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Susan McNerney

Minneapolis, MN
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I hope for the day when the feds really clamp down on debt levels for schools with high debt default rates, which are overwhelmingly for profits. There's been a little progress, but not enough.

In any case, the only people I know that have gone successfully through these schools and actually finished are people that could have gone to a traditional institution for half the price (they had the grades). These folks think they did just fine - but in reality they have twice the debt they...

Posted on 10/24/13 at 05:58 pm in response to Bachmann: Sebelius should resign over health-care website problems

she's been my congresswoman for several years, and I don't recall seeing her brain getting past page 1 the entire time.

Posted on 10/17/13 at 08:20 am in response to Bachmann says this is a 'very sad day,' while others cheer budget deal

embarrassing my district all the way to the bitter end.

Posted on 10/06/13 at 10:54 am in response to Political trio seeking decisive civic action to save Minnesota Orchestra

step up for this without a completely new board.

Perhaps a better approach is to found a new symphony and start from scratch, with some taxpayer help as well as donors who want to build something new, with a more carefully vetted management.

Posted on 09/23/13 at 03:11 pm in response to Two Twin Cities men ID'd among alleged Nairobi terrorists

It appears the only evidence of this is a really shady twitter account and a couple of names nobody recognizes.

Posted on 08/28/13 at 02:02 pm in response to Minimum-wage increase: Coalition pushing Legislature to try again

that raising the minimum wage actually depresses jobs, it truly is a no brainer. Failing to pay a living wage is a form of exploitation, and despite the fantasy of some that these workers should just "upgrade" themselves, we will always need people to work at big box stores and gas stations. These jobs just don't require any "upgrades." Since these jobs are necessary, they should pay a living wage.

The DFL needs to get its act together on this. We don't want to end up Texas-style...

Posted on 08/07/13 at 11:11 am in response to Immigration reform: Minnesota's changing face of labor

the fundamental question of why americans won't do the agricultural jobs. The answer is simply poor pay, poor benefits, poor job security, and poor treatment by their employers.

The immigrants who are coming are no different than you or me. They are no happier with low wages and bad conditions than we are. The difference is that with limited visas or illegal status, they can be easily exploited. Some are willing to put up with it because buying power for dollars is greater in their...

Posted on 08/06/13 at 10:21 am in response to What has Congress done? Not a whole lot, so it will get nasty this fall

that this is, at this point, entirely the republican's fault. The Dems are taking positions shared by Ronald Reagan, GHW Bush, and Richard Nixon on many issues. The extremism here is entirely on one side.

The blocking of nominations is unprecedented - no other president has had their nominations filibustered as often as Obama. The judicial situation is shameful. This could be solved by reforming to a "talking filibuster" that requires senators to stand up and speak during the...

Oregon just passed in their legislature the preliminary steps toward an entirely different way of financing education. A couple of years ago, some University of California students got in the news for promoting a similar idea.

The idea is simple: You pay nothing up front for college, including room and board. Then, you pay an additional tax of 3-5% out of your paychecks (depending on the type of school) for the next 20 years to pay it off.

Those who become wealthy will pay a...

is very closely tracked with cuts in government support for those universities. We're cutting our support for college students and then wondering why they can't afford it. It's frustrating the media doesn't explain this better.

Private schools have a different equation, but they too have lost some public support (my alma mater in oregon, a small private nonprofit school, lost 500k a year from an Oregon state grant due to budget cuts). In addition, inflation matters. $4,000 in 1976 is...