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Susan McNerney

Minneapolis, MN
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What will happen to Stuart Mills' hair? Will it run again? Or will it just model for a new line of mops at Fleet Farm?

On a serious note, it was nice to see ebola fearmongering, and the resulting xenophobia against African immigrants, lose badly at the ballot box in the Dayton/Johnson race.

Posted on 11/05/14 at 09:02 am in response to With big assist from rural voters, GOP retakes Minnesota House

Rural on its own doesn't win that fight. They don't have the numbers. They are unified in their aging populations and lack of diversity, a perfect match for a midterm electorate.

In any case, we'll see if these rural republicans are willing to reduce the tax subsidies that keep their communities artificially afloat. I'm thinking not.

Posted on 11/05/14 at 09:03 am in response to With big assist from rural voters, GOP retakes Minnesota House

Not on any straight person's actual marriage, if that's what you're asking.

Posted on 07/23/14 at 09:16 am in response to Mike McFadden open to raising the age for Medicare benefits

this guy is going with attacking Medicare and SS (and with mathematically nonsensical positions at that). The ads write themselves.

Posted on 07/08/14 at 08:59 am in response to GOP seems determined to run on Dayton 'bungling' the economy

when republicans are in charge, all the numbers are the opposite of what they are now. Everything seems topsy-turvy to the poor dears.

Posted on 07/03/14 at 09:21 am in response to 16,000 MNsure applicants left in 'limbo'

the 16,000 uninsured before Obamacare?

If this is limbo, then I guess they were previously in some sort of h*ll, along with hundreds of thousands of others who went totally without health insurance, or who had junk insurance. Now at least they will likely be insured this year when the problem is worked out, and the uninsured population has been reduced by 40%.

Perspective, people.

at the puddling of wealth among the non-productive classes. Nothing wrong with that. However, I doubt Franken is "angering" any of the people who can now go to the emergency room or treat their cancer without declaring bankruptcy.

War with Iran? War with Russia? War in Syria? War in Iraq? Not withdrawing from Afghanistan? I fail to see how Obama has failed at all. It's inevitable that the American president who decides not to invest in war will be labeled "weak" and "ineffective" by those who never saw a tank they didn't like. If you're keeping up, you'll find that we've had some big victories - chemical weapons out of Syria, Iran's nuclear program in huge capitulations to the west, and Putin is now in a very tight...

who make the great cause in their life reducing the wages and benefits of entire classes of people. In this case, these activists want the people who care for children to be little more than serfs. They want your kids to be raised around people who can't afford to feed their own children. Why take that up as The Thing You Care About? There a many, many more worthy causes.

Posted on 07/01/14 at 07:23 am in response to More Minnesota manufacturers say they're 'thriving'

for saying the ACA is limiting growth? It's sad so many business owners are so utterly brainwashed against anything this president does. Small businesses have been smothered by the old health care system, a system that left many sole proprietors unable to afford insurance at all. Now they can actually pay their hospital bills. How awful.

Perhaps what they're really worried about is that employees are no longer chained to them in order to preserve life-sustaining care for themselves or...