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Steve Titterud

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...for real world costs and expenses, a few classes of which are identified in this timely column.

To look at it from a slightly different slant: the vast public resources of all kinds are the very FOUNDATION of public - and corporate - well-being.

Currently, when it comes to mineral resources and water resources, they are virtually GIVEN AWAY or nearly so, on the thesis that the public will realize a trickle-down net benefit from these grants - e.g., in jobs, taxes, and the...

Posted on 09/26/14 at 12:13 pm in response to Democrats target Mills' wealth — will it work?


You know, the only thing that counts as spending is what I pay out of my left pocket.

Please ignore what I pay out of my right pocket - that's DIFFERENT !!

Posted on 09/25/14 at 08:46 am in response to State senator blasts fellow DFLers for role in Community Action scandal the appointed (or elected?) Board members are free to NOT serve - rather, their responsibilities are taken over by their personally hand-picked replacements.

This weird scheme stinks, and it's something I've never heard of before, but maybe it's practiced elsewhere and I never noticed.

I agree with your approach of holding Ellison accountable despite his selection of someone else to actually hold his seat on the Board.

It appears that Davis has used CA to...

Posted on 09/25/14 at 09:55 pm in response to State senator blasts fellow DFLers for role in Community Action scandal

The latest continuation is the mass purchase by outside investors, at bargain prices, of single family homes in north Minneapolis, which are then re-packaged as securities - based on rental income, along with similar properties around the country.

These bargains were made possible by the 2008 debacle authored by Wall Street. Now - in a perverse twist - a clever investment scheme cooked up on Wall Street seeks further profits, and in the process, elbows out local buyers who would be...

Yes, they are painful and persistent symptoms that dog those afflicted with the conditions named by another commenter above. And there are other circumstances, too, where the palliative of marijuana can ease suffering - such as the nausea and discomfort caused by chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The medical marijuana legislation was passed as a gesture of compassion so that people suffering would have this palliative treatment available.

Your comment seems to indicate you...

Posted on 09/18/14 at 03:28 pm in response to Poll: Enormous gulf in how Minnesota men and women think lift the phoney-baloney tax exempt non-profit status of professional sports leagues, including, of course, the NFL.

Any outfit that can pay their CEO $40 million is no...

Posted on 09/18/14 at 06:08 pm in response to Poll: Enormous gulf in how Minnesota men and women think

...generally in exchange for campaign contributions. Same goes for legislation or regulation that is dear to the heart of a constituent group. Even ambassadorships are auctioned off, sometimes leading to embarrassment, as in the recent case of the person proposed for ambassador to Norway, who turned out to know next to nothing about things Norwegian. UFF DA !!

If there is bribery, it is done in a sophisticated manner which may straddle the border between legal and illegal....

Posted on 09/18/14 at 03:18 pm in response to A social network for the country club set — with a $9k fee

...for "people with more money than time".

Posted on 09/17/14 at 07:35 pm in response to Vikings: 'We made a mistake'

However, they could take their business practices and value system to say, New Orleans, or back to New Jersey, or maybe New York - and they'd fit right in.

People in Minneapolis will pay out something like $675 million over 30 years (according to the city's CFO just prior to the stadium deal passing) for the benefit of the Vikings, and now I read today they are trying to bargain with the city to reduce their cost in a strip of land by a million or so.

The avarice of these...

Posted on 09/18/14 at 07:36 am in response to Vikings: 'We made a mistake'

If Preferred One (PO) simply made an error in their premium calculations - too low, as you imply - they could correct that problem by merely adjusting premiums, no ??

But PO is exiting that marketplace altogether, rather than making a midstream correction.

I conclude there is something more fundamental behind their exit than merely an unworkable premium, which these insurers adjust all the time.

I would take at face value their statement that administrative...