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Susan Herridge

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 08/12/14 at 01:04 pm in response to Confronting the everyday power of street harassment: What can be done?

Watch Lindsey's videos which are linked to in this article. The remarks themselves, taken out of context - "damn!! you're beautiful" or my favorite "smile!!" - could be interpreted in an innocent fashion. But they are often accompanied by standing too close, leering looks and other inappropriate behavior. Besides, why would any man think that they have the right to make comments like this to a perfect stranger? And, most of these men admit that they wouldn't say anything if the woman...

Posted on 06/19/14 at 01:26 pm in response to One mother's fraught journey through Minnesota's mental health system

Kathleen, thank you for having the courage to tell your story, and thank you Sarah for finding Kathleen and giving her such a respectful hearing. I don't think you'll ever know the amount of comfort that this gives families with similar challenges. So much more is possible (even hope, and happiness) when you know you're not alone.

Posted on 04/11/14 at 12:46 pm in response to Washburn Center for Children: Where 'the wild things’ are understood

what an interesting article about a very worthwhile organization. there is something here for every parent or grandparent. Thank you, Sarah.

Posted on 03/25/14 at 09:08 pm in response to An orchestra you can't lock out, and a choir that inspires

Beth, this is fantastic. So beautiful and optimistic. thank you for writing about it. Made my day.


Is this the debut article to the mental health and addiction beat? I hope I haven't missed any posted earlier. Anonymity is a complicated issue in the recovery community and I think you did a nice job of exploring the many issues surrounding it. I look forward to your future articles, Sarah.

Yay! Looking forward to reading it.

Posted on 08/27/13 at 06:05 pm in response to Rediscovering Minneapolis after decades away

Are you talking about the West Bank area of the University of Minnesota? While its true that Breakfast at Mama's and the friendly hippie bank are gone, its full of beautiful lively bustling East African businesses, as well as the Cedar Cultural Center, Mapps Coffee and Midwest Mountaineering. Sterile is the last thing I'd call it.

all too depressingly true, know as such by all that have spent time in our schools. Keep it up.

What a lovely essay. Don't forget us, and come back often. We won't forget you, especially as you helped us articulate our best selves and do the right thing. We'll miss you. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

Posted on 06/21/13 at 11:48 am in response to Teacher training schools dispute study's 'grades,' data and methodology

Beth, you are doing a great job covering this. Duelling teacher prep rating organizations and higher ed institutions in a snit does not always make for above the fold headlines, but understanding this could not be more critical for any Minnesotan that is deeply ashamed of (or even mildly concerned about) our achievement gap and wants to do something about it. Keep dragging it out into the open, and help us understand.