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Steven Bailey

Glden Valley, MN
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Posted on 01/27/15 at 08:01 pm in response to Dayton plays hardball with Minneapolis Parks Board

I lived by and walked my dogs down the trail for years and it is a treasure. I support light rail but why is it always a choice to destroy something beautiful to get something like LRT? Why didn't the LRT run along 394 like it was suppose to in the beginning? If money was the excuse that is just criminal since it was still a hell of a lot less than a new stadium. I don't know where Dayton is coming from lately.

Posted on 12/15/14 at 08:45 pm in response to On GMOs, schools should share facts, not propaganda

Whether you believe god created man 6000 years ago or you believe in evolution there is a shared fact. For over 5975 years people ate non GMO foods. We have no idea whether these foods are safe or whether they can cause catastrophic harm in the long term. None of the current GMO foods are engineered for enhanced nutrition but primarily for tolerance to chemicals to improve yield and profit. Our history is replete with cases of companies doing incredible harm for profit. Just look at the...

Posted on 12/16/14 at 08:17 am in response to On GMOs, schools should share facts, not propaganda

There was a good article a month or so ago about the Precautionary Principle and GMO's. I do not have the link but I am quite sure it was related to Cornell University which stated applying the PP to GMOs at this time gives a big no to going forward with GMO's.

Posted on 12/16/14 at 07:31 am in response to On GMOs, schools should share facts, not propaganda

Your argument is one that constantly and with little change shows up on many discussions about GMOs. GMOs are contaminating non GMO crops (fact). The number one reason for GMO crops in the world today is pesticide tolerance which is declining in effectiveness. There is starting to be a growing scientific body of studies that show the chemicals used on GMO crops may not be as safe as the industry has been saying (there is that lying for profit thing again). Just a couple years ago Scotts got...

Posted on 11/07/14 at 06:28 pm in response to Saluting veterans: 'American Riffs' concert, TPT shows, films at Parkway

In addtition to Art Attack, don't miss the 7th annual Cache Fall Arts Show also going on and just two blocks from the Northrup King building, at the Casket Arts Building and its Carriage House at 681 17th Ave NE, Minneapolis. Hours are Fri 11/7 from 5-10 pm, Sat 11/8 from 12-8 pm and Sun 11/9 from 12-5 pm. Food trucks, live music, meet & greet local artists and early holiday shopping. Hope to see you there!

I have put a lot of miles on bikes. When I lived in AZ after college sometimes over 8000 miles in a year (non commuting). I have lived in the Twin Cities now since 1993. The other year I got two bikes that I love riding and started to ride to my shop a couple times a week and to meet my wife at lunch once a week. This summer stopped me from riding. I'm used to cars being a constant danger when riding but the biggest danger to me this year has been other cyclists. In June alone I had three "...

Posted on 10/17/14 at 07:00 pm in response to Promises, promises: revisiting Mark Dayton's 2010 campaign pledges

I voted for Governor Dayton and in the past voted for and liked him as our Senator. I was never a resident of Minneapolis but I liked Rybak. The unbelievable dishonesty and legal trickery to get the new Vikings stadium is unforgivable. Every part of the process was suspect. People always say to get over it. My question back is, if entering the people you represent into a $500,000,000 fraud with a criminal isn't bad enough to get worked up over, what is?

Posted on 10/08/14 at 06:28 pm in response to One intriguing argument why potential voters aren’t going to the polls

I am in my fifties and for the first time since being 18 I have no plans to vote. I voted for Obama in 2008 and didn't expect much being that he really had no experience, but he couldn't be as bad as Bush had been. Sadly he has been much worse than I ever expected. I voted for Dayton and I always liked Rybak (couldn't vote for him since I don't live in Minneapolis) but the awful ways they did everything possible to make sure the criminal Wilf got his stadium at all our expense still sickens...

Posted on 10/08/14 at 06:42 pm in response to One intriguing argument why potential voters aren’t going to the polls

When you are trying to get intelligent former engaged voters to vote anymore may be it is time to look at yourself and not them. Gore Vidal called our system the most corrupt on the planet. We as voters don't matter. Stop voting and stop giving legitimacy to the fraud. Our system is bought and paid for.

Posted on 10/09/14 at 01:09 pm in response to One intriguing argument why potential voters aren’t going to the polls

Before more people take the time to tell me about the process or consequences of not voting I will pass along some information. I have voted in every election since I was 18, I have worked for campaigns, I have done get out the vote and campaign door knocking, I have volunteered for phone banks, I have been in he room when members of the two parties openly discussed their involvement in fraud that cost the city over half of a billion dollars (not in MN), And I have donated generously to...