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Steve Titterud

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Posted on 08/31/14 at 09:53 am in response to Manufacturers find their niche, in the smallest of places

In a similar vein, I happened to have a talk with a business owner who located in Tracy. His business is not so sensitive to where it is conducted, and he gave reasons like those the article touches for his satisfaction: real estate costs were relatively low, he gets terrific employees from the locals, and the slower pace of life is agreeable.

Why not do what we can to make this trend grow further ?? It seems to me that one thing we could do is fund a state-sponsored, border-to-...

Posted on 08/29/14 at 09:04 am in response to Medtronic will pay $25 million to cover CEO's taxes on inversion deal

If this perverse deal goes through, Medtronic is no longer an American company, and should be treated EXACTLY like it.

I've heard no news that the negative tax impact on the average shareholder will be mitigated. I guess these kind of compensatory benefits apply only to those earning millions.

It's called High Frequency Trading.

This legal scam allows an enormous volume of trades to be CANCELLED - in milliseconds !! Try that with your own broker, or even if you are a trader yourself, YOU try it. Aside from that, try executing buy trades that are allowed to be fulfilled in milliseconds, then sell the same property some milliseconds later. Maybe you've primed the pump in the meantime with a few cancelled trades.

See how far you get without the secret sauce of high...

Posted on 08/27/14 at 12:40 pm in response to A long, powerful history: How we militarized the police

...Avenue on the North side, having been ordered in by Gov. LeVander at the request of Mpls Mayor Art Naftalin, in hopes of quelling disturbances in a "long, hot summer". I think there were 200 - 300 troops, approximately, and then extra police, too. It was quite a show of force at Plymouth and Penn.

I drove taxicab and took customers past the dozens of troops, so I saw it with my own eyes. It was scary, but...

This was nothing compared with the jack-booted, black-garbed,...

...Duluth Metals and TMM are really telling the whole story. After all, what are they going to do without a very big partner ??

If you were an investor, wouldn't the fact Antofagasta is taking a pass on the project cause you to be concerned with putting your money into it ??

For one thing, it would cause me to wonder whether those fabulous metals production numbers are made of whole cloth.

Thanks for staying on top of the current mining issues, Ron. We count on...

American industries are massively subsidized by, e.g., the tax code, and also the virtual give-away of natural resources, not to mention the huge numbers of lobbyists and influencers who insert sweetheart clauses in virtually every piece of national legislation.

It is not the case that only foreign industries are subsidized, while American industries are not. This is at the heart of the "dumping" issue.

First, the special tax exemptions, credits, etc. that a specific industry acquires through its lobbying and legislative programs do not apply to ALL businesses, as they concentrate on buttering their own bread. Example: oil depletion allowance. Does this apply to all businesses ?

Secondly, your point about “below cost” is not what the USITC is focused on, though it may possibly include goods sold at below cost. If you read the USITC’s own internal documents, rules, and enabling...

Posted on 08/22/14 at 06:38 pm in response to Search continues for Arden Hills shooting suspect

Years ago in a real estate class, the lecturer talked about the ordinary concept of "ownership" of real estate that most people have, and how misguided it is. In fact, what title to the property gives you, he maintained, is certain limited rights of USE and certain limited rights to CONTROL the property, with emphasis on the "limited" part.

You might say that he who has the substantial rights of use and control has the substantial benefits of ownership.

The Vikings and its...

Posted on 08/21/14 at 10:11 am in response to As McFadden courts votes on the Range, DFL raises Chinese steel comments

...mining. He has no views of his own anyway.

That silly business about Chinese steel was just his incompetence as he put his toe in the waters of thinking for himself and strayed from the script his handlers provide to him. It didn't go well. I'm sure they gave him a good talking to.

They might think twice, though, about electing an incompetent, script-bound person who can't think for himself to the office of U.S. Senator.

Posted on 08/21/14 at 04:07 pm in response to As McFadden courts votes on the Range, DFL raises Chinese steel comments

A spill or two.