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Steven Liesch

Winona, MN
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Posted on 03/08/12 at 11:45 am in response to Franken, Cravaack share hot dish title

That all those cans of mushroom soup were sacrificed?

"And even though most of the science-based projects favored by this year's LCCMR were erased by the Legislature, legislators apparently were offended that Thornton and the LCCMR didn't applaud legislative changes."

I went to the site but I was unable to see the programs that the Legislature cut/redirected.As I understand the change in the state constitution this program (Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources) was for the "pie in the sky" type programs/research/science...

Posted on 11/02/11 at 01:25 am in response to 'The Rum Diary': A Hunter Thompson tale of rage and helplessness

"Any journalist might benefit from exploring Truman Capote's and Tom Wolfe's experiments in writing news using the techniques of fiction."

However,read Wolfe's novels for style not story.

A confessional moment :
Yet,I still read him.

Posted on 10/10/11 at 11:43 pm in response to Growing pains: LRT construction tough on some businesses

I love the use of numbers in arguments.

Case in point :
City of St. Paul Unemployment Rate, according to MN DEED, Department of Employment and Economic Development:

July 2010 7.9% 11,648 jobless citizens
July 2011 9.6% 14,392 jobless citizens

Ramsey County Unemployment Rate

July 2010 7.6% 20,920 jobless citizens
July 2011 9.1% 25,637 jobless citizens.

Amazing that he uses comparison dates encompassing the mass layoffs during the State of...

Posted on 07/14/11 at 01:27 am in response to Fuller argument that partial shutdown is unconstitutional

I have a philosophical (logic) / legal problem with the Republican legislators going to the MN Supreme Court.

It goes something like this.
If the Justices agree with the Republicans that without an appropriation nothing can happen,do they turn off the lights and go home without issuing a ruling?

From a different perspective,
are these same legislators intellectually dishonest when they go to the Supreme Court when they have not funded (a signed appropriation) the...

Posted on 06/30/11 at 12:52 am in response to Judge's shutdown order closely follows Dayton's plan

Sen. John Howe,
how about a transaction tax on stocks and bonds?How about a reinstatement of road taxes based on the value of vehicles?Since we have problems with infrastructure,how about increased funding for highway weight regulation (more scales and staffing) on overweight vehicles?

Sales tax expansion was a bad idea in the 1960's and it is a bad idea now.

Posted on 06/22/11 at 07:29 am in response to Legal twists and turns as government shutdown draws near

If I understand the Republican position,no one has the authority to spend money without authorization.In that case,are they going to volunteer to go slightly north of the Capitol and take over the guard positions at Stillwater and Oak Park Heights?


Underscore the thoughtlessly.

Posted on 06/15/11 at 01:20 am in response to GOP debate consensus: Bachmann, yea; T-Paw, nay

As to the unnamed commenter,a friend from work hit a deer on his motorcycle doing 60 mph.He survived.

He WAS wearing a helmet.

Remember,the Republicans are trying to force identity cards on everyone.

Otherwise known as a picture ID for voting.