table. Unbelievably, he professed ignorance of the massive lawsuit and the fraudulent business practices of the Wilfs after promoting a huge handout to them of public monies. He didn't do his homework....

Posted on 07/25/14 at 07:34 am in response to E-pulltab distributor throws in the towel

"Why should you not believe the defendant ??

Because the state has accused him of a crime, that's why !!"

You gotta wonder if this is an argument that can survive on appeal, if the defendant is convicted. It is hard to imagine anything a prosecutor could argue to a jury which is more prejudicial.

Do our laws actually provide that the state may argue that a defendant is guilty merely because he's been charged and is a defendant ?? That he is a liar BECAUSE he's...